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The Person Behind “Fake Chuck Westfall” is Unmasked

The Person Behind “Fake Chuck Westfall” is Unmasked

PDNOnline has posted an interview with the person behind controversial blog and personality “Fake Chuck Westfall (mature language).” The photographer behind the blog is named Karel Donk and is from Paramaribo, Suriname.

One of the biggest questions people always want to know about Fake Chuck Westfall is simple ‘why?’. Karel answers that and more during the interview.

Q:  Why did you start the Fake Chuck Westfall blog?
A: I wanted to draw attention to the issues we were having with Canon years ago around the time of the 1D Mark III debacle. I and many others around the world were not satisfied with the way Canon was handling things and with their lack of honest and open communication. So I decided to set up the blog to discuss these issues.

Read the full interview



Canon Announces the EOS-1D W: The Professional DSLR Designed Specifically for Wildlife Photographers

Canon Announces the EOS-1D W: The Professional DSLR Designed Specifically for Wildlife Photographers


Featuring Canon’s proven 61-Point High Density Reticular AF, Extreme Fast Shooting up to 24 fps, 39.9-Megapixel Near-Full-Frame CMOS Sensor, Outstanding ISO Sensitivity up to 204800, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, Full HD Video Recording, Extreme-Durability Camouflage Finish, Development Announcement of EF 200-600mm f/4 L W IS USM/STM Lens

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., April 1, 2014 – Canon U.S.A., Inc. once again shows its leadership in digital imaging by introducing the Canon EOS-1D W “Wildlife” Digital SLR camera, the EOS-1D W is the world’s first professional DSLR designed specifically for the needs of wildlife photographers and videographers. A new addition to Canon’s arsenal of professional DSLRs, the EOS-1D W is a progressive EOS-1D series camera based on the EOS-1D X, but loaded with exciting new features.

According to Sakuichi Ishizukara, Canon’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Imaging Technologies & Communications Group, Canon U.S.A., “Wildlife photographers make up a large percentage of DSLR camera users. These photographers have specific needs – needs that have long been overlooked.”

“That the new Canon EOS-1D W is going to revolutionize wildlife photography is unquestionable” says Martyn Culbreck after 3 months of field testing the new camera. Mr. Culbreck is the Director of Photography for BBC’s upcoming “Planet Life” series. “We spend weeks waiting for the an animal to be in the right position. When that perfect moment arrives, we cannot risk any camera-related issues causing a missed shot. The EOS-1D W is a game changer. It never misses.”

Read the rest of the press release at TDP



This is the Way a White Camera Should be Done

Canon P Imperial Edition
Canon Rumors reader Bernard sent me a few photos of his custom Canon P rangefinder. He had it redone in Tokyo with the help of The Japan Camera Hunter.

The camera is fully customized with a new paint job and striking red grip. I personally think this is a nicer rangefinder than the one that just went for $1.8mil :)

What do you think of Bernard’s P?

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

Canon P Custom | Click for Larger

What if this was a digital P?




Canon EOS 7D L Announced, Shipping in May

Canon U.S.A Redefines Ease of Use for Left-Handed Digital SLR Photographers with the EOS 7D L

Lake Success, N.Y., April 1, 2013 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging, today introduced a revolutionary new camera that finally addresses the needs of left-handed photographers worldwide: the Canon EOS 7D L Digital SLR camera. Based on the highly successful EOS 7D, the EOS 7D L features a reversed ergonomic design which left-handed photographers will fall in love with. Whether it’s shooting at eight frames per second (fps), focusing with Zone AF mode or recording 24p Full HD video, the EOS 7D L DSLR camera satisfies the most rigorous professional requirements with durability, flexibility, customizable controls and impressive image quality.

To support production of the EOS 7D L, state-of-the-art manufacturing lines developed for the classic EOS 7D were reproduced in mirrored orientation.
“Canon has been a world leader in innovation for over 65 years – and the EOS 7D L is another innovative product that we are proud to have associated with that heritage,” says Yuchira Izukio, executive vice president, CMOS Imaging Development, Canon U.S.A.

Canon EOS 7D L | image from

Canon EOS 7D L | image from

Canon EOS 7D L Features:

  • Reversed ergonomics tailored to left-handed photographers
  • 18-megapixel Canon CMOS sensor with Dual DIGIC 4 Imaging Processors
  • Advanced 19-point customizable Autofocus system
  • iFCL Metering System
  • 8 frames per second (fps) burst rate
  • Full HD video recording (24p/25p/30p)
  • Manual adjustment of audio levels
  • ISO levels 100-6400 (expandable to 12,800)

Pricing and Availability
The Canon EOS 7D L Digital SLR camera is scheduled to be delivered to U.S. dealers at the end of May, and will be sold in a body-only configuration at an estimated retail price of $1,499.00*. It will also be offered in a kit version with Canon’s EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM zoom lens at an estimated retail price of $1,769.00*.

* Pricing subject to change at any time. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

Source: [TDP]

Happy April Fools Day!



Canon Rumors is Touring Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia
I’ve been busy the last few days travelling and sleeping. The 24 hour journey from Toronto to Hanoi was completed yesterday, and we spent most of the day shooting and eating in the old quarter of Hanoi.

The shooting condition in Hanoi have been less than ideal, a lot of fog and rain. We still ended up getting a few good shots on day one, and we’re hoping to do better on day two.

The Gear | Gura Gear Chobe, Gura Gear Bataflae 18L, MEC Duffle

The Gear | Gura Gear Chobe, Gura Gear Bataflae 18L, MEC Duffle

I’m going to be travelling Northern Vietnam between Hanoi, Cat Ba and Halong Bay. Then we’ll head to Luang Prabang in Laos and will spend time there, as well as Luang Namtha, Nam Ha and Vientiane. From there, we’ll be heading south to Siem Reap and visiting Angkor Wat. We have some other days we have filled yet, so I’m sure we’ll end up somewhere else that’s pretty cool.

I am going to have some help posting to Canon Rumors over the next 3 weeks, posts may not come the time of day you’re used to.



CLOSED: Gura Gear Giveaway!

Giveaway is now closed to entries
The giveaway is now closed and the winners have been selected.

Grand Prize Winner

  • aerowing

Accessory Pack Winners

  • juro294
  • rpt
  • J_P
  • @Mike80F
Please check your inboxes on the forum and on twitter to claim your prizes.

Gura Gear Giveaway!
If you’ve followed Canon Rumors for a while now, you probably realize that I am a rabid Gura Gear fan. I could be called a camera bag dork, I just love their stuff that much. They are my Louis Vuitton, and a lot cheaper and more functional! I’ve taken my Kiboko all over the planet and it works the same as when it was new, I don’t think you can get a better travel backpack then what Gura Gear produces.

Gura Gear has recently been launching a wide array of new products. Most notably the Bataflae line. New 18L, 26L and 32L bags. I recently purchased (nope, they didnt give them to me) the Bataflae 18L and 32L.

So I thought we could give away some Gura Gear products, I know whoever wins them will love them. We will have 4 prize packs of Gura Gear accesories and one Bataflae 18L & accessory pack to give away as a grand prize.

Grand Prize Package

2nd Prize Package (4 to give away)

How to win
The contest is now closed.

We will be picking the winners on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. 

Gura Gear Giveaway Prizes | Click for Larger

Visit Gura Gear



Ends this Weekend! Dodge & Burn T-Shirts & Canon Rumors Toy Drive

Ends this Weekend! Dodge & Burn T-Shirts & Canon Rumors Toy Drive

Dodge & Burn Camera T-Shirts
We wrote about Dodge & Burn t-shirts about 5 months ago, and the response was extremely positive from folks that bought some t-shirts.  Since that time the company has added new t-shirts and have kept the same great quality. All t-shirts are USA made American Apparel and the printing on them has held up flawlessly in the 5 months that I’ve had one.

Stay tuned in the New Year, there will be a Canon Rumors influenced T-Shirt, that I have absolutely no part in designing… which is good. It’s going to be cool though!

The Story of Dodge & Burn

Dodge and Burn was created out of a passion for analogue photography and classic cameras. The sculpted mechanical beauty of vintage cameras, the legendary photographers who used them, and the iconic images they created are the things that fuel the Dodge and Burn brand.

We’re neck-deep into the digital age and more people than ever are taking photos. I believe that regardless of whether you use your iPhone or an old Leica screw mount camera to capture your decisive moment, you are part of the history of photography. Dodge and Burn is here to remind you of this.

Each of the cameras illustrated on our tees is a classic. From the elegant and precise Leica rangefinders of the 1950s to the rugged war-zone-tested Nikon’s of the 1970s, these shirts pay homage to some of the best cameras ever made.

Toy Drive!
Dodge & Burn and Canon Rumors have teamed up for a December toy drive.

What are the details?

  • 8% of every sale from now until December 16, 2012 will go directly to the toy drive fund.
  • Canon Rumors will match dollar for dollar whatever is raised through purchases.
  • Money will not be donated, we’ll actually go out, buy toys and donate them.
  • I have a large pickup truck, so we have lots of space to fill with toys.
  • Dodge & Burn will ship to most countries on earth, so everyone can be involved!

In order to get credit for the money raised, you must use the link below to visit Dodge & Burn to potentially make a purchase.

Visit Dodge & Burn



A Lion Eats an EOS 5D Mark II & EF 16-35 f/2.8L II

When I was in Kenya, we had an incident at Lake Nakuru with a baboon entering our vehicle and scaring the you-know-what out of me. He was sitting on my 5D Mark II, but he didn’t eat it. Instead, he stole our cookies and snacks and bolted. If you know my friend and travel companion Ethan Meleg, you’d know taking his cookies is about the worst thing you can do to him.

FYI: Don’t leave car doors open at Lake Nakuru.

The brave Baboon that stole our cookies – Lake Nakuru, Kenya | Click for Larger

Lion eating a 5D Mark II & 16-35 f/2.8L II
It turns out Ed Hetherington had the same sort of thing happen and sacrificed his Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EF 16-35 f/2.8L II for some fun photographs. The good and bad news? The lens lived, but the camera is touch and go.

Ed Writes:

I brought a remote control and a small stand to Zimbabwe so that I could capture some animal images from a unique “on the ground perspective”. I used the setup for some images of elephants and African wild dogs and most animals ignored the camera after or at most gave it a quick glance.

Photo by Ed Hetherington – Lion eating 5D Mark II & 16-35 – Click for Larger

Then the fun begins for Ed, check out the rest of the images and full story below.

Read the entire story on Ed’s Facebook page

Via [PP] from [EH]



Cool Stuff –

Cool Stuff –

Cool stuff Friday – Customization is fun!
I’d really like my 40mm Pancake to look like a real pancake. Maybe these folks will be able to hook us up soon. initially started a little while ago showing off some customized Nikon gear, they wanted to let us know they do Canon as well.

Photography is twice as much fun with!

Nice 70-200! – Click for larger

“The team works with selected specialist retailers where the product will be available worldwide from the end of July 2012. The customer can then order their selected design directly in the camera shop when they buy a new camera. It is also possible to add a design to existing photographic equipment.

The customer can choose the design they would like from the selection provided on the internet site. The Pimp-configurator allows a lot of different styles and colors. It is also possible to add an individual design (for example a company logo). The team will fulfill all possible camera design requests!”




Happy Holidays!

Have a great weekend
I hope everyone has a great weekend, no matter what you’re celebrating.

Shoot well, eat well and be well. Also, please drive sober!