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Canon in 2009 – Thom Hogan

By Canon Rumors | November 12, 2008

Some predictions from Thom Hogan
Nikon superstar and generally well spoken Thom Hogan has some predictions in regards to the industry in 2009.

This is what he sees from Canon:

1) 50/50 on 1D Mark III Replacement.
2) “A bigger than FX sensor Canon is the one special thing that could show up in 2009.”
3) To retain market leadership at around 40% of dSLR with the sales of Rebels. (Nikon 37%, Sony 13% currently)

I haven’t heard anything concrete about Canon going into medium format. When I do, I’ll talk about it here.

I fully believe the 1D Mark III will get a redo in 2009, it may not be until the end of 2009 however. Everyone I speak too doesn’t think Canon is too eager to release the camera until it is truly ready and proper QC has been done. There is a new AF system in the works but no where near completed.

Thom’s article


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