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CR Rates The Product Announcements Part 1

Part 1: EOS
A lot of product announcements for the DSLR world, popular desired products still missing.

*NOTE* These opinions are loose and based the specifications of the products and initial impressions. I will delve deeper next week.

As with most prosumer DSLR announcements from Canon, it has been treated rather harshly. I don’t find it all that exciting, but I’m sure they’re going to sell a lot of them.

Why I like it:

  • Price. At $1099USD at launch, this camera will quickly fall below $1000USD. From what I’ve heard, the camera feels quite nice in your hands and is a big upgrade to the Rebel in that regard.
  • Articulating screen, I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, but I know there are certain types of photography that will benefit from it.
  • Weight. There’s a big backlash that the 60D didn’t follow the path of the 50D and retain the metal body. I don’t think that will affect sales of the camera all that much. Lots of people love the weight of the Rebel, but don’t like the ergonomics. The 60D may fit for those people. If you want a metal camera, get the 7D!

Why I don’t like it

  • So far it’s missing microadjustment. That shouldn’t be a cost increasing feature. Put it in.
  • Old AF technology. It doesn’t need to be as good as the 7D, but something improved over the 50D would be welcomed.
  • It’s kind of boring, there’s not much new in the camera to make people excited.

EF 70-300 f/4-5.6L IS
This seems like a very calculated addition to the lens lineup. I wasn’t a fan of the last 70-300, I always felt it cost too much.

This isn’t a cheap lens from the pricing I’ve seen ($1500USD), yet it’s being marketed as an “L” lens newer photographers should look at first.

Optically; it better kick butt for the money.

EF 8-15 f/4L Fisheye
What a unique and brilliant idea. One fisheye to work with the entire EOS line. No, it’s not cheap ($1400USD), but for the folks that want a fisheye and have various crop factors in their bag, this is a winner.

I cannot wait to try it out.

EF 300 f/2.8L IS II & EF 400 f/2.8L IIS II
Neither of these lenses NEEDED to be replaced, but it cannot hurt to continue to evolve your flagship products.

I’m sure they will continue the tradition of Canon’s big white lenses being the stuff of legends.

What’s missing from the EOS announcements?
If I asked the readers at Canon Rumors what they WANTED to see, there are a few things that keep coming up.

EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS
I don’t need to say anything about such a lens, it’s already been mentioned.

5D Mark III / 3D
A full frame camera with at least the 7D autofocus system and all the bells and whistles in a smaller package than the 1D series camera. Don’t increase the megapixel count, just take the 5D Mark II to the next level.

New Cheaper Primes
Lots of people desire a 35 f/1.8 or a new 50 f/1.4.

100-400 Replacement
For some people, a version II of the current 100-400. For others, copy Nikon’s legendary 200-400 f/4 and add it to the lineup.

Is there more coming before Photokina?
The million dollar question to be sure. I received an email today saying Canon will announce another camera body before Photokina, and not a 1Ds Mark IV.
I currently have no solid information as to whether that will happen or not.

Monday will be the deadline!

I’ll be in Cologne attending Photokina next Tuesday. Check the site throughout the day as I will be constantly updating anything relevant to Canon.


Crazy Stuff – EOS 3D [CR0]

I received these specs today, they’re nothing like anything I’ve received before. So I’m going to post them for fun.

This is a rumors site!

EOS 3D Specifications
- Price: 3499
-27mp Foveon (?)
Foveon is property of Sigma, so that kills the spec list. Unless Canon has their own version.
- 5FPS
- 16bit (16 bit what?)
- BG-E9 Grip, uses 7D & 5D2 battery
- 7D Weathersealing

This one deserves a massive grain of salt like I said earlier.


xD/3D/5D Mark III Rumors [CR1]

More Info
I’ve recevied some more info about a possible replacement of the 50D/5D Mark II.

The source says  a new xD camera is imminent.

The DSLR lineup from Canon will be as follows.
1000D / XS
500D / T1i
550D / T2i
5D Mark II
3D (?)
1D Mark IV
1Ds Mark III

There could be some truth to this, if the price of the 7D is cut like the 5D Mark II’s has been.


New Camera & 3D spotting [CR2]

Stills and Video
Received word of someone speaking at a gathering in the USA about a new camera.

Apparently the new camera is from Canon and shoots HD video and stills at the same time. The camera is a lot different than the 5D Mark II.

That camera is currently being tested outside of Canon.

No word on arrival time.

3D Info
More info about a Canon 3D. This rumor is the longest lasting in the Canon photographic world.

NL received info that the camera will have a relatively  low mp count and the sensor will be optimized for video.

It sort of fits with the above mention of a video/still camera.

Any mention of a “3D” requires an entire quarry of salt.


The Mythical EOS 3D [CR1]

Here we go again
I have received information from a CR3 source that Canon WILL introduce another camera to the lineup. The source has never given any specs.

I have avoided most 3D rumor spec lists because I haven’t received anything from a great source. This is a combined source rumor I received today. I’m posting it because it is a complete departure from the rest of the stuff I usually get.

Combined info from 2 sources
The 3D will introduce new sensor technology that will bring new levels of dynamic range and ISO performance. The camera will be geared to the wedding photography market.

3D Specs:
16.7mp FF
7.2 µm pixel pitch
Small magnesium alloy body similar to the 5D2
The camera will be priced above the 5D2. Possibly in the $4000-$4500 range with the 1D Mark IV.
Announcement for Photokina.

No information on autofocus system. Everyone hopes the 5D/5D2 system finally disappears.


Canon 2010 Roadmap? [CR1]

This is an exact quote of an email I received.
“2010 will be the year for the (semi-) pro’s due to the fact that Canon lost huge marketshare to Nikon.

The new year will bring no 60D, and no follow up for the 500D.

What will be anounced will be the 1Ds IV. This will be a totally new product with a new design. The new design is needed due to the fact that new sensor will be 35x35mm. So sort of medium format but not a full medium format.

The new sensor and format is needed to go into the low 40 megapixel range.

It also paves the way for the new xD model (probably the 3D) which will be announced late next year. For this xD I do not have much technical specs for this product yet, except for a renewed introduction of  Eye Movement Focus Control which will be based upon advanced contrast focus while moving the pupil to focus on the subject. Also this camera will be a FF camera based upon the current 21 MP sensor with improved optical range.”

CR’s Take
1Ds Mark IV….. I think a replacement is coming soon, I’ve heard January/February from a few folks. A square sensor though? Wowzers, what do you all think?

60D….. I can see a lack of a 60D in 2010, the 50D and 7D seem to be perfectly placed for their segments. A $999 50D would a good seller. There are folks that don’t care about movie mode, but want a good build.

550D…. I can’t see Canon going into Christmas 2010 without a new Rebel. Not sure on this one.

3D…. We hear about it all the time. A FF version of the 7D is a desired product. Would people pay $3499 for it? Eye control AF? I just got an EOS 3 and they better have improved it by the time a 3D hits!


Nothing to speak of

There’s nothing going on in Canon land at the moment. I’m digging up nothing.

70-200 2.8L IS II
I did received an email claiming the 24th of November WAS correct but an announcement has been delayed until January.

A couple of stores in Canada I spoke to that had long backorders on 70-200 f/2.8L IS say they finally got a couple of lenses. This also happened to them shortly before Nikon announced their replacement.

Bored? Howabout a 3D Rumor?
“According to my friend after canons “disappointment” with the 7D they will be releasing a full frame version in mid-late 2010.”

Yeah, I’m stretching here… but I hate not updating the site. Have some fun :)


Canon EOS 3D [CR1]

The Return of a Classic
I received the following email today.

“I’ve been told, that the EOS 3D is coming. My source sad to me it will be announced after the replacement from the Nikon D300. It is going to be something between the 1D MarkIII and the 50D/60D. The Body is similar to the 5D MarkII. He won´t me to tell something about the specs but said that the D300/D400 will be blown away.”

Every 6 months or so we see this. There has always been a desire for another EOS body.

On the other hand, this could be the 2nd APS-H camera we’ve talked about before.


Canon at PMA 2009 [CR3]

What could be coming?
There is a lot going on in Canon’s war room about what to do with PMA 2009. As we all know, the DSLR market in 2009 is expected to fall off a fair bit. The predicted rebound will be coming in 2010.

On a scale of 1-5, which cameras are likely to get a replacement at PMA.

Rebel XSi (Released Jan. 2008)
Canon had committed to a 1 year product cycle. However, that could be held off until the fall of 2009.
Likelihood of a replacement at PMA: 3.5

Rebel XS (Released Jun. 2008)
There was a possibility of this being reduxed earlier than one year, consider that a dead rumour now. The XS will be replaced in the fall.
Likelihood of replacement at PMA: 1

A New Rebel
There is a chance Canon could add a third Rebel to their lineup. This Rebel would add HD video, VGA LCD, 15.1mp, DIGIC IV. Sony has done well with their strategy.
Likelihood of a new Rebel at PMA: 3

40D (Released August, 2007)
Canon had committed to this lineup being on a 1 year product cycle. The 50D proved that. Will Canon keep the 40D going beyond the new year? It’s unlikely. I will keep a close eye on 40D stocks. Could a 60D come at PMA to add HD Video to the class? No one I spoke to thinks so.
Likelihood of a 60D at PMA: 1
Likelihood the 40D remains current beyond PMA: 2.5

A new Full Frame
The fabled EOS 3D. We talk about it every 6 months. Is it coming at PMA? Don’t bet on it. Let’s see if Canon has been able to meet the demands for the 5D Mark II.
Likelihood of a 3D at PMA: 1.5

1D Mark IV (February, 2007)
Everyone wants a new one to showup ASAP. I’m receiving no information that Canon is about to launch a new 1D camera. I don’t think the worries of the economy would affect a model like this, anyone that can afford one will buy one. They will obviously be redoing the autofocus system and developing a new sensor. It’s tough to think that they could do that in 2 years, especially after the added development time to fix the 1D3.
Likelihood of a 1D Mark III replacement at PMA: 3 (It’s a rating that doesn’t say much, but no one is saying much.)

Flagship P&S [CR2.5]
I am hearing rumors of a new CMOS based flagship P&S camera. Something that will be a departure from the G series. That’s really all the info I have at the moment. Think along the lines of the LX3, with industry leading noise & lens performance. It won’t be cheap.
Likelihood of a flagship P&S at PMA: 3.5

There will be 2 launched at PMA [CR3]. That all but assures us a new camera body is coming.

1001 Noisy Cameras did their predictions a few days ago. Read them [here]


EOS 3D [CR0] – DXO – Other Things

EOS 3D Back in the saddle
From [POTN] via [NL]

The new camera will have a “radical new AF system” that I do not have any information about.

I am unsure about the information I got… either it will be just 2.0 crop or 2.0 and 1.? crop.
Soon to follow will be F2.0 IS zoom lenses. I believe this is why the reason for the 2.0 crop mode.

Of course super high ISO and the fastest FPS seen in a DSLR camera yet. Sounds like this will be for sports users for sure. I am guessing that most cameras will have GPS and Wifi by then so you can expect that too.

Oh yeah, no CF card slot. SD or maybe a new card format? There is talk about built in memory too.

Please remember, this IS a rumors site! I brought the ranking system about so I could report everything without much confusion as to whether or not it was legit.
I have no idea how long it has been around, or if anyone has heard of it before. Today was the first for me. It seems like a decently reasonable idea.

I’m glad to know I didn’t steal my camera from anyone.

DXO Site
A few comments about the DXO sensor rankings site from a few of you. I’m not really a fan of it. I’ve seen completely different results with my own eyes.

Switzerland Pricing
Yes, I figured it was just a miscue by the site I mentioned.