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Canon Sends out a Mirrorless Camera Survey

Canon Sends out a Mirrorless Camera Survey

Canon Consumer Survey – Tell Us What You Think!
Yesterday Canon sent out emails with a customer survey. Canon does this once or twice a year if I remember correctly.

3 interesting questions came up in the survey.

The gallery of questions after the break.

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Canon Tempting Fate Being “Mirrored”?

Canon Tempting Fate Being “Mirrored”?

Sony, Panasonic & Olympus knocking at the door
Bloomberg has written an interesting article the higher ups at Canon have certainly taken notice of. That being their dropping marketshare in Japan along with Nikon to the mirrorless segment.

I haven’t had a problem with Canon being last to the game. I don’t personally like any of the true mirrorless options (you don’t count M9), none of them feel like cameras to me. Lots of people do though, and that’s cool. I was eager to see what Nikon came up with, though it doesn’t look too exciting to me.

I’ve always thought if Canon was going to get into it, they’d go all in. We’d see 3 mirrorless camera bodies, one high end mirrorless, a Canon M9 if you will (not a rangefinder). A prosumer middle camera body for the 5D user who wants IQ and portability, and then an entry level variant for the people that want more than a “G”.

I could be dreaming, or wishing. I’d just like to think Canon would be the company that did it right.

From Bloomberg

Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp. the world’s two biggest makers of high-end cameras, may be missing out on the industry’s biggest technology shift since film rolls became obsolete.

The two Tokyo-based companies use mirrors in all cameras with interchangeable lenses, a technique Sony Corp. (6758) is shifting away from. As a result, Canon and Nikon’s combined share of the Japanese market has fallen by 35 percent, while Sony’s share has doubled, according to estimates at research firm BCN Inc.

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Canon Mirrorless on the Horizon?

Canon Mirrorless on the Horizon?

The inevitable coming soon?
In an interview with Reuters, the head of the camera division Masaya Maeda says Canon is “…considering the technical aspects,” in regards to the mirrorless segment.

He also goes on to say that “We will launch an interesting product next year,” saying that it is “small”, but didn’t specify if it was a mirrorless camera system or not.

Read the full article

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Canon Doesn’t Need a Compact Camera System

….according to the head of consumer imaging in Europe

Canon doesn’t need to introduce a mirrorless compact system camera (CSC), according to the head of consumer imaging in Europe, as the company does not have a problem selling its existing compact and DSLR products. In an interview with Amateur Photographer, Rainer Fuehres said that compact system cameras have been introduced by manufacturers that find it difficult to compete in the digital SLR market. Not ruling out the possibility that Canon will enter this area, Rainer stressed that if it did the reason would not be because Canon felt it had to.

Read more at Amateur Photographer

CR Editorial
I pretty much disagree with everything Mr. Fuehres said in regards to Canon’s place in the mirrorless world.

Point one, there’s no way Canon as a company thinks, “hey the stuff we sell now is all we need to sell, selling more stuff isn’t worthwhile”. Canon makes money very well and selling stuff in new expanding markets is a no brainer.

Could Canon do it differently than Sony, m4/3 and Samsung? I think they could. There have been rumors Nikon will introduce a mirrorless camera geared to the pro market. If you go after the pro market, you don’t have to worry as much about volume and you’re not competing directly with the consumer level products other manufacturers are producing. If your pro mirrorless camera does well, you can slowly work your way down to the consumer market instead of the other way around.

From my personal experience and what I’ve seen, 80% of the people I know with mirrorless cameras do not own SLRs. That’s a lot of customers Canon does not have. If you fear you’re going to have your DSLR sales cannibalized by mirrorless cameras, just make sure it’s you cannibalizing them.

I will note, most every M9 owner I know has a DSLR system as well. Canon doesn’t need a $7000 mirrorless camera, but something in the $3000 range will give them a solid margin and they don’t have to put crazy amounts of manufacturing resources behind it.

Now his statement about others entering the field because they can’t compete in the DSLR market is somewhat true. Although there’s one company hasn’t had a problem competing in the DSLR field and is doing very well in the mirrorless market, and that’s Sony. They have the resources to match Canon every step of the way.

Canon will introduce a mirrorless camera, and no one in the company will tip their hat to what may be coming.

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First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?

The First Canon Mirrorless Related Patent?
This appears to be a lens adaptor. EF to something else?

Egami compares it to the Sony NEX to alpha mount adaptor.

Publication number: Patent 2011-53437 (P2011-53437A)
Release date: March 17, 2011 (2011.3.17)
Title of invention: Lens adapter apparatus and system

Google Translated Link (egami)

CR’s Take
I don’t read japanese, so I’m relying on the job the translator does to the site. It looks like a lens mount adaptor. If/when Canon enters the mirrorless market, I am pretty confident they will have an EF adaptor for such a system.

This is the first patent I’ve seen that has even a remote chance of being about a mirrorless camera from Canon.


Apple, EVIL & a Profile

Apple, EVIL & a Profile

Collaboration with Apple?
I’ve received a few pieces of information about an upcoming collaboration between Apple and Canon. What that collaboration is hasn’t been spelled out to me. It could be with the upcoming Final Cut Pro 8, or maybe something more.

Canon Wants a Medium Format Company?
I’m not sure if stuff I’ve written in the past is getting recycled, but I’ve had a rash of comments recently about Canon’s desire to purchase a medium format company. We’ve heard before they’ve had talks with Hasselblad. It could be more of the same.

Canon Mirrorless
I’ve received emails recently saying we’ll see an EVIL announcement in May. I rate that CR negative 5. The best information I have is that Canon is still in the exploratory stages with a mirrorless solution. There’s no rush to get something to market.

Latest Photographer Profile
We’ve added another photographer profile. This time Alex Johnson from Minnesota. Check it out.


Canon Mirrorless [CR1]

Canon Mirrorless [CR1]

Canon Mirrorless next week?
I received an email this AM stating that Canon will announce the Canon QL-D1 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera.

There were no specs or any other information given.

CR’s Take
This is the first mirrorless information I have been given in months. If there’s an announcement coming next week, I can’t see this being all that gets sent my way.

The model name given is nostalgic and creative.

“QL” was used by the Canonet, a film rangefinder that didn’t have interchangeable lenses.
*UPDATE* A reader wrote in and gave me a bit of a history lesson (I love em). “QL” actually stood for Quick Load. As in how film was loaded into the camera. There was also an FT-QL SLR. Thanks!

“D1″ is a model used by Epson with their digital rangefinder the R-D1 and RD1x.

So while a creative little bit of information, I am going to say it’s highly unlikely. It would be so great if it were true.


Canon Mirrorless Far Off?

Beyond 2011?
It’s said Canon has introduced a 3rd camera category to its internal designations; DSLR, compact and mirrorless.

However, there is no current timeline or product to fit into the mirrorless category.

We’ve heard in the past that any mirrorless solution would be in the distant future i.e. 2012.

Source [NL]


Lenses in 2011 [CR2]

Lots to come
2011 will be the year of the lens, Canon is set to do a big refresh of their lens lineup in 2011. Nikon has done it in 2010.

The first lens I’m still told will be the 24-70 redo, and we already know about the 500 & 600.

The lenses being replaced will be popular flagship type lenses to improve resolution power. The next 1Ds and 5D will be big megapixel cameras (sorry, they’re not done with that yet).

Does that mean no EF-S lenses? The only one I could getting a refresh is the 60 macro. I’d like to see the 17-55 get a build quality upgrade (they break a lot as a rental item).

There was also this interview that mentions a big commitment to the EF mount and new products.

Canon’s Mirrorless Entry
“It’s a 2012 product”

That’s all I was told about that.

The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show
I’ll be heading to Toronto/Mississauga next Friday to attend the Henry’s show. There won’t be anything new there, but I can bother the Canon reps. I’m hoping more of the new lenses will be available to touch.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!


Canon EIS Mirrorless System [CR1]

From Our Forum
I’ve been entertaining some inlaws, so I have neglected the site this weekend!

I am posting this because it’s being discussed and seems to be spreading around the web like wildfire.

CR’s Take
This all looks too good to be true. I have no doubt Canon is working on an EVIL system, but this camera system is a lot for 2011.

My other issue is with the lenses, they’re pretty much ALL primes. I have doubts a consumer product would launch with that many prime lenses.

The sensor size isn’t very Canon.

The source at Xitek (Where this originated from), is a known bad rumor felon. :)

This is one downside of what I do. Some sites treat poorly sourced rumors as fact and I’m almost forced to publish it. If I don’t post it, I’ll literally get 100 emails telling me about the information.

Please use this blog/forum post as an outlet to discuss what you’d like in a mirrorless system from Canon. Please don’t take this CR1 rumor as fact.


  • Electro Image System (EIS)
  • Sensor : CMOS 18mmx12mm (2X) 22MP back-illuminated CMOS (5760×3840)
  • Continuous shooting : 22MP – 6fps / 5.5MP – 20fps
  • Movie clips :1920×1080 30p/24p/25p
  • ISO : 100-6400
  • Expansion options : 25 – 25600
  • KIT – 12-75 f2.8-4.0 IS Macro (1:2) & 75-300 f3.5-5.6 IS


  • 5mm f4.0 fisheye
  • 8-25mm f4.0
  • 14mm f2.0
  • 25mm f1.2
  • 45mm f1.5
  • 60mm f2.0 Macro

Google Translation for Canon EIS
EIS is in English “Electro Image System” in the acronym, as distinct from the “Electro Optical System” (EOS), is focused on the integration of photography video series cameras.

First EIS 60 cameras will be developed using the latest Canon 22 million pixels of small size back-illuminated CMOS, sensor size is the whole site is just 1 / 4 of that 18mmX12mm, the relative coefficient of 135 1:2 lens, the image resolution of striking 5760 * 3840, starting the auxiliary lens 12-75/2.8-4 IS macro (through the button to switch to 1:2 magnification, the equivalent of full-size 1:1) and the 75-300/3.5-5.6 IS. Are retractable lens.

Pixel-wide continuous shooting speed of machine 6fps, 5.5 megapixel continuous shooting speed of up to 20fps, the new design of CMOS support for pixel sampling merger, 5.5 million pixel sampling can get excellent high sensitivity degree of effect, iso 6400 into practical use.

Video sample support 1920 * 1080/30P/24P/25P, video sampling with three times the pixel fusion, nine points for each integration point as a sample, as were the direct hardware support, so fast, the camera video effects than ever before.

Pixel-wide sampling of native ISO 100, pixel and video modes combined native ISO of 400. 2 * 2 pixels to support the merger and the merger of 3 * 3.

ISO support 100-6400, extension mode support 25.50 and 12800,25600

Canon will launch a series of EIS camera lens, known to include R & D program, including the lens 5mm / 4 fisheye ,8-25mm / 4 wide-angle zoom lens, 14mm / 2 biscuit head, 25mm/1.2 biscuit head, 45mm / 1.5 standard biscuit head, 65mm/2.0 Macro (1:1, 2:1 is equivalent to full-size)

Canon will launch an EF-EIS adaptor to support autofocus on EF lenses.

EIS series of cameras designed for dual SD memory card, double the shutter button, each for storing video and photos, supports video capture video capture process at any time without video capture still photos, video and photos of different buttons.

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