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1D Mark IV Rumors

By Canon Rumors | April 18, 2009

Starting to heat up a bit
Over the last week or so there have been some new 1D Mark IV Rumors. This is a recap and some new information.

Short Specs 1: [NL via XI]
Full Frame
Lower Noise
Suggests an early summer announcement

Spec List 2: [POTN]
Full Frame
65 Zone Metering
48 AF Points
Mirror won’t move. (?)
VF Larger & Brighter
WiFi Capabilities built in

Fake 1D4 Shot

If this is real, I'll eat a worm.

If this is real, I'll eat a worm.

The above is from a Fred Miranda forum thread.

New Information
I still have a couple of good sources that say you will not  see a new 1D Mark IV until February. The current fix for the 1D bodies was designed to give people another year with the cameras and correct any outstanding issues.

One source went as far as giving a short spec list.

16 mp
11 fps
3″ LCD
Ergonomic Upgrades
No AF information

If February 2010 is the actual announcement timeframe, then I don’t think any spec list can be 100% accurate. Final specifications would probably not be decided upon.


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