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EF Video Camera Specs [CR1]

Canon’s RED?
Received this spec list in regards to a video camera with an EF mount.

- Unconventional case, more like a Hasselblad.
- Alloy heatsink for extended shoot times and lower heat related picture noise.
- FF 4k sensor, no line skipping and much reduced jello effect
- ISO 100-1600
- Pellicle Mirror however it can be flipped up if a OVF isn’t required to regain the lost 2/3 stop.
- EF fitment
- AF when pellicle mirror is down
- Digital Follow focus to control lenses electronically
- Twin CF slots
- Add on module with SSD drive for extended shooting, like a virtual film mag.
- 4:4:4 SDI out
- HDMI out
- 3D LUT capacity

This is currently a “skunk works project that was initiated with the 5D video explosion. Designed to be a base body, leveraging the existing EF glass. 3rd parties left to develop rails, matte boxes etc.”


History Lesson – 1959 Canonflex

Something different
Weekends can be pretty slow for news and rumors, but I still want to add content. So I’m going to try a few history lessons for the folks out there. I’m in the process of collecting various Canon cameras. I’ll give a brief history lesson every so often about each of them.

Canon’s first SLR Camera Body
I finally acquired one of these historical Canon camera bodies yesterday.

Released: March 1959
August 1959
17,000 Units (Compared to the Nikon F which shipped 862,000.)
Bottom winder. You could wind pretty fast, but don’t try to use a tripod!
Feature: Removable Pentaprism

CR Guys Canonflex

CR Guy's Canonflex

You can read more about the Canonflex here: