Odds & Ends

Canon X-Ray Camera
I didn’t know such a thing existed, I’d like to add it to the collection. I’ll wait for a cheaper auction.


Thanks Cape

Camera Raw 5.3 & Lightroom 2.3 Betas
You can download the beta’s of Camera Raw 5.3 and Lightroom 2.3.


Thanks Ed

Olympus Rumors
It’s being said Olympus may be releasing 2 Micro 4/3 cameras at PMA. I only write about this because I want the rangefinder shaped orange one Olympus displayed at Photokina. The Panasonic G1 is far too busy and “techie” for what I desire. I think a lot of other Canon users will be interested in such a camera.

The coming M4/3 20mm f/1.7 would go fantastic with it.

Read more about it at 1001 Noisy Cameras.

If enough of us buy them, maybe Canon will make one for us. Doesn’t hurt to wish.