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Canon EOS 70D & 3D Prediction from Japan

From Japan
A magazine in Japan called CAPA may have shown specs for 2 Canon cameras, the first being the 70D and the next being the long talked about EOS-3D. The magazine is pretty well respected, and all of this could be entirely plausible.

With the new Rebel coming on June 8, 2012, and the predicted mirrorless following soon after, I am unsure if either of these cameras are slated for an announcement any time soon.

Canon 70D

  • 22MP and DIGIC5+
  • 19-point AF
  • 6 FPS

Canon EOS 3D

  • 30+ megapixels, 1D-class body
  • Dual Digic5+ processors for 6 FPS
  • 61-point AF system, major functions same as 1DX
  • Equipped with flash (or speedlite transmitter)

The above scan was sent to us, you can see more at [CW].

Source: [PF] [NL] [CW]



Canon EOS-3D Surfaces Again [CR1]

Canon EOS-3D Surfaces Again [CR1]

3D for the megapixel lover
The Canon EOS-3D has been a rumored camera since before rumor sites, and every so often a flurry of new rumors under the moniker “EOS-3D” surface.

Recently a suggestion that a new “high megapixel” camera will be around by spring 2013 has come about. It’s reported that at least a couple of test bodies are being used in the US and in Asia.

While I don’t doubt high megapixel sensors are in testing, it’s probably too early to nail down exact specs. I also dislike the name “3D” if a product doesn’t actually shoot 3D.

Another suggestion is the 1D C isn’t going to be the only Cinema EOS DSLR by the end of 2013.

Source: [NL] & CR



EOS 3D & 5D Mark III Mentions

EOS 3D & 5D Mark III Mentions

Some new mentions
The “EOS 3D” project is apparently alive and well at Canon. The camera’s introduction will depend on the success of the 1D X, 5D3 from Canon & the D800 and D4 from Nikon. We haven’t heard anything about a “3D” in a long time.

5D Mark III
A mention that the 5D Mark III will not be a crazy high megapixel camera.

This week & CES
I expect some news about new products in 2012 this week. Canon won’t be going to CES/PMA empty handed I wouldn’t think, especially not with an imminent D4 announcement. However, I’ve seen no invites yet for a media event from Canon.

Stay tuned.

Source: [NL]



5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]

5D Mark III & More Information [CR1]

Random bits of information
5D Mark III (or similar) announced in the February timeframe.

  • Different sensor than the 1D Mark V
  • It is still not clear whether it will have 26, 28 or 32 megapixel.
  • The sensor tech of the 1D Mark V will be used for future crop bodies e.g. the 7D Mark II.
  • The 7D Mark II is a late 2012 camera.
  • Expect significantly better noise reduction in high ISO modes.
  • Another full frame camera for sports and press this fall?
  • Announcements could be as early as the week of August 29, 2011.

EF 14-24 f/2.8L
I’m told this will be announced in Q1 2012.

CR’s Take
This is a big [CR1], I am posting information that is at least plausible. Grain of salt and all that. Various rumor sites are going to get a lot of stuff coming our way in the next few weeks, sorting it is always a challenge.



3D (Again) & 5D Mark III (CR1)

3D (Again) & 5D Mark III (CR1)

From an outside source
According to information received by [NL], early 2012 will bring a new model full frame DSLR to the Canon lineup. The likely name will be the 3D. It will bring about new sensor technology for the EOS system.

The 5D Mark III wouldn’t make an appearance on the scene until summer 2012. It will feature a modified version of the upcoming 1Ds Mark IV sensor.

CR’s Take
As mentioned over at NL, the 3D rumormill comes and goes and has done so for a long time. Although, this does go along with the idea of a split in the 5D line and the amalgamation of the 1D/1Ds.

I wouldn’t discount this one completely, but I’d have some sea salt handy.



What next?

What next?

What Now?
I took a day off to clear the head. It was much needed.

After nothing showed up Wednesday, we look to the future of the Canon lineup. I’ll rank what I have as far as information on the next bodies and lenses.


  1. 5D Mark III or Similar – The hype machine is building every day. Everyone is ready for their next full frame body. We’ve had Q3/Q4 2011 for a long while for the camera. 28mp and 7D af were the latest specs. We always hear “raw video” as well.
  2. 1Ds Mark IV or Similar – Everyone is wondering where it is, and there is next to zero information about it. All I’ve been told from very good people is late 2011 or even into 2012 for any type of announcement.
  3. 1D Mark V – It’s been suggested a couple of times we’d see this camera before a 1Ds Mark IV.
  4. New Body i.e. 3D – We had a recent full frame rumor, it has yet to come to fruition.

There’s going to be some significant changes in the Canon DSLR lineup over the next year I think. I know the mention of a 5D Mark III makes some people hyperventilate.


  1. 24-70 f/2.8 II - It’s coming, the patent exists. When? Makes sense to arrive with a 5D Mark III. All the signs point to no IS in the lens.
  2. 35 f/1.4L II – It seems to be wanted, although I love the current one. I haven’t heard anything about it in a while.
  3. 50 f/1.2L II – More talk about this lens than you’d think. Not sure what to make of the chatter. It has a bit of bad PR with its focus shift.
  4. 24-105 f/4L II – Upgraded IS and the new kit lens for the 5D3.
  5. 135 f/1.8L – Speed up and replace an absolute classic lens in the 135 f/2L? It’s constantly talked about.
  6. 200 f/3.5L IS Macro – The big macro is getting replaced, it’s a nice niche lens they don’t need large scale manufacturing for.
  7. 90 f/2.8L Tilt-Shift – Another lens they’d be smart to upgrade. There’s a lot of tilt-shift portrait work going on.
  8. 17-40 f/4L IS - An ultra wide angle lens with IS is missing from the EF lineup, Nikon has one.

I’ve said 2011 would be a big lens year for Canon. I still stand behind that. Although, lenses are always harder to get information on than camera bodies.

Bear in mind this list is an accumulation of things I’ve been sent.



Deep Hidden Meanings? EOS 6D/3D?

Deep Hidden Meanings? EOS 6D/3D?

There was a rumor in the past that I said came from the “land of crazy“. After the post a few people piped up and said there was actually something to the rumor.

The person that originally sent me the info also gave me two hints today based on the invititation sent to Swedish journalists.

1) Pay attention to the low light situation of the image.

2) The Number Six and Feng Shui symbols

CR’s Take
Do I think Canon’s marketing department is creative enough to have deep meanings in the images on invitations? In a word, no.

However, I have never had a source be so adamant that what is being told to us is true. I’m hoping for some additional information from other sources.

I do want to thank the source for their continued good humor, I am enjoying it.



“1Dsq” & 3D [CR1]

“1Dsq” & 3D [CR1]

1Ds Mark Squared
Received some information that we talked about many moons ago. The shift of the top end 1D camera to  a square sensor.

The information goes on to say Canon has the technology to do 8-10fps with a 35-40mp image file.

3D Returns
We all love to dream about it, and the 3D is making its annual return to the rumor mill.

From NL

  • 3D full frame – 18MP
  • No built in grip, 1 series ‘style’ build
  • 7D/1D focus
  • Active focus screen (as per 7D)
  • ISO to 102400
  • Video as with 7D

Another vote for a smaller pro camera
Along with the above square sensor information, I was told again to expect a new top end camera body. Again, the “smaller body” was mentioned.



Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Land of Crazy not so Crazy? [CR1.5]

Maybe not so crazy
I posted the craziest rumor of the week on Sunday, it didn’t seem at all plausible to me.

One person in particular wrote in saying it may not be that far off. Such a camera was apparently discussed with him/her before Christmas.

Spec List!

  • - New small body FF
  • - Pro AF (45 point same as Eos 1D MKIV)
  • - 16.7 MP
  • - 6 FPS (booster with extra batterygrip up to 9fps)
  • - ISO 100-12800 (L50 / H102400)
  • - Single CF slot
  • - Video as Eos 7D
  • - Msrp $ 4,399

What I was told was the MSRP was way off, the rest of it was relatively on the mark. A CP+ announcement was unknown, as the source was told it would be announced at the end of February.

5D Mark III / 1Ds Mark IV
As most people know, the 5D Mark II completely killed the 1Ds Mark III sales numbers. The same source explains that Canon will move the 5D Mark III into the territory of flagship resolution camera and the 1D Mark IV/V will be the flagship “pro” body. The 1Ds Mark IV will be something completely different, yes, another person saying it.

CR’s Take
The whole Canon DSLR lineup is due for a big shake up, all of this info points to that. I’m not going to commit to all of this being true, but there’s an awful lot of people saying the same thing.



Cameras & Lenses From Various Sources

This and That
I have some loose information about what and when we can expect new cameras and lenses. It’s a collection from various folks.

There will be no new products that will hit the shelves before the end of 2010. There could be an announcement before 2011 however.

Another good source has suggested we will see a replacement to the 5D Mark II before a 1Ds Mark IV. It’s 50/50 with sources as to whether it’ll be a camera added to the lineup or a direct replacement of the 5D Mark II. This announcement will bring about “2-3 lenses”.

I’m beating a dead horse here, but the still expected lenses are a 24-70 upgrade, a replacement to the 180mm macro and a new prime of some kind. Lenses are always difficult to nail down far in advance.

A lot of people have said 2011 will be a big year for innovation from Canon. As we’ve seen from some of their concept products, that could very well be true.

A 7D replacement won’t hit us until 2012.

I’ve been informed to say good-bye to DIGIC IV. Expect the 60D to be the last new body with the DIGIC IV processor (outside of a replacement entry level Rebel).

As for a mirrorless camera system, I have nothing to report of any value. We’re all still shuttering from the last rumor.