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Calumet Photo Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Calumet Photo Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Calumet Photographic, a 75 year old chain of retail stores in the United States and Europe has filed chapter 7 bankruptcy. The European stores will remain operational, but all the US stores are closed.

From Calumet Photo’s Facebook Page
“After 75 years of business it is with a heavy heart that we announce our immediate closing in the United States (our European stores will continue). It has been a joy to share our passion for photography with you all of these years. We’ll miss each other and we’ll miss all of our customers. Thank you for everything.”

Employees were not warned
Apparently Calumet gave employees no warning of the closure and loss of their jobs. PetaPixel has an exclusive interview with a Calumet employee.

“According to my coworker, management was notified of this decision late last night, and told not to open for work the next day. My friend is still waiting to hear when/if he will be allowed to go back to the store and collect some personal belongings left on his desk.”

Our best wishes go out to all the Calumet employees in the US, I’ve always been treated well when I’ve visited.

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What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2013?

What Happened to the Photography Industry in 2013?

LensVid has posted an excellent infographic showing how truly bad 2013 was for the camera industry. At its worst, there was a 40% drop in total camera sales between 2012 and 2013. That included a 19% drop in DSLR shipments.

A few points are brought up about why the numbers were less than stellar in 2013. The first being the use of smartphones over compact cameras, we’re beating a dead horse with that one. The second reason being the economic stability of the planet, we’re still not totally out of the woods in a lot of places around the globe. The third, and the most interesting is North America’s aversion to the mirrorless market. Until people in the United States show they’re willing to spend on these systems, I don’t think we’ll see a huge advancement in technology or products. It’s a chicken and the egg thing, people keep saying make something worth buying, but every company is watching their R&D dollar and DSLR’s and lenses are still a safer bet for a return.

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Source: [LV]


Adobe Photoshop CC updates

Adobe Photoshop CC updates

Adobe Photoshop CC subscribers received an update when they turned on their computers this morning. Along with the regular list of bug fixes and tweaking of existing features, the Photoshop team added the following new features:

  • 3D Printing integration
  • Linked Smart Objects
  • Perspective Warp

The last being the notable addition for photographers. Adobe has a short video on correcting images using the Perspective Warp tool along with all the other new features.

Adobe has also extended it’s $9.99 “Photographers” package which gives users Lightroom and Photoshop until February 28th, 2014. Who knows if this will be the last extension like this.

Source [Adobe] via [FS]


Google Buys Nik Software

Google Buys Nik Software

From left field
Google Inc
said it bought Germany-based Nik Software, which makes photo editing application Snapseed, a rival to Instagram, for an undisclosed amount.

“We want to help our users create photos they absolutely love, and in our experience Nik does this better than anyone,” said Vic Gundotra, senior vice president, engineering, on a Google+ post.

Source: [Reuters]

*EDIT: Reuters is a bit incorrect, Snapseed really isn’t a competitor to Instagram, perhaps they hope to push it that way. I guess it’s safe to say that Nik applications will probably find their way to Android.


Canon Tempting Fate Being “Mirrored”?

Canon Tempting Fate Being “Mirrored”?

Sony, Panasonic & Olympus knocking at the door
Bloomberg has written an interesting article the higher ups at Canon have certainly taken notice of. That being their dropping marketshare in Japan along with Nikon to the mirrorless segment.

I haven’t had a problem with Canon being last to the game. I don’t personally like any of the true mirrorless options (you don’t count M9), none of them feel like cameras to me. Lots of people do though, and that’s cool. I was eager to see what Nikon came up with, though it doesn’t look too exciting to me.

I’ve always thought if Canon was going to get into it, they’d go all in. We’d see 3 mirrorless camera bodies, one high end mirrorless, a Canon M9 if you will (not a rangefinder). A prosumer middle camera body for the 5D user who wants IQ and portability, and then an entry level variant for the people that want more than a “G”.

I could be dreaming, or wishing. I’d just like to think Canon would be the company that did it right.

From Bloomberg

Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp. the world’s two biggest makers of high-end cameras, may be missing out on the industry’s biggest technology shift since film rolls became obsolete.

The two Tokyo-based companies use mirrors in all cameras with interchangeable lenses, a technique Sony Corp. (6758) is shifting away from. As a result, Canon and Nikon’s combined share of the Japanese market has fallen by 35 percent, while Sony’s share has doubled, according to estimates at research firm BCN Inc.

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News & Notes

News & Notes

Holga for Canon EF
The folks at HolgaDirect sent me a sample of the Holga for EF lens.

If you’re looking for a fun an inexpensive fun tool for your Canon camera, this could fit the bill. It’s optically terrible, but that’s the point. It’ll give your images and video a very unique look.

The focal length is 60mm, 120 medium format. It vignettes on full frame, however you’re supposed to crop a square photo anyway.

Shop Holga Direct


5D Mark III Rumor Roundup
There have been a lot of rumours about the 5D Mark III over the last few months. None of them I’d call a slam dunk, but there will be some truths build in there.

Mitch at Planet5D posted a roundup of all the rumor goodness.

Read the roundup Sales
Looking for a warrantied, but used Canon 7D or 1D Mark III? has a few available.

You can absolutely trust the grading given for the products.

cr Used Gear Used Gear Sale!
The folks in Memphis (Cordova) have listed some used Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS  lenses for sale. As well as a host of other video centric accessories.

You can buy from with the utmost confidence, their grading scale is over the top thorough.

cr makes no commissions on any sale from, I just know some people prefer to buy used stuff from someone reputable.

Shop Here


Shakeup! Ricoh Buys Pentax

Official Press Release

HOYA Corporation (“HOYA”) and Ricoh Company, Ltd. (“Ricoh”) hereby announce that pursuant to decisions by the President and CEO of HOYA and Representative Director of Ricoh, respectively, HOYA and Ricoh have executed an agreement as of today to transfer HOYA’s PENTAX Imaging Systems Business (the business of developing, manufacturing and selling optical instruments such as digital cameras and replacement lenses, digital camera accessories, security camera-related products, and binoculars) (the “PENTAX Imaging Systems Business”) to Ricoh. HOYA will effectuate this transfer by incorporating a new corporation (“NewCo”), cause NewCo to succeed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business by way of a corporate split (kyushu bunkatsu) (the “Corporate Split”), and transfer all shares of NewCo to Ricoh (such split and transfer shall be referred to as the “Split/Transfer”) as of October 1, 2011 (Estimated).
Prior to the Split/Transfer, HOYA intends to transfer its interests in PENTAX VN CO., Ltd., an overseas subsidiary of HOYA in relation to the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business, to NewCo.

Please note, that since the Corporate Split is a simplified corporate split (kan-i kyushu bunkatsu), disclosure items/content have been partially abbreviated.

Further, HOYA will continue to develop its businesses assigned from PENTAX Corporation which was merged (kyushu gappei) into HOYA on March 31, 2008 other than the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business, such as its businesses regarding digital camera modules, DVD pickup lenses, endoscopes, artificial bones, and voice synthesis.

HOYA merged (kyushu gappei) with PENTAX Corporation on March 31, 2008, and has developed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business assigned from PENTAX Corporation until now. As part of selecting and focusing its management resources, HOYA has decided to cause NewCo to succeed the PENTAX Imaging Systems Business via the Corporate Split, transfer the business and shares, etc. of HOYA’s Imaging Systems business subsidiary to NewCo via a business transfer and share/interests transfer, and thereafter, transfer all shares of NewCo to Ricoh.

Ricoh’s core business is office solutions focusing on MFPs, Ricoh has also introduced many cameras to the market since its inception in 1936. Ricoh was one of the first manufacturers to launch digital cameras in 1995 and Ricoh’s current high-end compact digital cameras are well regarded in the industry.

Now Ricoh aims to establish a consumer business. As a first step to achieve this goal, Ricoh strengthens its camera businesses. Ricoh takes it as an indispensable initiative to obtain the small and lightweight interchangeable lens camera technology, lens technology and sales channels held by the Pentax Imaging Systems Division to pave the way for further advancement and innovations in the digital camera market.

Through this acquisition, Ricoh plans to 1) enhance its digital camera businesses (especially the interchangeable lens camera market which is expected to grow), 2) create value-added businesses for taken photographs (creation and development of value-added services that encourage seeing, storing and refinishing photographs and utilize photographs as communication tools), and 3) expand to other fields (study of entry into the image archiving business using medium-format digital cameras and enhancement of security-related products)

Source [PR]


B&H Launches a Wedding Photography Guide

B&H Launches a Wedding Photography Guide

Need some help or a refresher?
B&H Photo has launched a wedding photography guide. It is part of their B&H InDepth series.

The guide is a pretty indepth look at preparation, execution and post wedding work. You’ll find all sorts of gear suggestions that will fit your shooting style as well.

It’s a worthwhile read for anyone getting into wedding photography, or just likes to consume all the information that they can about the subject.

You’ll find articles as well as a few videos.

Click for the article


Canon Industry News

Canon Seen to Have Auspicious Start in January-March
Canon Inc.’s group operating profit for the January-March quarter is seen to have nearly qua- drupled year-on-year to about 75 billion yen (US$833 million), spurred by robust sales of DSLR cameras. Also, its operating profit margin is seen to exceed 10% for the first time in six quarters, partly due to recovering demand for laser printers.

Sales are seen to have increased 5% to around 720 billion yen (US$8 billion) for the first quarter. With inventory adjustments having completed, laser printer shipments are expected to be rising sharply. The group operating profit is seen to have shrunk 20% from the October-December quarter, a period that benefits from year-end sales campaigns, but it would far exceed the 20 billion (US$222 million) operating profit logged in the same period a year earlier.

Canon has not disclosed an earnings forecast for the January-March quarter. But the company is seen to have an operating profit target set at just below 40 billion yen (US$444 million) for the quarter so it is seen to report an operating profit roughly double the target figure for the quarter. Canon closes its books December 31. Should favorable sales continue into and after April, the company may raise its full-year earnings forecast, which calls for sales to grow 8% to 3.45 trillion yen (US$38.3 billion) and operating profit to soar 52% to 330 billion yen (US$3.67 billion).

Sales of digital SLR cameras are rising, particularly in Asia, with middle to high-end models selling well in China. Prices of compact cameras were kept steady despite harsh competition, contributing to improved earnings. The company also continued to cut fixed costs, including travel expenses.

Canon Celebrates Startup Operation of Nagasaki Canon
On March 17, Canon In. held a ceremony to celebrate the first lot of shipping of PowerShot G11 assembled at Nagasaki Canon, a digital camera manufacturing subsidiary that went into operation on March 1 in Hazami, Nagasaki Prefecture. Canon plans to produce two million digital cameras including DSLRs there in 2010 and aims at 4 million cameras next year.

Initially, Canon had planned to start construction of the new factory in the 4th quarter of 2008, but it was obliged to postpone the construction work for a while due to the world economy recession and started working in July last year. Eventually, it could finish the construction work one month earlier than planned and started operations on March 1. The factory created 850 jobs which will be 1,000 next year.