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*UPDATE* First Contest Finalists Up

*UPDATE* First Contest Finalists Up

Lens Giveaway Contest!
Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. The amount of entries exceeded all expectations. Combing through them all has proven to be one of the most daunting things I have done here at Canon Rumors. Congratulations to everyone who entered. Good luck to all the finalists!

The first finalists have been posted in the forum. Astrophotography and Underwater are the first categories up. I will be adding 2 categories a day.

Day 1 Finalists (December 8)

Day 2 Finalists (December 9)

Day 3 Finalists (December 10)

Day 4 Finalists (December 11)

Day 5 Finalists (December 16)

Day 6 Finalists (December 18)

Day 7 Finalists (December 20)



Lens Giveaway Contest Now Closed

Lens Giveaway Contest Now Closed

Submissions Closed
The lens giveaway contest here at Canon Rumors has no come to a close for submissions.

Thanks to everyone that entered, I have a lot of work ahead of me choosing the entries to be judged.

On November 25, 2011 I will present the 10 finalists in each category. I have increased the number to get a better range of photographs to be judged.

You can still view all the entries here.



First Contest Giveaway – Lens Bracelets by Adam Elmakias

First Contest Giveaway – Lens Bracelets by Adam Elmakias

If you’ve entered the photo contest, you are already eligible to win. I will randomly select 20 people in the contest for a giveaway of 4 Canon 50mm Lens Bracelets in two different sizes.

If you don’t win, you can save 10% on some by using the coupon code “IMWITHCR” (without the quotes) at the official  Lens Bracelet site.

Great entries so far, I’m having a great time looking at the images.



Contest Announcement!

Contest Announcement!

Yay! Free Stuff!
I did a pre-announcement of the contest on Facebook some time ago, and today again at the Planet5D interview. So here it finally is.

The Grand Prize:
The winner may pick one of the following lenses.

The 2nd Prize
A new bag! Once again from Gura Gear.

Other Prizes
I will be giving out random prizes to people that participate. You never know when you’re going to get a message from me giving something away.

How it works?
It’s simple, this is a photo contest. The best photograph at the end of the day will win the grand prize. The runner-up will receive the 2nd prize.

Where do I post the images?
You post the images on our forum. There are threads in the forum called “Lens Giveaway Contest”. Post to the corresponding thread for your image submission.

Link to the forum

The categories
The following categories are what your photos must fall under. We’re going to be pretty lenient on this, the categories are just a guideline.

The above links go to the corresponding forum thread.

The Rules

  • All images must be posted in the forum to qualify. No email or Facebook submissions will qualify.
  • Images must be 700px wide on their longest axis. Larger and smaller are not permitted.
  • You may enter the contest as many times in as many categories as you’d like. Remember, one entry per post.
  • No commenting in any of the contest threads. They are strictly for images.
  • You must use a Canon camera to make the images. I will request EXIF data of all the winners.
  • The contest is worldwide, however there are countries in turmoil I will not ship to. I.E Iraq, Central Africa Republic, those sort of places.
  • The contest runs from now until November 15, 2011.
  • Only post in the boards that are prefixed with *Contest*
  • You may watermark your images, but the watermark must be in the corners and not the center of the image.
  • You may give a brief description of your photograph.
  • No nudity or pornography. If you have an image that you’re not sure whether it’s appropriate, please email me.
  • If you can’t figure out a category to post your image in, please email me.
  • I will select the best 10 images from each category after the November 15, 2011 end date. Then a panel of judges will select the best in each category and present them, then the same panel will select the overall winner.

Terms & Conditions

  • There is no age restriction
  • You retain full ownership of your images. They’re yours, not mine.

The above rules will probably evolve and be added to over the next little while, so please keep checking back.

You may discuss the contest on a thread dedicated to it. It can be read here.



Holga Giveaway

Holga Giveaway

Holga Direct is showing off their new Holga lens mounts by doing a giveaway for the Canon world.

What can I win?
Holga Direct is giving away a Canon Digital Holga Kitchen Sink ($108.99 value).

The “Kitchen Sink” contains the following lenses:

Digital Holga Lens Specifications

  • Effective Focal Length: 60mm (120 Medium Format – apply crop ratio as per your SLR)
  • Aperture: Fixed f/8
  • Focus: Manual Zone Focus
  • Lens Type: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 38x57mm
  • Weight: 38g
  • Fisheye for Digital Holga SLR Lens (FEL-HL) Specifications
  • Brand new redesign of the classic Holga Fisheye lens for Digital SLR cameras

Telephoto Lens (HT-25) Specifications

  • Resulting Lens Angle 46 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 34 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification: 2.5x
  • Dimensions: 39x57mm
  • Weight: 36g

Wide Angle Lens (HW-05) Specifications

  • Resulting Lens Angle 93 degrees (120 Medium Format) OR 70 degrees (135 Regular Format)
  • Magnification: 0.5x
  • Dimensions: 38x57mm
  • Weight: 38g

Close-Up Lens Set (CLS-1) Specifications

  • Set Contains CL-120 (120mm focal length), CL-250 (250mm focal length) and CL-500 (500mm focal length)
  • Accessories: 1 protective bag

Macro Lens Set (MLS-1) Specifications

  • Set Contains ML-30 (30mm focal length) and ML-60 (60mm focal length)
  • Accessories: 1 protective bag

How do I win?
It’s simple, just leave a comment in the forum thread associated with this post. The gieveaway will be closed in 1 week and I’ll announce the winner.

Who is this giveaway open to?
Anyone on the planet, this giveaway is open to residents of any country.

Holga Direct Facebook Page



Update: Blue Crane Digital Giveaway!

Update: Blue Crane Digital Giveaway!

Contest Extended
I have extended the contest until Thursday, June 2 at 11:59PM EST.

I am enjoying the photo submissions too much to end the contest now. I may add some secret prizes to the pool as well.

Blue Crane Digital Giveaway
The fine folks at Blue Crane Digital have given us some DVD’s to giveaway in a little contest. If you didn’t win the last time, here’s your chance to redeem yourself.

I have the following videos to give away.

How do I win one of these DVD’s?
It’s quite easy, all that is required is photography!

  1. Post your favourite image on this thread in the forums. No theme, it’s a free for all. Please make the image no wider than 800px.
  2. Under your image, let me know which DVD you’d like to win.
  3. I’ll run the contest until Monday, May 30, 2011 at noon GMT -5

Extra information

  • The videos are NTSC only, so be sure you can play them if you’re in a SECAM or PAL part of the planet.
  • If you’re new to the forum and do not get a forum activation email, it happens with some ISPs. Your account will automatically be activated in 24 hours.



Blue Crane DVD Giveaway Winners

Blue Crane DVD Giveaway Winners

I have notified the winners of the Blue Crane DVD giveaway via the private message service on the forums.

The Bad News
Some folks guessed the right answer, but didn’t specify which video they wanted to receive. This disqualified the entry. It was important to me that people received videos they wanted. Sorry for that, but it was specified in the contest rules.

The Winning Answer
I asked you to rank 4 specific cameras in order of importance according to me!

  1. 5D Mark II
  2. 300D / Digital Rebel
  3. 1Ds
  4. 1D Mark IV

I used to rank the 300D/Digital Rebel #1, but I think the 5D Mark II has really done more to change and advance digital SLRs. I understand most of that is to do with video, but a lot of people also bought this camera because of the amazing files that come from this full frame beauty. We all wish it had the 7D AF in it, but that’s what Mark IIIs are for!

You’re all winners!
Blue Crane Digital is offering 15% to Canon Rumors readers. Just use the coupon code “canonrumors” without the quotes during checkout. The coupon code is valid until March 31, 2011.

More giveaways soon!



*CLOSED* Giveaway – Blue Crane Digital DVD’s

*CLOSED* Giveaway – Blue Crane Digital DVD’s

The contest is now closed, winners will be notified on Monday!

Thanks to all who entered.

Free Stuff!
The folks at Blue Crane digital have teamed up with Canon Rumors for a giveaway.

What’s available?
There are 4 videos available. Keep in mind these are NTSC. I will ship worldwide, but I have no PAL or SECAM versions available.





I’ve watched all the videos and they’re good. I learned things even as an advanced user. Especially the video DVD.

How to win?
Similar to last weeks contest, it’ll be a put stuff in order contest. This time with camera bodies!

I will give you 4 camera bodies, I want you to rank them in the order of their historical importance according to me.

  • 1Ds
  • Digital Rebel / 300D
  • 5D Mark II
  • 1D Mark IV

You have to enter the contest on the forum. Post your answer and which video you want to win. There are multiple copies of each video available. I will run the contest until Friday, March 4, 2011 at 12PM EST.

Enter Contest on our Forum Here

Visit Blue Crane Digital

Streaming video samples for each DVD have been posted to the Blue Crane Digital web site and are worth checking out.




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