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Patent: Improving Computational Photography With DPRAW

By Canon Rumors | February 11, 2018

We posted yesterday about a utility that looks to improve the dynamic range in the EOS 5D Mark IV, but using the two DPRAW exposures to blend a single exposure. One of the issues that arises when doing this is getting parallax errors. Canon News has uncovered a very detailed patent that shows Canon is Read more…

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Patent: Image Sensor Stabilization

By Canon Rumors | February 11, 2018

Our previous post about what appeared to be image sensor stabilization in drawing from a lens stabilization patent proved to be false after further translation by Canon News. However, an image sensor stabilization patent was uncovered. From Canon News: This patent shows clearly that canon is finally looking at stablizing the sensor. Part 402 in Read more…

Patent: Lens Image Stabilization Patent Shows Sensor Based Stabilization

By Canon Rumors | February 11, 2018

Update: After further translation, the drawing likely shows the in camera level and orientation switch. However, a new patent uncovered does show sensor based image stabilization. One thing this patent shows that’s interesting is what looks to be a 50mm HIS macro lens design. Original Post: A USPTO patent for lens based image stabilization seems Read more…

Patent: Canon Patent Showing Wireless Charging of Cameras

By Canon Rumors | February 7, 2018

A patent is making its way around the web today that shows Canon cameras being charged wirelessly, the patent application itself is from 2015 and was awarded in July of 2017. Canon already showcased wireless charging back in 2015 at the Canon EXPO. They had a modified EOS Rebel T6s and EOS M3 showing proof Read more…

Patent: Stacked, Curved and Other Sensor Patents

By Canon Rumors | February 5, 2018

Canon continues to roll out the image sensor technology patents, as we get to see some new stacked and curved sensor patents. Canon News interprets all of these patents below. Japan Patent Application¬†2018-019270: We have found another patent application dealing with some of the problems and issues with curved sensors from Canon.¬† Unlike some other Read more…

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