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Odds & Ends

Announcement murmurs
According to a submission on the Swedish fotography website a Canon Sweden representative has leaked that the 60D will be presented on July 21st.

Record-Breaking Photosensitivity
SiOnyx Inc., in collaboration with the Army Research Office (ARO), has successfully demonstrated pixel-scale detectors with room temperature Detectivity (D*) exceeding 1×10(14) Jones. This represents a full 10x improvement over traditional silicon detectors, setting a record for performance that paves the way for SiOnyx to lead in new sponsored research programs with the Army Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate (NVESD) and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

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thanks Jake & Daniel


Announcement & Lots of Stuff [CR1]

Announcement first
If not tomorrow, when?

There’s an event coming September 2 to September 3, the Canon EXPO 2010. This event comes every 5 years, there’s no way Canon goes into it without showing the goods.

I’ve heard from a few sources about an August 11, 2010 announcement date. I have not confirmed this.

It will happen before the Canon EXPO 2010.

What will be announced?
We have the 2000D, 60D and 24-70 IS as the most talked about products.

What about the 1Ds Mark IV?
I have heard absolutely nothing about this camera for the last 2 weeks or so. I have no answers on the topic.


No Announcement Tomorrow? [CR1]

New Info
I received some info that the “Special Epic Event” will in fact be a wedding photography seminar.

We’re told no 60D announcement on July 13, but expect it in August.

We shall see.


2000D & 60D [CR1]

I’m told the 2000D will have the articulating screen that has been sometimes rumored to be a feature of the 60D.

A few features sent in today. Could be crazy.

- A New Liveview/EOS Movie AF system that is much faster than what is currently available.
- Some kind of a rotating grip for making video shooting easier.

No idea what to make of this stuff, it’s the first I’ve heard of any of it.


Announcement Dates & 60D Specs [CR2]

Where is the stuff?!
We’ve reported before that July 13, 2010 could be an announcement date for some Canon photographic products.

If you go there and check out August 25, you’ll see a “Special Epic Event”. It mentions an announcement for July 13, 2010.

Could they just be announcing a workshop and nothing more? Possible, I was burned by that once before.

However, this is the 3rd clue as to July 13 being an announcement day.

60D Specs
I receive a new spec list almost hourly, oh what to believe.

If I go with the people that have been right in the past (not always), then this is what we have.

  • 18mp
  • New 9AF point system.
  • 5 Crosstype Sensors, all f/5.6 except for the f/2.8 Center
  • Articulating Screen
  • 6fps (A drop of .3)
  • Full HD Recording Mode
  • Wireless Flash Transmitter
  • New Battery & Grip
  • 98% VF
  • Weather Seals like the 50D
  • Still back and forth on the formfactor.
  • I still remember being told once about a new exciting feature never seen in an EOS camera before.

I do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV to be announced at this time. I’m receiving no news about such a camera.

There could be a few PowerShots announced with the 60D, but not the G12 or SX30 (if that’s what they’re called).


More 60D Conflicting Information [CR1]

60D Specs
Slightly different form factor than 50D.
No articulating screen
New AF System

Expect an announcement during the 3rd week of August

EF 60 f/2.8 IS Macro
This lens will be released at the same time. Notice it’s not EF-S.

EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS
I’m told the testing phase of the lens is complete and manufacturing will start in the next 30 days.

Announcement in August.


A Little 60D Info [CR1]

New stuff
Received an email today in regards to a 50D replacement. Most of what was said was the same as most stuff we’ve received. Smaller form factor than the 50D and an articulating LCD screen.

The 2nd part of the email mentioned a video optimized 14.2mp sensor.

I have heard once before about a new sensor for the camera.


60D Spec List? [CR1]

Lists are flying in now
Below is a spec list of the upcoming 60D as told to me this AM.

- 18mp
- ISO 6400 Max
- 9AF Points
- Articulating LCD
- New Menu System
- Movie mode like the 7D

All very plausible.

thanks to everyone


New DSLR Features [CR2]

Just a quick post
I received an email about a new consumer DSLR being tested.

A couple of features that were mentioned.

- Movie focused
- Swivel LCD
- Between the T2i & 7D
- A smaller form factor than the 50D, but not by much.
- The announcement is coming in July

From the same source
A new flash and 1Ds Mark IV will be announced near the end of August/Early September.


Announcements in July?

New Stuff!
I’ve received a few pieces of info for an announcement in the middle of July. It appears July12/July 13 or July 19/July 20, we haven’t nailed it down exactly yet. More will come soon.

There will be a 2nd announcement cycle in August.

There will probably be a DSLR announcement (60D/3D) as well as other cameras and accessories. Do not expect a 1Ds Mark IV at this time.