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Patent: Optional Image Stabilization Unit

By Canon Rumors | February 16, 2015

A patent showing an optional image stabilization unit that can be put into a lens without changing its focal length has been filed. Patent Publication No. 2015-28555 (Google Translated) Published 2015.2.12 Filing date 2013.7.30 Example 1a (master lens only) Focal length 392.50 F-number 2.92 Half angle of 3.16 Image height 21.64 Overall length of the […]

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Phase Difference AF Patents for Mirrorless

By Canon Rumors | February 11, 2015

A bunch of new patents for phase-difference AF have appeared. They look to be related to mirrorless and EVF applications. Patent Publication No. 2015-22264 (Google Translated) Published 2015.2.2 Filing date 2013.7.23 Canon patent Phase difference detection method to be received by the AF sensor can be reflected incident light from the imaging lens The phase difference […]

Patent: CN-E 35-260mm f/2.8 Soft Focus Lens

By Canon Rumors | January 10, 2015

Canon has published a patent for a new zoom cinema lens with a soft focus mechanism. The lens is for the Super 35 image sensor size. Patent Publication No. 2014-235203 (Google Translated) Published 2014.12.15 Filing date 2013.5.31 Example 3 Zoom ratio 7.50 The focal length f = 34.00-68.00-102.00-136.00-254.99mm Fno. 2.70 Half angle ω = 24.58-12.88-8.67-6.52-3.49 […]

Patent: Plastic/Resin Mount for DSLRs

By Canon Rumors | January 2, 2015

A patent showing a metal & plastic resin mount for DSLRs is available to view. The plastic part of the mount seems to be for a much smoother mounting and dismounting of lenses. There could also be some weight and cost savings for lower priced cameras like the EOS Rebel line. Patent Publication No. 2014-240858 (Google […]

Patent: EF-M 70-400 f/4.5-7.2 STM

By Canon Rumors | December 9, 2014

A patent for a new supertelephoto zoom optical formula for the EOS M system has surfaced in the form of an EF-M 70-400 f/4.5-7.2 STM. Patent Publication No. 2014-228734 (Google Translated) Published 2014.12.8 Filing date 2013.5.23 Example 3 Zoom ratio 5.58 The focal length f = 69.59-251.52-388.00mm Fno. 4.68-6.30-7.00 Half angle ω = 11.11-3.11-2.02 ° […]

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