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*UPDATE* How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds

*UPDATE* B&H Replaces The Camera for free.
It turns out that B&H Photo sent Kurtis a new camera on the house.

Sorry Kurtis
I don’t like to be entertained by other peoples mishaps, however I think this is a public service announcement in some ways.

There is a nice lead up to the death of a 5D Mark II. Mother nature is fun.



Canon Rebel 1000D Lost at Sea

Canon Rebel 1000D Lost at Sea

The tale of a camera lost at sea.
The above Canon EOS 1000D was lost at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of British Columbia, Canada for over a year.

Turns out it was found by a diver named Markus Thompson, who brought it back to the top. He discovered the SD card still worked and he was able to view the photos.

What now? Well Markus took to Google+ and ended up finding the owner of the camera!

Thompson took to Google+, posting the story and a few identifying details he was able to dig up from the photos. Within a day, the hive mind was able to track down and contact the owner, a firefighter in British Columbia. We’re not saying you should be thankful for Google+, but the actual people who use it sure seem like good folks.

Source: [The Verge]




Live Coverage of the Announcement

Two Red Dot Cameras?
People are commenting on the red dot on the C300 image below, but it also appears on the EOS DSLR camera in the image. No idea what’s up with that for the moment.

ISO Performance #3
A Sam Nicholson film is showing, and the noise from the previous film isn’t showing in this one.

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I Talk with James Beltz About the 1D X

I’ve never talked this much in my life.
I sat down briefly with James Beltz at and talked a bit about the EOS-1D X. I learned some stuff from him about the camera and tried to sound all technical and stuff. I’l like to discuss the camera again once I’ve actually used one.



Lens Mug Winner

Lens Mug Winner

Jessie has won the Canon Lens Mug with his suggestions about the next features needed for the EOS line.

Congratulations and enjoy the mug.

If you didn’t win, you can still buy one from Photojojo, they’re reasonably priced and have a lot of other cool gizmos.

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