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Patent: Variable Shape Microlenses

By Canon Rumors | March 24, 2017

A couple of related patents from Canon have been uncovered by Northlight Images and show the idea of variable shape microlenses. From Northlight The first patent shows the lighting angles vary, The second patent looks at how the various curves of the lenses could vary over the sensor area. Read more…

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Patent: Canon Working to Improve Dual Pixel AF

By Canon Rumors | February 8, 2017

A patent showing Canon continueing to improve Dual Pixel AF technology has appeared at the USPTO. A quick summary from Northlight: Offset microlenses and unequal pixel sizes improve off axis dual pixel sensor phase AF in a new Canon US patent. You can read the complete patent here.

Patent: Canon Patents New Type of Focusing Screen

By Canon Rumors | February 1, 2017

Canon appears to be developing a new type of brighter focusing screen according to a recent patent. Keith over at Northlight appears to have done the legwork in breaking down the patent. A Canon patent looks at making less regularly spaced micro lenses for, amongst other things, a brighter view Improved brightness in a viewfinder Read more…

Patent: More Curved Sensor Information

By Canon Rumors | December 30, 2016

Canon continues to roll out the curved sensor patents. This one gives more information on how to control the adjustable curvature in previous patents. Patent publication number 2016-213571 (Google Translated) Release date 2016.12.15 Application date 2015.4.30 Curved state based on the measurement result of the bending state to control the Measurement method is pressure sensor, Read more…

Patent: Canon PowerShot 12-60mm f/2-4 for 1.5″ Sensors

By Canon Rumors | December 28, 2016

An optical formula for a 12-60mm f/2-4 for 1.5″ sensors has appeared. Egami is suggesting this development could be for the PowerShot G1 X Mark II successor, as that lens is 12.5-65mm f/2-3.9. Patent publication number 2016-212248 (Google Translated) Release date 2016.12.15 Application date 2015.5.8 Zoom ratio 4.72 Focal length 12.84 20.16 60.62 F number 2.06 Read more…

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