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Canon Business General

The Final Camera Shipment Numbers for 2017 Are In

By Canon Rumors | February 1, 2018

The final camera shipment numbers for 2017 are in and the year may show we’ve bottomed out in total shipments. 2017 saw an increase in total camera shipments, though 2016 was affected by the┬áKumamoto earthquake which caused supply chain issues for a lot of manufacturers. The compact market continues to fall, but decline in shipments Read more…

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More Analysis of Canon’s 2017 Fiscal Performance in Cameras

By Canon Rumors | January 30, 2018

Canon News has done some further analysis of the camera market and how it specifically relates to Canon. There are a couple of interesting things in the numbers. While a lot of us enthusiasts continue to proclaim the downfall of Canon, their market share remains around 50% and has grown considerably since 2015. The second Read more…

Canon Fiscal Year End 2017, It Was a Good Year

By Canon Rumors | January 30, 2018

Canon has released their 2017 year end results, and they were quite good for the company. Canon saw a nearly 20% gain in sales and operating income up about $3 billion USD or 44.8%. Canon is a large company, and their acquisition of healthcare and security companies has had a very positive effect on their Read more…

Canon Has 93 Reasons You Shouldn’t Settle for Smartphone Photos

By Canon Rumors | January 26, 2018

The Nikkei Asian Review has posted a great article on why Canon will remain relevant during the smartphone photography revolution, and it’s simply because their vast an exception catalog of lenses all 93 EF mount lenses. The article is behind a pay wall, but there are easy ways around that if you want to read Read more…

Canon Considered One of the Top 100 Global Tech Leaders

By Canon Rumors | January 26, 2018

Thomson Reuters has completed their list of the Top 100 Global Tech Leaders and Canon is part of the very select group of companies to make the list. From Thomson Reuters: It’s not easy to become a Top 100 Global Technology Leader. We analyze 28 factors across eight performance pillars to find out who truly Read more…

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