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New hotness on March 25

Stoking the Fire
Someone emailed this translated page to me in regards to a March 25

I’m on the road at the moment so I didn’t read it too closely.…………


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New EOS – March 25, 2009? [CR2]


Just wondering if you guys have any information on a new EOS release due for the 25th March 2009.
Ive been told by a reliable source that there is a new camera to either be released or announced.

thats all the information i could get out of him

If a camera is announced, I’d expect a Rebel.


500D & EF-S 30 f/2 [CR2]

From an Email

The new Rebel will be launched June 23 along with a new EF-S prime. The lense will be a 30mm f/2 with an EF-S mount. Canon held off on the originally planned 500D release due to the economy and waiting to see what Nikon comes out with………  They have a couple designs of the camera ready to go.

I’m not sure if companies can afford to “wait” to see what’s coming, so I’m not sure what to make of that. I’m going to CR2 this.


Canon XSTi

Say what?
Apparently the Canon Spring Photography contest lists an XSTi as the first prize. You can see this on page 95 of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.

Probable typo? I hope so, that would be quite a mouthful to say.

thanks Mark


PMA 2009 Predictions [CR3]

All predictions are based on rumors I have receivedPMA 2009
So what is Canon giving us next week? A lot of people want the world, unfortunately I don’t see it happening.

So what will be launched?

Canon Rebel 500D

mp: 15.1
9 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Battery: LP-E5
Feature: LiveView
Feature: Movie Mode w/contrast detect AF

Possibly a jogwheel added to the body.

What’s not coming?
We will not see a new 1 series body. End of 2009 perhaps? It’s been suggested it could be early 2010 before we do.

As pointed out by a reader, 2010 is a winter Olympic year as well as the World Cup. There SHOULD be a new 1D for those events.

I think the community is more interested in what lenses are rolling down the pipe. I’ll put the rumors in order of likelyhood.

Most Likely
EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM
- We’ve seen the 50L launched and upgrades to the 14mm and 24mm L’s. This is a logical next step.

TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II
- It’s generally accepted the current lens has been discontinued. I reported it could be f/2.8, I think it’s more likely to be 3.5 because of design limitations.

Don’t be shocked if a 2nd focal length Tilt-Shift is launched.

EF 100-400 f/4-5.6L II IS
- The Canon community wants this lens pretty badly. I just don’t think it’s coming. Kinda hope I’m wrong.

EF 24-70 f/2.8L II IS
- Possibly the most sought after lens Canonites are lusting after. Match Nikon’s optics and add IS? You’d have a massive sales success. It almost wouldn’t matter what it cost.

EF 50 f/1.4 II
- Heard various reports about low stock of this lens. A couple of places have said they can’t get them anymore. I’ve heard nothing concrete, nor would I really understand replacing this lens at the present time. Possible that they’ll just dump it and replace it with an EF-S 35? I’ve heard that theory before.

One or two of the big white lenses gets redone. I wouldn’t be shocked to see the 300 and 400′s get version II’s. However, that’s more likely to happen in 2010.

Not happening
EF 17-40 f/4L II
- I don’t think Canon needs to replace this hot selling lens just yet, there are too many other lenses that people want follow-ups to.

EF 150 f/2.8L IS Macro
- I never reported on this lens because it seemed way far fetched. It makes sense to make a lens like this, I just don’t think now is the time for it.

EF 24-105 f/4L II IS
- There’s bee murmurs about this lens for a year or so, nothing substantial has come of it yet. I think the current one sticks around for  a while. People would go crazy if they upgraded this and left the 24-70 alone.

From Left Field
A new wide angle prime in the 17mm-21mm range.
- There’s been a few people around the web talking about such a thing. Even a comment on this site. It’s a great idea, nothing concrete.

EF-S Lenses
- I’ve received no information about a new EF-S lens at this time. Will Canon suprise and follow what Nikon just did with a new 35 for crop cameras? Possible.

- I think a new small flash makes a ton of sense for Canon. You put flash shoes on the G, S and SX cameras, and don’t give the people a viable option for a small flash that can bounce? Seems poorly thought out to me. Nikon has one, why doesn’t Canon?

- I reported the possibility of a higher end flash from Canon. I think it’s out there and more likely to be launched with a 1 series camera.

Expect the following PowerShots to be replaced.

SD1100 IS
SD890 IS
SD770 IS
SD790 IS
A590 IS

Expect more of the same type of upgrades from Canon for the above cameras. I’m not sure we’ll see a direct replacement of either the 580 or 590.

We’ve received a bunch of information about a waterproof/shockproof camera finally being launched. There’s also been a bit of information about a possible new CMOS camera being launched at PMA.

Canon have any surprises in store?
If they do, they’ve hid it extremely well. I don’t think this is the time for Canon to pull a rabbit out of a hat. We all hope I’m wrong with that assessment!


New Rebel on February 17, 2009? [CR3]

It may not wait
I received new information from a couple of sources regarding a new Rebel for PMA. Both sources claim that a new dslr is definitely coming, and the Rebel will be it.

There will be no new pro camera body for PMA they both say as well.

Neither had any information in regards to new lenses.

Waterproof Camera [CR2]

Is Canon going to wise up and release a waterproof/shockproof camera for PMA? One of the sources thinks so.

Panasonic recently launched one and I’m willing to bet Olympus is going to lose a ton of sales because of it (SD Cards instead of xD).

There’s nothing defininitive at this time.


What’s Coming at the Announcements

Date [CR5]
I’m going to go ahead and CR5 the announcement date from Canon. It’ll be February 17-18, 2009.

What’s Coming [CR2]
From a different source, I’m told to expect announcements to be for compact cameras and not lenses or dSLR’s.

The source says to expect a camera on par with the Panasonic TZ7. If true, expect it to be a CMOS based camera with HD video.

I wouldn’t be shocked if no dSLR is announced. I kind of expect the 500D to be announced either later in the spring or in the fall.

As for lenses, there will be lenses announced, availability may be far into the future however.


EOS & Lenses at PMA [CR3]

Just had another source saying there will be no 500D as originally planned at PMA. I still don’t have any [CR4] level information on this topic.

A good source says to still expect 2 lens announcements at PMA. Nothing definite on which lenses. Actual launch of new lenses could still be a few months off.

The only flash I think is realistic for PMA would be the 300 EX style flash.


500D Release Delayed? [CR2]

From a new source
A new source is saying Canon will be delaying the release of the 500D until the fall. This is due to the economic landscape.

That would mean no SLR at PMA? I just can’t get fully behind that notion.


Canon EOS Rebel 500D [CR4]

Final Specs?
People keep emailing about the Rebel, these are the specs as I know them. A couple of updates from previous posts, some of it is the same.

9 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Battery: LP-E5
Feature: LiveView
Feature: Movie Mode w/contrast detect AF
Announcement: January 24, 2009 (?)

Possible Feature? [CR3]
I am being told you may see the jog wheel finally added to the Rebel line. $200 Canon cameras have it, why shouldn’t the Rebel?

The XSi may not be discontinued. It could stick around for 6 months or so. So yes, that would make 3 Rebel’s in the EOS lineup.