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*UPDATE* Canon EOS 1D Mark V [CR1]

By Canon Rumors | October 18, 2009

CR1 Update on ISO
Native ISO 25,600 (boost to 102,400)

Full Frame? [CR1]
Another person has written in saying it will be full frame. This is the only person that has said it will be. Everyone else is saying APS-H

Cost? $4999 USD

AF Points
We’ve been told the camera will have 19 selectable AF points. The camera will most definitely have more like the 1D Mark 3. 19 Selectable may also be a mode the camera is capable of.

Latest Specs (1D Mark V seems to be the moniker now)
The camera has been under serious lock and key and I’m waiting for CR3 type stuff.

16mp APS-H
1080p @ 24/25, 30 & 60 fps
Ergonomic Changes
19 Selectable AF points

Video Oriented Accessories
Another email claims the 1Dv will have a whole host of video related accessories launched with it.

The camera will be shipping at the end of November worldwide.

Pro photographer quote to us
“This camera isĀ  Canon taking back its spot as the king of technology in digital SLR’s”

Great quote, I’m waiting for some elaboration. :)

Tomorrow I’ll be busy I’m sure.


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