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New Old Rebel Information

CP+ Rebels for February
Received and email and also reported on 1K1 that says Canon will be announcing the following 2 Rebel’s at CP+. We posted about this previously and it looks pretty similar.


  • 18mp sensor
  • 3.7fps
  • Vari-Angle 3″ LCD
  • DiGiC IV.
  • Redesign of the model nameplate as well.


  • 12mp sensor
  • DiGiC IV
  • Will be available in Red and Black.

Rebel stock is extremely low at the moment, even for being after Christmas.


CP+ Announcements, DSLR?

CP+ In Japan February 9, 10, 11
I’m told beyond a bunch of PowerShot cameras, we will see at least 1 DSLR announced for CP+.

Sadly, it won’t be a 5D Mark III, 1Ds Mark IV or 7D Mark II. I’ll have more on the next 5D series camera soon.

The likely candidate(s) will be new Rebels.

There won’t be any video stuff, only still camera goods announced at the show.

There was an mention of a new flash recently.

NAB 2011 – Las Vegas April 9-14
I will be off to Las Vegas to attend the NAB show. Meet up with the hdslr guys/gals and learn as much as I can about the video world.


Rebel T3i/600D, T3/1100D? [CR1]

Rebel 600D

The obvious next Rebel is starting to pick up steam. Will we see it for CP+ in February? I’ve been told countless times by good people there will be NO SLRs introduced for CES on January 6.

The following are listed as the changes to the 550D. It looks like a very incremental upgrade.


  • Articulating screen like the 60D
  • 18mp
  • 9 Point AF
  • Increased shutter range in Auto ISO Mode
  • Video Snapshot Mode
  • ISO 100-12800
  • New software features for still and video

I can definitely see the 600D being a minor advancement.


  • 12mp
  • HD Video (Probably less feature filled than the 600D)
  • 9 Point AF
  • ISO 100-6400

A new kit lens and flash were also mentioned.

I’ve previously been told there’d be no direct replacement of the 1000D, this contradicts that and I think is a bit more believable.

Source Email & [OPT Poland]


EOS 2000D Book?

From the Netherlands
Sent a link today to a book about photographing with the 2000D.

We knew it was coming, so this isn’t huge news.

I still haven’t received a spec list about the camera. I’m wondering what won’t be in it that’s in the T2i.

Link to title

Thanks Patrick


Odds & Ends

Announcement murmurs
According to a submission on the Swedish fotography website a Canon Sweden representative has leaked that the 60D will be presented on July 21st.

Record-Breaking Photosensitivity
SiOnyx Inc., in collaboration with the Army Research Office (ARO), has successfully demonstrated pixel-scale detectors with room temperature Detectivity (D*) exceeding 1×10(14) Jones. This represents a full 10x improvement over traditional silicon detectors, setting a record for performance that paves the way for SiOnyx to lead in new sponsored research programs with the Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Read More:

thanks Jake & Daniel


Announcement & Lots of Stuff [CR1]

Announcement first
If not tomorrow, when?

There’s an event coming September 2 to September 3, the Canon EXPO 2010. This event comes every 5 years, there’s no way Canon goes into it without showing the goods.

I’ve heard from a few sources about an August 11, 2010 announcement date. I have not confirmed this.

It will happen before the Canon EXPO 2010.

What will be announced?
We have the 2000D, 60D and 24-70 IS as the most talked about products.

What about the 1Ds Mark IV?
I have heard absolutely nothing about this camera for the last 2 weeks or so. I have no answers on the topic.


2000D & 60D [CR1]

I’m told the 2000D will have the articulating screen that has been sometimes rumored to be a feature of the 60D.

A few features sent in today. Could be crazy.

- A New Liveview/EOS Movie AF system that is much faster than what is currently available.
- Some kind of a rotating grip for making video shooting easier.

No idea what to make of this stuff, it’s the first I’ve heard of any of it.


2000D Specs [CR1]

The camera we never get right
The following is a possible feature list of an upcoming 2000D.

ISO 100-6400
720p Video
2.5″ Articulating Screen
3fps in RAW

Thanks Jim


Rebel T1/1500D [CR2]

New Rebel coming
From a new source.

“The Canon 1500D/T1 will be announced soon -intended for sale during the Christmas season. The announcement is in fact very close”

* Same 12MP sensor as 450D/XSi
* Digic 4
* Movie mode added: up to HD 1080, only 1 frame rate option at that size, 30fps
* Fixed LCD 460K dots
* No significant changes in size, weight or price. Price will of course be close to 1000D’s MSRP at launch.


Odds & Ends

A battery charger claiming to charge a battery for a 60D has appeared at Best Buy. It could be the D60, or just a misprint.

60D Appears on a Universal Charger

60D Appears on a Universal Charger

7D Ship Dates
Best Buy expects first shipment of the 7D, G11 and S90 on October, 11, 2009.

7D available October 11, 2009?

7D available October 11, 2009?

thanks M

A report from the Netherlands says a Rep stated a ship date there as September 26, 2009.

thanks D

Rebel XS/1000D
The Rebel XS has been removed from the Vistek web site.

A local store has had the camera on “eternal backorder”.

The camera is still appearing on Canon price lists in the US and Canada.

EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS
Canon Canada recently started instant rebates on select lenses. The 70-200 f/2.8L IS was originally part of the rebate program and has since been removed in favor of the 70-200 f/4L IS.

If you see any current Canon literature on the rebate program (I can’t find it on the web), you’ll see the 70-200 f/2.8L IS still appears on some of the literature in background images and the image for the 70-200 f/4L IS is different than the rest of the lenses on the rebate amount lines.

Canon Canada late to know something? Wouldn’t be the first time.

I’ll post pics of this tomorrow, I don’t have the literature handy.

Could be nothing…

Price Watch EOS
I have updated the Price Watch EOS page. It now includes the 7D. I have removed the 40D and G10 from the page.