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Patent: Canon 2mm f/1.4 Lens for Small Sensors

A patent for a 2mm f/1.4 lens from Canon has appeared. This type of lens would be for a small sensor device such as a compact video camera or action camera.


Patent Publication No. 2014-197128 (Google Translated)

  • Published  Date 2014.10.16
  • Filing date 2013.3.29


  • Focal length f = 2.03mm
  • Fno. 1.44mm
  • Half angle ω = 59.18 °
  • Image height 3.00mm
  • The overall length of the lens 32.17mm
  • BF 0.51mm
  • Canon patents
  • Focus position of the periphery of the screen is shifted If you install the dome cover
  • And suppress the deviation of the focus by changing the air space of the lens in accordance with the presence or absence of the dome cover

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Patent: Variable Diffusion Focusing Screen

A patent for a variable diffusion focusing screen from Canon is out there. The patent shows a focusing screen capable of showing sharp areas as well as giving the shooter a better idea of depth of field. Current DSLRs are quite difficult to manually focus accurately using fast primes with the default focusing screens. There are focusing screens out there you can swap out, but having it all in one screen would be ideal.


Patent Publication No. 2014-191184

  • Published Date 2014.10.6
  • Filing date 2013.3.27

Canon patents

  • Spreading factor variable finder screen
  • First diffusion rate
  • Brightness priority
  • Setting of low diffusivity and high transmittance
  • Second diffusion rate
  • Blur priority
  • Setting of high diffusivity and low transmittance
  • The partially changed spreading factor according to the focusing range

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Patent: Improved Cooling for DSLRs

Canon has filed a patent that uses more of the camera as a heatsink to cool the electronics and most likely the sensor. I think this would be especially useful for video applications. 4K perhaps?

Patent Publication No. 2014-171141 (Google Translated)

  • Published Date 2014.9.18
  • Filing date 2013.3.5


Canon patents

  • An electric path for heat imaging devices , electric heating member group, member boric mount ring portion (heat sink) heat to low thermal conductivity of the resin, and the order of the mount ring

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Patent: Dual Motor For Autofocus on STM Lenses

This is what we’re told this patent actually is.

“This is not a focus drive patent, it’s a SPRINGLESS LEAF SHUTER mechanism. EF Leaf shutter lens that will allow a true 1/1000s are on the drawing board, they just can’t make the Cmos do a clear scan and dump faster than 1/250s no matter what they have tried , and HSS make you loose way too much power.”

Original Post
A patent showing a dual motor autofocus for STM lenses has appeared. There is one motor for the STM and a secondary DCM motor. It looks like one motor assists starting the second motor for a faster and smoother operation. The patent information below is Google Translated. If anyone can clarify the patent, please do so in the forum thread associated with this post.


  • Patent Publication No. 2014-164106
    • Published Date 2014.9.8
    • Filing date 2013.2.25
  • Example 1
    • Moving the aperture one two motors
    • Main motor STM
    • Auxiliary motor DCM
    • And then rotate the first auxiliary motor, to assist the acceleration of the main motor

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Patent: Dual Pixel Phase Detect AF While in AI Servo

A new patent that integrates normal AF with phase detect AF has become public. This sort of technology could very much improve AF tracking in burst mode. Perhaps we’ll see this technology on the upcoming EOS 7D replacement?

If anyone can further clarify this patent, please do.

Phase Detect AF w/Normal AF

Phase Detect AF w/Normal AF

Patent Publication No. 2014-142372

  • Published Date 2014.8.7
  • Filing date 2012.1.22

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