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Down and Out

Been Sick
I’ve been quite under the weather recently and haven’t posted much. The computer screen makes me spin.

Hopefully it’s not terminal and I’ll be up and normal again soon.

Start Them Young
This is my boy Caellum, an outtake from a recent shoot. He’s wearing Canon red and ready for his first DSLR.

"I want to chew this"

"I want to chew this" | XSi & 35L


Boring Site Stuff

I’ve added the Rebel T1i to the Price Watch page. Some sites don’t yet have body only pricing up, I’ll add them when the pricing pages become available.

A lens price watch is coming, I’m just figuring out how to organize it so it loads quickly. It should be up for next week


The Next Announcements

What’s coming?
Canon has switched up a couple of announcement dates over the last year. The Rebel XS and T1i not coming at big shows. They also replaced the 40D and XSi after one year (give or take a month).

We will see 2 new lenses announced before christmas as well as at least 1 DSLR. The 50D replacement should be coming. Not too many people see it being replaced with a full frame model. What specs do you take away from the 5D Mark II to come in at a lower price point?

The other camera people are lusting over is the 1D Mark 4 (or whatever it’ll be called). Good folks are telling me not to expect it in 2009. Canon is more than willing to go into 2010 with the Mark III’s.

All these questions should start heating up soon.

Rating System
Going to think of a new way to make the rating system better and more reliable. As I posted in the comments, It’s hard to rate information from new sources. I have to wait and see if they come through. All I ever seem to rate information is CR2 and CR4.

The ratings are good, and if I don’t rate I get a bit of grief :). I’ll figure something out over the next week.

This IS a rumors site, not everything I get is going to be true. I do filter the far fetched stuff out. I also post stuff strictly for discussion purposes. Who knows, maybe someone that matters is reading this site and your opinions.

As far as lens rumors go, I’m going to only post stuff from a couple of sources. Both have been right in the past.


Odds & Ends

Times are pretty slow for Canon info at the moment. All the attention appears to be focused on what Nikon is about to do.

Nikon D5000
Apparently it will have an articulating screen, use the D300/D90 12mp sensor and have a new type of on camera flash. You should be able to bounce it. There’s no word on whether or not the camera will have movie mode.

Not this time around.


I was eager to see if they’d launch a medium format system or a digital rangefinder with an F mount as has been rumored in the past. Not the year for that stuff I suppose.


Ritz Camera Bankruptcy
Apparently Ritz Camera Interactive (The Web Site) is a different company than Ritz Camera (The retail stores). The web site is not part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

More at [PB]

The day Ritz filed for bankruptcy they approved my affiliate application. I found that kind of funny. Now I know the companies are different and will go ahead and use their affiliate program. There are a lot of Ritz fans out there! They also seem to get new stuff before a lot of other places.

5D Mark II Availability
If you’re Canadian, I know where you can get a new 5D Mark II body in Ontario. There doesn’t seem to be many around. Email me if you want the info, I get no commission on this one.

Buying through CR
Thanks to everyone that uses the links to buy stuff through Canon Rumors affiliates. It’s generating a decent income. I promise you I’m not going to horde all the money generated, some is going to be going back to the community. Stay tuned for a contest coming up for a lovely piece of Canon equipment.

Canon USA is a NY Yankees Fan
………. now if only some of their cameras used steroids! There’d be a lot of happy campers!

[Press Release]

Canon Rumors is Hiring
I’m looking for a technically inclined person to write tech articles about camera technology. I would require one article per calendar month. The articles could be predictive or factual, that would be up to the writer. The right person would have to be able to write something that would have me confused within 3 paragraphs, then I know it’s good.

Got what it takes?

Email me


Took The Day Off

My brain needed to step away from writing about Canon for a day and went out and actually used a Canon today.

Canon Rumors is going to get another visual refresh soon and I have some new t-shirts and stuff on order, so stay tuned for some giveaways.

Thanks again readers for the great response leading up to PMA, it means a lot when people email me and tell me they appreciate the site.


Canon Rumors Upgrades

Thanks to the folks that helped with my CSS issue.

Jim @ Gaming Age, Dave and Federico!

Over the next 24 hours, the top menu will be populated with content.


Where in the World is CR Guy? *UPDATE*

Now Stuck in London

Got out of Dublin after 6 hours of delay, which of course caused us to miss the connection flight to Toronto. So now I’m stuck here. There’s lots of snow coming down at the moment as well.

The charm of all this is wearing quite thin.

Best part, Air Canada has my luggage with our clothes and toothpaste. Awesome! I think we’re almost out of diapers too.

Ah well, it’s great to be alive and own Canon stuff. :)

Having a great time

Sorry there has been no updates, I’m on day 2 of being trapped in Dublin airport. Some terrible weather cancelled all the flights yesterday and there are tons of delays today.

I hope to be back in Canada tonight.

Thanks for reading.


Comment Replies

You should all be able to reply to specific comments now. I had it set to only allow the admin and original poster to do so. That should make the threaded discussions a lot easier to read.

Sorry about that.