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Canon DSLR Rumors

Canon Was Quiet at CES 2018, Expect More Noise Next Month Ahead of CP+

By Canon Rumors | January 15, 2018

We sent this information out last Friday in our newsletter with some hopes of further confirming the following information. We know a couple of additional things that we cannot publish at this time. Canon was the quietest it has ever been at CES if my memory services me correctly. Though they did show some neat Read more…

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Canon Concept Cameras Brought to CES 2018

By Canon Rumors | January 12, 2018

Canon didn’t announce any consumer cameras at CES 2018 this year, but they did bring a couple of concept cameras that did impress the folks at The Verge. The first camera is a small brick shaped device with a flip out lightning port that would allow it to be attached to an iPhone. You could Read more…

We’re Not Convinced an EOS 7D Mark III is Coming in 2018

By Canon Rumors | January 11, 2018

We sent this information out last week in our newsletter and we haven’t received any further clarity about the Canon EOS 7D Mark III. There has been a lot of unfocused chatter about an EOS 7D Mark III recently, and in my experience, that’s not a good thing. Our best source is telling us that Read more…

Canon Asking Select Professionals What They Want in a Mirrorless Camera

By Canon Rumors | January 11, 2018

A good source has told us that Canon has been asking select Explorers of Light and other professionals what they think would make a professional mirrorless camera “compelling” enough to purchase and use. In the same survey by Canon, they asked specifically what the photographers thought about the Sony a9 and  medium format Fujifulm GFX Read more…

Canon EOS 7D Mark III to Have Slight Crop in 4K [CR2]

By Canon Rumors | January 3, 2018

We’re told that the Canon EOS 7D Mark III, which will be Canon’s first APS-C 4K camera, will have a slight crop when shooting in 4K. As for frame rates, do not expect anything more than 30fps in 4K, and 60fps in 1080P. There has been no mention of whether or not this camera will Read more…

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