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A Suggestion on the EOS-1D C Replacement [CR1]

A Suggestion on the EOS-1D C Replacement [CR1]

I missed this a few weeks ago, but over at Northlight, they posted that there would be an EOS 5D C instead of a direct EOS-1D C replacement. This is said to be due to lack of sales for the $12,000 (at launch) cinema DSLR.

From Northlight

we’re told that the ‘general purpose’ 5D4 will come along with 5D C specialist video DSLR. 1D C sales have not been good enough to get the return on development of a new version.

That idea may shed some light on what we posted yesterday in regards to a test camera that shoots 4K in a 5D sized body. I’ll say again, the source stressed that such a camera may not appear as a consumer product, just that it has been tested.

We will note that Canon has said themselves that they’re going to make more focused products in the DSLR space, and not worry about pleasing everyone with every camera.

Source: [NL]



Canon EOS 5DC, Real or a Joke?

Real or a Joke?
I received this tidbit of fun when I was at NAB, just getting around to posting it. It shows a model name “5DC” on an official Canon web site. The one issue I see with the “leak” is that it originated on April 1, so maybe a Canon employee was having some fun?

Anyway, here’s the evidence and direct quote from the submission.

Canon 5DC: Real or Joke?

Direct Quote
Go to google and search for “eos 5dc” without the quotes.

Now if you click the link, the page is missing, but if you look at google’s cached version of that page, it has titles and headlines for a Canon Eos 5DC (which I am currently hoping for). But the actual content of the page is for the C300.

But it also says that this was a google snapshot done on April 1, so is this a cruel April fool’s joke for true Canon rumor junkies? See the screen shot. I have a few more scrolling down the page if you need.

Canon Cinema EOS | Products: Camera 5dc
Lenses for the EOS 5dc. Canon offers possibly the finest lens lineup available to cinematographers and videographers from any single vendor.