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*Update* Canon Rumors & Facebook

The fine folks at Facebook don’t seem to respond to emails in regards to killed accounts in a timely matter. Perhaps they killed a whole host of accounts. I know Nikon Rumors Guy lost his accounts too.

I’ve started a new fan page. You can click the link at the top to “Like it” or the link below. It shouldn’t take long to repopulate it.

Like the Canon Rumors Page

It finally happened
I heard the rumors it was coming, and alas it came. The “Canon Rumors Guy” facebook account has been disabled since that moniker is not that of a real person.

So what now?

I hate Facebook (you are free to love it, I am not judging), I do not have a personal account, nor do I ever want one again. It appears I cannot have a fan page without having a facebook account. It was great of them to officially warn me so I could have a contigency plan.

Stay tuned, I’ll figure something out.



5D Mark II Replacement

Time to address the questions
I am getting a ton of questions regarding the 5D Mark II and how much longer it’s going to be a current camera. While I obviously have nothing definitive, there are been a few pieces of information come my way in regards to a Canon roadmap.

5D Mark III

  • A Q2/Q3 announcement in 2011, this is not yet decided within Canon.
  • Big megapixel boost, 28mp +
  • Continue to build on EOSHD and supreme image quality.
  • A variant of the 7D AF system.
  • I can’t see them not calling it 5D Mark III, the 5D name carries a lot of weight.
  • Expect it to be in the same $2699 range the 5D Mark II was at launch.
  • Obvious ergonomic upgrades.

I get asked a lot if people are safe to buy a 5D Mark II now. The answer is “yes”, it’s a great camera today and it’ll still be a great camera in a year.

There is not a lot of urgency for Canon & Nikon to launch new higher end cameras in the current economic climate. Things look to improve in 2011. The 5D Mark II also still sells extremely well.

Forum Moderator
I need a couple of forum moderators, just send “Canon Rumors Guy” a message from within the forum.



Photokina Resolutions

A state of the union of sorts
With Photokina here, this marks the end of some kind of calendar, so I’ll do some new years resolutions of sort.

  1. Learn more about digital SLR video. I MUST become far more versed in this area, and I will. I will be buying a 60D as soon as I can and really getting down to it. I get a lot of questions about it that I cannot answer.
  2. Go to more trade shows and report from them. I will be going to the Henry’s show in Mississauga for sure (a large photo show in Canada). I will also be looking into attending CES in January. Photokina 2012 is a definite.
  3. I only had one day there this time, but I tried to cover as much as possible. I write pretty short articles and try to be straight to the point. There’s lots of places around you can read 85 page articles about a piece of gear, I don’t think you need me doing the same thing.
  4. Stay focused on rumors, that’s why you’re all here. I will work harder to bring more profiles and reviews in the coming weeks and months during the slow periods.
  5. Fix the server issues I have at Canon Rumors. I am currently working on that issue right now. I hope to have it resolved once and for all. I am exhausted worrying about it.
  6. More sponsored giveaways. There’s lots of great stuff we’ve given away in the past, I want to do more of that and I will.
  7. I am going to be far more diligent in returning emails. I’ve been lazy about that in the past. No more!

I have a few more things from Photokina 2010 to write about and I’ll be doing that later today.

Link Love
If you haven’t visited Steve Huff’s web site, please do so. He mostly talks about Leica stuff, but there’s some great real world articles about people and photography.

He’s a passionate guy and I think the first Leica dedicated blog.

Back to the rumors soon, the glow of Photokina will fade quickly. Don’t expect Canon to wait too long in announcing more products.



Pre Order Fun!

New Stuff Goodness
You can preorder all the new Canon cameras now. I’m still waiting on the lens pricing to appear. Canon Canada still lists the pricing as “TBD” (To be decided).

Even if it lists them as “in-stock” consider it pre-orders until at least the middle of September.

Canon EOS 60D Body

Canon PowerShot S95

Canon PowerShot SD4500 IS

Canon PowerShot SX130 IS

The price watch pages have also been updated with the new camera bodies.



Fun Announcements

Will that be all?
We’ll find out soon enough if Canon is done for Photokina.

I’ll go ahead and say no, there are definitely new PowerShots coming, G12 and SX30 anyone? Will they be announced alongside a 1Ds Mark IV or beside a 2000D?

Right & Wrong
So how’d we do rumor wise on this round of announcements.

- We pretty much nailed this camera.

70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
- We sort of got this correct. I reported that a 70-300 replacement was coming a while ago, then we found a 100-300 rumor on a web site.

I think this lens will be a great addition to the Canon line-up. The old 70-300 was a bit misplaced.

8-15 f/4L Fisheye
- Really had no clue a fisheye zoom was coming. We saw a report of an 8-15, but that’s about it. This is a darn cool lens based on specs.

300 f/2.8L IS II & 400 f/2.8L IS II
- Nailed the 300 and knew a second super telephoto was coming. Noted they’d be replaced in pairs. Nailed this one a while ago. Very happy about these lenses!

New Teleconverters
- Knew about them a while ago.

I’m getting married today, so this is me signing off. I really won’t be blogging before, during or after the wedding today.