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1Ds Mark IV & 50D

By Canon Rumors | May 31, 2010

1Ds Mark IV
A link has been spread across the web showing a 1Ds Mark IV price, as well as the ability to order the camera.

For the moment I have not published the link, as I’ve been burned before by products being added to store sites and getting free click through advertising.

In this case, I need more than a model name and a megapixel count, I posted terrible 1Ds4 info in the past and I do not want to do it again.

50D Stock
Stock of the 50D has been depleted by a bunch of stores in Canada. Future Shop has none in their warehouse and do not anticipate ever seeing anymore arrive. London Drugs in Canada have also ceased sales of the 50D in Canada I’ve been told.

I spoke with Canon Canada and they have none in stock and gave me the usual “2 weeks” to get more.

60D Camera Images
I’ve been sent a lot of links to 60D shots, all of which are less than well done Photoshop jobs.

“There will be no 60D”
This has been reported, but none of my sources agree with the sentiment.  One has said the xxD line will continue, however the camera could take a slightly different form this time around.


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