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7D, G11, S90, SX-A, SX-B Show Up at Best Buy?

By Canon Rumors | August 12, 2009

Here are the unedited emails I received today
“Hey, checked things out at work and the Best Buy inventory system has the 7D in it. The body is listed at $2699.99 with a UPC of 013803117493 and the canon model number of 3814B004. The kit with a EF 28-135, which seems strange to me is selling for $2899.99 and has a model of 3814B010 UPC of 013803117530. The price seems to match the lens compared to the body.

The G11 is also in the system selling for 599.99 and a model number of 3632B001 and UPC of 013803116458.

Interestingly looks like they are coming back with the S line again with the S90 IS. Retail is listed at $499.99, model is 3635B001 and a UPC of 013803116076….”

The same person sent the following a couple of days ago
“I was looking into the inventory system at Best Buy and saw two new products in the canon line up.The description for them is “Canon Powershot SX-A” and SX-B. The SX-A has a model number of 3633B001 and a upc of 0138031133662 and is selling for 399.99. The SX-B Black has a model number of 3634B001 with a UPC of 013803114201 and is selling for 249.99. That is all I can find out about them right now, hope that they make some sense to you.”

Any confirmation would be great, as would some “Mr Blurrycam” shots of the inventory screen (don’t get fired).

Just in case
I couldn’t find any of those UPC or model numbers in current Canon products, I didn’t look for too long though. If you can verify any of the above model/upc numbers belong to current products, let me know.

thanks for the info


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