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Patent: New Canon 0.82x Optical Viewfinder

By Canon Rumors | November 16, 2016

Canon has patented an 0.82x optical viewfinder for a DSLR. Canon uses a few different viewfinder magnifications for their DSLRs. For example, the EOS-1D X Mark II uses a 0.76x viewfinder, the EOS 5D Mark IV a 0.71x viewfinder and the EOS Rebel T6s a 0.82x viewfinder. Patent Publication No. 2016-191760 (Google Translated) Published 2016.11.10 Filing date Read more…

Patent: Canon Mount Replacement Camera System

By Canon Rumors | November 14, 2016

Canon patents a mount replacement camera system, which is likely related to the soon-to-be-released Cinema EOS C700 and an already available service for the Cinema EOS C300 Mark II. I’m not sure if there’s any reason for this on a DSLR. Patent Publication No. 2016-192701 (Google Translated) Published 2016.11.10 Filing date 2015.3.31 Mount exchange possible Change the Read more…

Patent: Canon Auto Switching Hybrid OVF and EVF

By Canon Rumors | November 8, 2016

A patent showing a hybrid optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder from Canon has appeared. I’m going off the Google translation of the patent, but if anyone can translate the Japanese a bit better, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Patent Publication No. 2016-173443 (Google translated) Published 2016.9.29 Filing date 2015.3.17 Provided with the OVF and EVF Read more…

A Focus Peaking Patent from Canon

By Canon Rumors | November 4, 2016

Canon has published a patent for focus peaking, a feature some feel has been omitted from Canon DSLRs in live view mode. You can get focus peaking in a Canon DSLRs if you use magic lantern. Patent Publication No. 2016-158106 (Google Translated) Published 2016.9.1 Filing date 2015.2.24 To get the distance information of the object Read more…

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