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More About the Soon-To-Be-Announced DJI Mavic Pro II

More About the Soon-To-Be-Announced DJI Mavic Pro II

By Canon Rumors | February 12, 2018 | Third Party Cameras

The DJI Mavic Pro II, which is scheduled to be announced next month, with shipping likely starting soon after is coming into focus.

Details about the Mavic Pro II according to a report at Photo Rumors:

  • Same design as Mavic Pro
  • Larger than Mavic Pro
  • Upgraded hardware and software
  • New 1 inch image sensor, 28mm lens
  • Improved Dynamic Range, Color sensitivity, ISO range, Noise Reduce and more, image quality equal to Phantom 4 PRO, 11 stops of dynamic range.
  • PTZ will be redesigned to look like a miniature version of the Zenmuse X4s or Phantom 4 Pro
  • D-Log & D-Gamut
  • New 4s (15.2V) battery, about 1,200mAh battery capacity increased, battery life will be increased by 3 minutes, not compatible with the first generation of Mavic Pros
  • Front face will be similar as Spark‘s front single-point infrared ranging module to achieve night-time obstacle avoidance.
  • FlightAutonomy system upgraded, the new post-binocular vision sensing system that can detect obstacles in the rear of the aircraft in real time, giving before and after the flight safety and security.

We’re most excited about the 1″ image sensor the drone will be reportedly be equipped with.


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Off Brand: Olympus Announces the PEN E-PL9

Off Brand: Olympus Announces the PEN E-PL9

By Canon Rumors | February 7, 2018 | Industry News

Hamburg, 07. February 2018 – While increasing numbers of people discover the joys of photography through their phones, the progression to a camera may be more than a little daunting. Boasting an envy inducing look and distinguished build quality, the new Olympus PEN E-PL9 delivers the jump in quality and creative control usually seen in much larger offerings. It also makes the transition a lot less painful through touch screen access to its new Advanced Photo mode.

Petite dimensions hide a versatile range of photographic expressions boosted further by compatibility with Olympus’ much lauded line up of more than 20 M.Zuiko lenses, such as the superb M.Zuiko Digital 45mm F1.8 for portraits that combine a flattering perspective with beautiful natural bokeh.

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Our Friend Glenn Bartley Launches New Ebook & YouTube Series

By Canon Rumors | February 5, 2018 | Industry News


In order for your digital images to be the best they can possibly be you need to do some post processing. Learning a good basic workflow is a great first step. I tried to streamline this process in my first Ebook “Post Processing: A Guide for Nature Photographers”.

The truth is though that in order to get good at anything you need to practise. That is exactly why I have designed these new ebooks. I want you to practise doing what you already know how to do alongside me and also learn some new tips and tricks along the way.

In this new Ebook we will work on practicing some of the skills from “Post Processing: A Guide for Nature Photographers”.

Each volume of Process with Me will include links to download three of my image files as well as a link to an assocated YouTube video. You simply download the sample file, watch the video and “Process with Me”!

The 3 files in Process with Me Volume #1 specifically look at the following three scenarios:

  • Processing an image shot in very flat light
  • Dealing with noise in an image shot at a higher ISO
  • Cloning unwanted branches from the background of an image.

This guide is for you if you want to:

  • Spend less time at the computer
  • Learn to use Adobe Photoshop
  • Streamline your processing workflow
  • Take your best images and take them to a whole new level
  • Display your images to family and friends

Included with this ebook are:

  • Sample Images of mine to work on
  • Links to over 1 hour of online video tutorials

Read more at GlennBartley.com

Canon To Step up Repayment of Acquisition Debt

Canon To Step up Repayment of Acquisition Debt

By Canon Rumors | January 18, 2018 | Canon Business General

From Nikkei Asian Review:

$1.8bn set aside for 2018 on brisk earnings

TOKYO — Canon will pay back more interest-bearing debt this year to improve its financial standing following the 2016 acquisition of a medical equipment business from Toshiba.

Repayment will double from 2017 levels to around 200 billion yen ($1.79 billion) in light of strong earnings last year, with an aim of whittling down borrowings from parties including Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. Read the full story

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