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Patent: Canon 15-75mm f/2-5.6 for APS-C PowerShot?

By Canon Rumors | July 18, 2016

A patent showing an optical formula for a Canon 15-75mm f/2-5.6 for what appears to be an APS-C fixes lens application has appeared. Could Canon be readying a new APS-C PowerShot camera? More after the break.

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Patent: Improved Detection of AF Errors

By Canon Rumors | July 11, 2016

A patent showing an improved AF accuracy concept has appeared, and Northlight has shed some light on what it’s all about. It’s a way of improving detection of AF errors without changing the lens focus, as in the ‘hunting’ that Contrast AF does. Uses polarising filters on a plate in front of the pixels. More Read more…

Patent: EF-M 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6

By Canon Rumors | July 6, 2016

A patent showing an optical formula for a new EF-M 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens has appeared, therefore this is for an APS-C sensor. Patent Publication No. 2016-118658 (Google Translated) Published 2016.6.30 Filing date 2014.12.22 Zoom ratio 2.88 Focal length 16.51 21.00 47.49 F-number 3.49 3.77 5.80 Half angle of view (degrees) 39.61 33.04 16.05 Image height Read more…

Patent: Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 DO

By Canon Rumors | June 20, 2016

A patent showing another optical formula for a diffractive optics lens has appeared, this time in the form of a 70-200mm f/2.8 DO. Most of the patent seems to talk about this lens for video applications. Patent Publication No. 2016-80877 Published 2016.5.16 Filing date 2014.10.17 Zoom ratio 2.69 Focal length 72.15 134.00 193.98 F-number 2.91 Read more…

Patent: Canon EF 11mm f/4 Optical Formula

By Canon Rumors | June 17, 2016

A patent showing an optical formula for an EF 11mm f/4 has appeared, and we think it was likely part of the EF 11-24 f/4L development. Patent Publication No. 2016-81005 (Google Translated) Published 2016.5.16 Filing date 2014.10.22 Focal length 11.33 11.47 F-number 4.11 4.12 Half angle of 62.36 62.08 Image height 21.64 21.64 Overall length Read more…

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