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1D Mark IV Unboxed!

Under the weather
Sorry for the delay, I had a nice bout with some bad chicken or stomach virus.

Mark IV Unboxings!
This is from Andrew Hobbs. He received his Mark IV in Melbourne, Australia.

Rudolph The Mark IV Lover

This comes from Jesper in Denmark

1D Mark IV Box

1D Mark IV Unboxed!

Time off

I’ll be off to Ireland on Friday, I’ll be tied up travelling on Christmas Day and sleeping off the jet lag on the 26th.

Everyone have a great and safe Christmas/other holiday/Friday.


Google Wave

Site Issue
The site issue some people experienced should be remedied now. If it still persists, clear your cache and relaunch your browser.

For those on Wave
There is a Canon Rumors Wave starting up. I’m a newbie at it, but maybe it can evolve into something cool.

Search: title:Canon Rumors with:public



It’s time
With the help of CR regular Cody, we have launched the official Canon Rumors forums.

Why a forum?
The comment threads on the site are getting far too deep and becoming difficult to read.

Beta Test
This is a BETA test. If you notice any bugs or issues let me know. The Facebook community helped during the last few days.

The forums are on a separate server from the web site, so I’ve built in some redundancy in case of issue. I’ll be working posts into the forums, so hopefully most of the comments will move over to the boards!

Have fun!


CR Site Updates

The server lived through today! The busiest ever.

With the help of my new host and a friend that does the same sort of site, I found a ton of inefficient things going on with the backend of the site and they are being rectified. They definitely contributed to the embarrassing site performance recently.

Of note, the RSS feed address has been updated to the following:


Announcements [Ratings in Post]

August 19, 2009
There will be a ton of announcements tonight. I have conflicting reports of what to expect tonight, but I’ll post the stuff from the best sources.

PowerShots [CR2]
Tonight we will see the following cameras:

SX20 (no news on an sx2)
Touchscreen Elph

A new 8x Zoom Elph

SLR’s [CR2]
I’m told if an SLR is announced tonight, it would be a new Rebel. The 60D/7D is being held until the first week in September.

There is also a conflicting report that the 1D Mark IV will be announced in September and we can expect the new Rebel and 60D tonight.

Sorry I can’t be more specific!

A new macro is on the way for sure. It will be stabilized. It may be held over until the SLR announcements.

I will be posting all night, hoping that new stuff gets to my inbox!

Send any info to:

I have migrated Canon Rumors to the 4th server in 12 days or so. Everything will work great from now on. I have thrown hundreds of dollars at the issues and we have found a winner!

I have ordered a new batch of t-shirts to give away to the great Canon Rumors community. I can’t give everyone a t-shirt but at least it’s something! Thanks again.


Canon Rumors Dot Com Site Issues

New Host, Waiting on Domain Name Move
Thanks a lot for all the patience the last 2 days as I’ve gone through server issue heck.

I have moved the site to a dedicated server. I’m using the same hosting company as Nikon Rumors, he was a big help. Visit his site. Not much to read there though….. :)

There might be a slight hiccup when the domain transfer happens. It will be minimal if there is.

What Doesn’t Work?
The price watch pages won’t work, seems silly to waste time updating the permalinks. They’ll get repaired when the domain is moved.

The Contact form is disabled until the domain updates, the plugin had to be updated anyway. That will be back.

contact me at:

Thanks for your continued support and back to the rumors!



Site Outage
Well that was annoying as heck.

For the first time ever, I didn’t actually break the site!

Very sorry about that.

I can admit when i get bilked.

I got bilked.

None of my solid sources has said anything about the T1/2000D, I only received info from new folks. It didn’t work out.

This is the first time we’ve blown it for a release date. I won’t post anything about it until I get some more solid info from better places.

I’m sorting out some site stuff and will be posting some new stuff in the next 2 hours.

Thanks for reading everyone, I really do appreciate it.



You guys know everything
I’m quite happy I asked for help on the site. I found tons of backpacks I didn’t realize existed.

I have a winner (for now).

I chose the Kata R-104.

Why? Because I could get it at cost and will have it in time, guaranteed! Sometimes ordering from the US can bring a lot of delays. Not everything suggested here has a Canadian distributor.

I think I will be ordering the Gura Gear Kiboko when I return and see how it is. Bummer about their backorder.

Tamrac and Tenba make some stuff that looks very interesting to. I will be seeking out stores with their stuff in stock.

So thanks again and back to the rumors!


I Need Help

I need  a backpack
I am having a horrible time trying to find a hiking/trekking backpack for my camera stuff. I’m heading to Peru in 10 days and still have no solution. The pack obviously has to suit carry-on regulations.

So I need your help people.

Backpacks I’ve dismissed
1) Anything made by Lowepro
- I find their bags horrendously uncomfortable. They don’t sit right on my shoulders. Their tripod holder is still pretty useless. Their bags are also heavy. I’ve seen a lot of failed zippers after mere months of use. They just aren’t what they used to be.

2) ThinkTank Streetwalker Pro
- Fantastically light backpack, fits everything I need it to. Great build quality and functional design, it’s just not built for someone 6’4. It sits far too low on my shoulders and I’d be in pain within an hour. If it was 2″ longer, I’d own it.

3) Crumpler Karachi Outpost
- This pack was fantastically comfortable for me. It has the best tripod holder I’ve ever come across for a backpack. The turtle shell design inside is its downfall, just very bad use of space inside the bag. It does appear very well made.

What’s coming with me
1D Mark III (RRS L Plate)
5D Mark II (no grip, RRS L Plate)
17-40 f/4L
70-200 f/2.8L IS
1.4x TC
35 f/1.4L
It would be nice if the 85L II would fit if I needed it to.
Gitzo GT3541LS
10″ Netbook

Bags I’m looking into, but cant find in stock anywhere.
1) Kata R-102, R-103, R-104
- If anyone has experience with these, I’d love to hear it.

If there’s a company I should look at, let me know.

Thanks all!


Site Updates

Busy today
I’m working on some very tedious stuff for the backend of the site.

Price Watch
I’ve added lenses, flashes and PowerShots to the Price Watch section of the site.

I’ve only listed 3 retailers for all these updates, 100% of sales came from Amazon, Adorama or B&H for Canon Rumors.

I removed Canadian prices for everything other than the bodies.

I may in the future add some international pricing, but I’ll leave it at being in the distant future.

There may be some zoom lenses and PowerShots missing from the price watch lists. For the lenses I posted the most current and in demand products. For the PowerShots, I’ve put up the most recent version of a camera line.

Rebel T1i & D10 Reviews
These reviews will be up before end of business Sunday.