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Canon EOS 50D Firmware 1.0.8

Canon EOS 50D Firmware 1.0.8

50D Gets a Minor Update
Below are the following fixes/features of the new EOS 50D Firmware. I guess it’s nice to see new firmware for a discontinued product.

  • Improves the writing/reading speeds when using UDMA 7-compatible CF cards.
  • Fixes incorrect indications in the Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai and Turkish menu screens.

thanks Qing

Download Here (Win) | Download Here (Mac)


Discontinuing Cameras & Lenses[CR1]

Rebel XSi & 50D Done
Received information today that said both the XSi and 50D are on final sell offs and no longer available from Canon.

100 f/2.8 Macro
Currently the 100 f/2.8 non-L macro is still available from Canon. It’s on the latest Canon price sheets.


1Ds Mark IV & 50D

1Ds Mark IV
A link has been spread across the web showing a 1Ds Mark IV price, as well as the ability to order the camera.

For the moment I have not published the link, as I’ve been burned before by products being added to store sites and getting free click through advertising.

In this case, I need more than a model name and a megapixel count, I posted terrible 1Ds4 info in the past and I do not want to do it again.

50D Stock
Stock of the 50D has been depleted by a bunch of stores in Canada. Future Shop has none in their warehouse and do not anticipate ever seeing anymore arrive. London Drugs in Canada have also ceased sales of the 50D in Canada I’ve been told.

I spoke with Canon Canada and they have none in stock and gave me the usual “2 weeks” to get more.

60D Camera Images
I’ve been sent a lot of links to 60D shots, all of which are less than well done Photoshop jobs.

“There will be no 60D”
This has been reported, but none of my sources agree with the sentiment.  One has said the xxD line will continue, however the camera could take a slightly different form this time around.


50D Going Away Hints

Best Buy
Best Buy has always given clues as to what was coming.

Currently Best Buy Canada is selling the 50D as a body only. It doesn’t appear kits are available on the site anymore.

From a birdie
If you want some tidbits of info, here’s one.

Canon attempted to purchase Pentax.

There’s a concern within Canon about Sony’s position in the DSLR market.  They’re proving to be very committed in gaining marketshare.

It was insinuated that Sony has interest in Pentax and its user base, whereas Canon doesn’t necessarily want the same thing.

It was an interesting talk. I don’t have lots of info, but the source is good.

Enjoy :)


GPS Grips [CR1]

Making the rounds
With sales figures of the grossly overpriced WiFi grips not going so well, it’s been suggested new grips will be coming for a few cameras. The grips will be GPS capable.

If it were true, I’d expect to see them for the xxD and 7D initially

The source claims the GPS grips will not have WiFi as well.


50D Rebates – USA – April 4 to June 5

50D Rebates come to life
Speculate away as to what this means. The rebate program ends around when we previously posted a 60D could be announced. Sometimes this stuff is coincidence.

Both Adorama and B&H are still closed for the holidays. We should see them correct for the new rebate prices soon.

I’m still shocked Canon sells the 28-135 IS, and I always think its on the way out when it appears in rebates. I haven’t heard anything about a new 70-300 IS. I do think they’re a strange pair to put together. You may not think so. :)


  • 50D Body Only: $100
  • 50D w/28-135 IS: $100
  • 50D w/70-300 IS: $250
  • 50D w/28-135 IS & 70-300 IS: $250

Shop Adorama

Shop B&H

Shop Amazon

Thanks deeyas


T1i & 50D Instant Rebates – Canada

Save money!
The following are instant rebates from Canon Canada.

T1i (June 15 – July 13)
$50 Savings

For the retailer to qualify for the rebate, they must give away a 16gb SD card.

50D (June 8 – July 5)
$150 instant rebate for any 50D purchased.

Still no word on a real rebate program in Canada.


60D Autofocus System

I received an email claiming the 60D will get a dumbed down version of the new 1D autofocus system. There will be more AF points and have a more pro “feel”.

The new autofocus system is apparently built on the current 1D system. It’s not going to be completely new. That doesn’t really worry me at all.

50D AF

copyright Ethan Meleg

copyright Ethan Meleg

A friend of mine who is a professional nature photographer and insanely avid birder has been shooting with a 50D recently.

He’s been quite impressed with the AF system.

“I’ve been using my new 50D body and have found it to be excellent for bird photography. I’m most impressed with the incredibly quick and accurate autofocus, as well as the fast frame rate. It blows away my 1DsIII body for shooting birds.”

You can visit his blog and check out his last 2 posts for pics taken with the 50D here.

I posted this because he’s a real world photographer out there everyday.


Canon EOS 50D Firmware 1.0.5

Slipped through the cracksCanon EOS 50D
I’m getting emails from a few people that are saying their new 50D’s are loaded with firmware 1.0.5. The current official firmware is 1.0.3.

After some searching, there is a thread at DPR about it from a while ago.……

Why hasn’t it been released to the world yet? Perhaps Canon is updating the firmware a little bit more and we’ll see a 1.0.6 instead.

I’d love to see a picture of 1.0.5 installed on a camera.

thanks elektronkind


Canon Canada & The 5D Mark II [CR5]

Here it is
This is what is going to be happening with pre-orders and the first shipment of 5D Mark II’s.

Retailers have to prove there has been money exchanged from a customer for a pre-order.

1) Canon must receive a fax from the retailer proving money has been taken for the 5D Mark II. Sales receipts or whatever.

2) Once this has been done by retailers, then Canon will set the allocation as to which stores get what. No proof of preorder…. No camera shipment.

3) Canon must receive this information by Friday, November 14, 2008 or no cameras for you.

4) This basically assures no one is getting the $2799 pricing.

I’m unsure if this is Canada only, if anyone else from other areas of the planet have any info… please let me know.

Canon Canada updates web site
Canon Rumors and its loyal readers can take credit for making Canon Canada admit they have 1Ds Mark III’s. It’s now on the Canon Canada web site.

We’re taking credit until Canon says otherwise.

1Ds Mark III