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Patent: Canon EF-M 16-80mm f/2-6 for APS-C

By Canon Rumors | April 15, 2016

A patent for a new EF-M lens has appeared. We’ve been told that there will be 3-5 new lenses coming for the EF-M mount in 2016 and at least one will be a new kit lens. This patent is for an APS-C sized sensor and the optical formula is for an EF-M 16-80mm f/2-6. This Read more…

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Patent: Sigma 200mm f/2 DG OS USM & 1.4 Teleconverter

By Canon Rumors | April 11, 2016

It looks like Sigma is developing a competitor to one of my favourite Canon lenses, the EF 200mm f/2L IS. This is one of those lenses that once you try one, you never want to put it down. It’s a very versatile focal length and is especially magical for portrait work. Patent Publication No. 2016-45314 Read more…

Patent: Improved Image Stabilization

By Canon Rumors | April 8, 2016

A patent showing how Canon could improve image stabilization in the future has appeared. It looks like Canon is trying to add a second image stabilization group to lens construction to improve its performance. Patent Publication No. 2015-203862 (Google Translated) Published 2015.11.16 Filing date 2014.4.16 Equipped with two vibration proof group Shake detection, determine the Read more…

Patent: Hybrid Viewfinder

By Canon Rumors | March 23, 2016

Canon has filed a patent for what appears to be a hybrid viewfinder. Patent Publication No. 2016-35525 (Google Translated) Published 2016.3.17 Filing date 2014.8.4 During the pentagonal prism and the eyepiece optical system, providing two optical surface inclined Since the light from the objective optical system is transmitted through the two optical surfaces, the photographer Read more…

Patent: Moving the Sensor to Improve Contrast AF

By Canon Rumors | February 26, 2016

Canon has filed a patent that shows the sensor moving to improve contrast AF, as you can see in the image above from Northlight Images, the sensor moves back and forth. From Northlight Note the flexing element (blue) below the sensor (red), which bends to move the sensor part back and forth

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