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Canon Cuts Full-Year Forecast as Camera Users Switch to Phones

Canon Cuts Full-Year Forecast as Camera Users Switch to Phones

2013 hasn’t been a stellar year for Canon
Canon Inc., the world’s largest camera maker, cut its annual profit forecast and predicted its first drop in sales of models with an interchangeable lens as consumers switch to smartphones to take photos.

Net income will probably total 240 billion yen ($2.5 billion) for the year ending December, the Tokyo-based company said in a statement yesterday, cutting its earlier forecast of 260 billion yen. The new projection missed the 250.8 billion-yen average of 21 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg.

Smartphones are eating into digital camera sales as companies such as Apple Inc. and Sony Corp. release new handsets with stronger built-in lenses and sensors to lure shoppers. The value of worldwide camera shipments dropped 19 percent in August from a year earlier, a ninth consecutive monthly decline, according to the Camera & Imaging Products Association in Tokyo.

Read the rest of the story at Bloomberg

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What’s Next for Canon?

What’s Next for Canon?

Not even a whisper
For the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much chatter coming from the Canon camp. We had previously been told that Canon would not be announcing anything else in 2013. Although, we still thought we would see the Canon EOS M2 which has appeared in some DPP software literature.

There still seems to be a lot of EOS M stock out there, as we keep seeing deals for the camera come about. There is a possibility Canon is waiting until stock levels are near depleted before they make an announcement. Christmas season is coming up, and we’re getting a bit late to announce a product for the Christmas season unless it ships right away.

As far as the big EOS stuff, we’re still holding with no DSLR or lenses in 2013, although a development announcement is always possible. I don’t think Canon has ever done a development announcement without announcing an official new product along side it.

I expect 2 camera bodies at the most in Q1 of 2014, one being a new EOS M camera. The other being an entry level type DSLR. I think it’ll be early spring before we see the really exciting stuff from Canon.

I am also told that new Cinema EOS camera(s) are likely to appear before NAB in April 2014. There has been nothing in regards to specs or which bodies would see an update.

More to come….


Development Announcement Coming? [CR1]

Development Announcement Coming? [CR1]

Lots of talk
There isn’t a lot of talk about new products from Canon. However, I do keep hearing that Canon is planning a development announcement some time in 2013.

I’ve heard 2 possibilities, one being a new camera body above the 5D Mark III,  and the other being a lens. If I had to bet on a lens, I’d say it would be a new 800, not something like a new 100-400 or 35 1.4.

There should be something making an appearance soon, as the trade show circuit starts this month with PhotoPlus in New York City, and continues with CES (Not a big Canon show) in January, CP+ in February and NAB in April.

We haven’t heard much about the Cinema EOS line, but we should start seeing upgrades to the cameras in 2014.


Canon USA Changes the CPS Program

Canon USA Changes the CPS Program

From Canon USA
The staff of CPS strives to provide imaging professionals like you with comprehensive service and support benefits. And we are always looking for opportunities to make the CPS program even better. After careful study and consideration, and with your valuable feedback, we are planning to roll out a number of enhancements and updates to the CPS program. The purpose of this email is to give you a summary of these enhancements and updates, which we anticipate will be effective for all members in two phases: the 4th quarter of 2013 and early 2014 with the introduction of a new CPS Cinema level. Details will be available on the CPS website as these enhancements and updates become available.

The program updates and enhancements are as follows:

We are renaming the Clean & Check process to Canon Maintenance Service (CMS) and eliminating the paper voucher. The number of items that may be sent in for CMS is being increased for eligible CPS members. Platinum members will be able to send 10 eligible items and Gold members will be able to send 5 eligible items, during each membership year. The number of items sent in for CMS will be tracked by Canon internally.

Based on your feedback, we are shortening the period for each evaluation loan from two weeks to one week. This will also have the effect of increasing the total amount of equipment available for evaluation loans to eligible members.

In an effort to concentrate our efforts on our core professional members, we will no longer include the EOS 60D camera and future successor model cameras as qualifying equipment for any level. However, owners of such equipment will still be eligible to receive repair benefits covered by the program.

In early 2014, the Cinema EOS C100 camera and all Cinema Prime Lenses will be added as qualifying equipment to the CPS Gold and Platinum membership levels. And we are planning to launch a new CPS Cinema level tailored to owners of other Cinema EOS cameras and lenses.

In an effort to balance program benefits, we are adjusting the repair discounts from their current levels. Therefore, repair discounts are being changed to 30% for Platinum level members and 20% for Gold level members. Also, there will be a cap on the number of annual repairs to which the discount can be applied, Gold level members can receive the repair discount on a maximum of 10 eligible items and Platinum level members can receive the repair discount on a maximum of 15 eligible items.

The annual fee for Platinum membership will be reduced from $500 to $300. All current Platinum members will automatically receive a free six-month membership extension compliments of Canon (eligible members will be contacted with further details separately at a later date). The annual fee for the Gold membership level will remain at $100, and the Silver membership level will remain free to qualified professionals.

For organizations with large amounts of eligible Canon equipment and/or large photography staff, we are launching Enterprise CPS, which is designed to suit the needs of medium to large size organizations like newspapers, photo studios, rental houses, etc. In addition to some of the traditional CPS benefits, Enterprise CPS clients can receive benefits like on-site equipment maintenance, higher repair caps and streamlined billing. The details of this new program will be provided at a later date.

We have also increased our support of the professional imaging market in less direct, but significant ways. For example, you may have noticed that, during 2013, CPS increased the number of major sporting events, training workshops, and trade shows where on-site support is provided to eligible CPS members. These events are an important way for us to support and communicate with our members.

We recently opened two new service facilities, one in Hollywood, CA and another in Ridgefield Park, NJ just outside of New York City. These two new facilities are available to CPS Gold and Platinum level members (as well as our broadcast/cinema professionals). An advance reservation is required for all service and support requests handled by the Hollywood and Ridgefield Park facilities. CPS Gold and Platinum members requesting support should call the CPS hotline at 1 (888) CPS-4540 to make a reservation. And we are currently planning to open a third service facility that will support the Chicago market later this year. All with the goal of bringing Canon’s award-winning repair and maintenance services closer to our CPS members.

Although the CPS program is changing in some significant ways, some aspects of CPS member support are not going to change: our unwavering commitment to speed and quality, as well as acting on your repair and maintenance requests with repair turnaround times of two business days for Platinum members and three business days for Gold members, as more fully described in the program terms and conditions. Temporary loaners while products are in for repair will continue to be available per the terms and conditions of the various membership levels. And dedicated, priority support will still be available for CPS members via phone or email, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

These enhancements will be rolled out via e-mail communications to our members, detailing the specific changes by membership level, effective date and describing new programs like Enterprise CPS and CPS Cinema. Ensuring your smooth transition to these new benefits is very important so we want to hear from you if you have any questions.

We are honored to have the opportunity to help you achieve success in your imaging pursuits and to support your passion for image-making. Thank you again for trusting Canon with supporting your business.

Canon Targets Security Camera Market for Growth

Canon Targets Security Camera Market for Growth

DSLR Sales Cool
Until the big megapixel body hits or an EOS 5D Mark IV, DSLR sales will not see the growth that had been previously enjoyed.

Canon hops to move into the “wide open” market of security cameras. They hope to sell $1 billion dollars worth of security cameras annually starting in 2016. I have no rumors about what’s coming in the segment. :)

“A major focus for the next phase is increasing our business-to-business (B2B) sales, and of course security cameras – which is a huge market – is part of that,” Canon President and CEO Fujio Mitarai said in an interview.

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Canon Wins 3 EISA Awards

Canon Wins 3 EISA Awards

EISA 2013-2014 Photo Awards
The EISA awards for 2013-2014 have been announced and Canon won some awards.

Canon EF 200-400mm F4L IS USM Extender 1.4x

Canon EOS 100D/SL1

Canon EOS 6D

As someone mentioned in our forums, it appears that “everyone is a winner”….. well, except for Hasselblad.

See all the winners here


Canon Press Event on August 21, 2013

From Canon USA
A press event has been scheduled for Wednesday, August 21, 2013 at Canon’s new headquarters in New York.

Will there be a product announcement? We think so. The New EOS M cameras are on their way, but it appears Canon USA doesn’t like the system all that much, since they won’t be releasing the EF-M 11-22 lens. The others that will be talked about are the EOS 7D Mark II and an EOS-1 camera. The EOS 7D Mark II, won’t get announced until well after the EOS 70D is shipping we’ve been told. Though, stuff like that can change.

There is an EOS-1 possibility, though I’m not of the belief their will be.

Source: [PB]


Canon Camera Sales Down in Q2, Imaging Revenue Up

Canon Camera Sales Down in Q2, Imaging Revenue Up

Smartphones to blame?
Canon sold 19% fewer digital cameras worldwide in the second quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year – with demand for interchangeable-lens cameras falling 4%. However, Canon’s global imaging division sales revenue climbed 4.4%….

Sales of Canon compact cameras fell 26% worldwide from April-June 2013 in volume terms (year-on-year) but demand for the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 6D DSLRs continued to grow and the EOS 700D ‘proved popular’ in Japan over the three months.

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Canon Germany Teaser

Something coming July 31, 2013?
Canon Germany just posted a video on their YouTube page saying “Your audience is waiting for you – 07/31/2013″. No other country has any kind of teaser for that day as of yet, though we could see them pop up over the next few days.

This type of ad seems to indicate something on the “consumer” side, more so than a “prosumer” product. We’ve also seen teasers like this in the past that are strictly for a regional service or event or maybe it’s a Canon Instagram clone.

This is the ad

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Canon Milestone – 90 Million EF Lenses Manufactured

Canon Milestone – 90 Million EF Lenses Manufactured

MELVILLE, N.Y., May 29, 2013 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced its parent company, Canon Inc., has reached a new lens-manufacturing milestone with the production of its 90-millionth EF-series interchangeable lens for EOS cameras. Canon turned out its 90-millionth lens, an EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM (released in September 2012), on May 23, 2013.

The production of interchangeable EF lenses for Canon EOS-series AF (autofocus) single-lens reflex film cameras began in 1987 at the Company’s Utsunomiya Plant. Since that time, supported by a wide range of users, demand has steadily increased and production has expanded. Today, Canon produces EF lenses at four of the Company’s manufacturing bases, including Canon Inc., Taiwan; Canon Opto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.; and Oita Canon Inc. in southern Japan.

EF lens production surpassed the 10-million-unit mark in 1995, doubled to 20 million lenses in 2001, and went on to reach 30 million units in 2006 and 40 million units in 2008. Afterward, due to the rapid spread of EOS digital SLR cameras, production of EF lenses gained further momentum, crossing the 50-million-unit threshold in 2009, reaching 60 million units in January 2011, and hitting the 70-million-unit mark in October of the same year. In August 2012, lens production reached 80 million units and now, a little over nine months later, the company commemorates its latest manufacturing milestone of 90 million lenses.

Canon’s proprietary EF lenses, launched in March 1987 along with the EOS SLR camera system, have continued to evolve since their introduction, leading the industry through the incorporation of a wide range of innovative technologies, including the Ultrasonic Motor (USM), Image Stabilizer (IS) technology, a multi-layered diffractive optical (DO) element, and Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC) anti-reflection technology.

With the introduction in May this year of the EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x, super-telephoto zoom lens with a built-in 1.4x extender that makes possible a 200-560 mm focal length range, along with EF Cinema Lenses for digital cinematography, Canon’s extensive EF lens-series lineup now comprises a total of 84 models.

Canon will continue refining its diverse imaging technologies based on its core optical technologies, striving to produce exceptional and reliable lenses and cameras that cater to the varying needs of photographers-from first-time users to advanced amateurs and professionals-while contributing to expanding the photographic and video imaging culture.