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New Canon EOS Rebel [CR4]

Just to summarize
The new Rebel will be the product announced on the 25th of March. It should fall into our previous spec list.

Still no definitive word on a jog wheel.

Others are speculating an articulating LCD. Could you keep the screen at 3″ and make it articulating on that small body?

I’m asking around about a possible lens introduction, nothing yet.

Someone did say that perhaps Canon would launch a “Movie Lens” type of thing. It would be kitted with the new Rebel. Panasonic has done this with the GH1, so that’s probably where the idea came from. I think we’re still too early into the DSLR movie mode development for that sort of thing.


TS-E 17 f/4L & TS-E 24 f/3.5L II [CR4]

Introducing TWO new Canon Tilt-Shift Lenses?

TS-E 17mm f/4LTS-E 24mm f/3.5K

Images from Germany:

We reported the possibility of 2 tilt-shift lenses for PMA, one of our new sources has come through if this is true.

A pair of Tilt Shift lenses?
As we reported a few days ago, there’s a chance there will be two tilt-shift lenses launched for PMA.

Apparently a German forum has picked up on that.

TS-E 17mm €2499
TS-E 24mm €2299

We’ll find out soon.


Canon EOS Rebel 500D [CR4]

Final Specs?
People keep emailing about the Rebel, these are the specs as I know them. A couple of updates from previous posts, some of it is the same.

9 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Battery: LP-E5
Feature: LiveView
Feature: Movie Mode w/contrast detect AF
Announcement: January 24, 2009 (?)

Possible Feature? [CR3]
I am being told you may see the jog wheel finally added to the Rebel line. $200 Canon cameras have it, why shouldn’t the Rebel?

The XSi may not be discontinued. It could stick around for 6 months or so. So yes, that would make 3 Rebel’s in the EOS lineup.


Canon Canada Price Increases [CR4]

Don’t be shocked to see Canon raise lens prices come Jan/Feb 2009 to offset currency issues. There will also be normal price increases because sell through rebates end on December 31, 2008. Camera bodies should be safe, as Canon will be winding down a bunch of models outside of the 50D and 5D2.

Powershots may see a 5% increase in dealer cost.


5D Mark II Allocation – CANADA [CR4]

It looks like allocations have been set for the 5D Mark II for at least a few retailers. Expect shipments to begin next week.

I’m told most mom & pop stores should get the allocation they asked for.


Rebel XS [CR4]

Price Drop Coming
Expect another price drop in the next little bit on the Rebel XS for Christmas. With the D40, A200 and K-m being priced very aggressively, the XS will have to compete.

I'm told to expect $549-$599 (It's $699 right now) Canadian for the 18-55 IS kit for Christmas.

Not exactly exciting… I know…..

New Powershots [CR4] UPDATED

Screenscap of the G10 Leak: Click for larger

Powershot SX1S (S5IS Replacement)
20x Zoom
Articulating LCD

SD 990IS


UPDATE: Google Screencap Showing the Page. (Cache Doesn't Work) Click for larger

If anyone has a screencap of the above cameras, I'd like to see it.

Canon Sales Meetings [CR4]

2 Release Dates
I received some info yesterday that Canon will have 2 release date schedules. The info is in regards to P&S cameras.

The A720 & SX100 will be replaced first (August 26) and then a round of releases that will see the G9 replaced (Photokina). Probably a month apart. I have no info as to when the S6 announcement is coming.

This is backed up by this thread on DPR [NL]: … e=28958551

5D II Availability [CR4]

Been asked a bunch of times

People are asking a lot about when the new cameras will be available.

Some people at various retail outlets keep saying September 30, 2008 is the last day the 5D is listed as “in stock”. If we go by that logic, there should be availability around the same time. It could be limited, but do expect it to be around around the beginning of October.

Same thing for the other camera(s).

Canon USA Rebel XSi Price Drops [CR4]

MSRP falling a lot
Canon USA will be dropping the price of the XSi kit and body only packages next week.

MSRP's (Street will be lower obviously)

XSi w/18-55 $749
XSi Body Only $649

Those are the prices you should expect, it will be a big drop anyway. I expect Canon Canada to follow suit.