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Patent: Lens Mount Adaptor For Different Flange Distances

By Canon Rumors | April 19, 2018

Northlight has uncovered a USPTO patent application that shows a design for a lens mount adaptor that allows for different flange distances with different adaptors. The patent covers a lot of options, so this may be part of many more patents that deal with adaptors and lens mounts. This patent also covers options for including Read more…

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Patent: Panning Assist Using Image Stabilization

By Canon Rumors | April 16, 2018

Northlight has uncovered a USPTO patent that discusses using image stabilization to compensate for panning errors. Northlight explains: The idea is to use the IS system to compensate for panning errors as well as camera shake. This needs movement vectors calculating for the whole image area. This is definitely an interesting idea and use of Read more…

Patent: Cinema EOS Camera With Hybrid OVF/EVF Viewfinder

By Canon Rumors | April 6, 2018

This has certainly been a very busy week for interesting patents. Canon News found another interesting one, it looks to be a development of an OVF/EVF viewfinder for a Cinema EOS camera. From Canon News: The mirror is cut out around the sensor, and an EVF is used to “fill in the hole” where the¬†actual Read more…

Patent: A New Canon EF 14mm 2.8L Optical Formula

By Canon Rumors | April 5, 2018

Canon News has uncovered a new patent application (Japan Patent Application 2018-054988) for an EF 14mm 2.8L optical formula. An update to this lens is probably overdue, especially with all of the other 14mm options out there now.

Patent: Canon Application for a New Tilt Screen for the EOS-M

By Richard | April 5, 2018

Canon News has found a patent detailing a new tilting screen mechanism for the EOS-M cameras. This possibly takes up less room that a full articulating screen, and also doesn’t force you to always have the screen to the side. Japan Patent Application¬†2018-054913

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