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Patent: Canon EF 135 f/2L w/Apodization Filters

By Canon Rumors | December 26, 2016

Canon has filed a patent for an EF 135mm f/2L optical formula with apodization filters. From Wikipedia (Via TDP): Apodization is an optical filtering technique, and its literal translation is “removing the foot”. It is the technical term for changing the shape of a mathematical function, an electrical signal, an optical transmission or a mechanical structure. In Read more…

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Patent: Canon 3.6-255mm F2.8-7 w/ Built-in Extender for PowerShot

By Canon Rumors | December 25, 2016

An interesting lens patent for a PowerShot camera has appeared, in the form of a Canon 3.6-255mm F2.8-7 lens with a built-in extender that can make the lens 2000mm f/10 when converted to 35mm. Patent publication number 2016-212210 (Google translated) Release date 2016.12.15 Application date 2015.5.7 Zoom ratio 66.07 Focal length 3.71 10.16 245.00 F number Read more…

Patent: Canon RGBW 12 Image Sensor

By Canon Rumors | December 16, 2016

A patent over at Egami showing Canon is working on an RGBW image sensor has appeared. Patent publication number 2016-208093 (Google Translated) Release date 2016.12.8 Application date 2015.4.15 RGBW 12 array Generate resolution data and color data, synthesize resolution data and color data, up-convert, process with mosaic (Bayer conversion), demosaic in order The new patent Read more…

Patent: Canon Reversible Mount Lens

By Canon Rumors | December 13, 2016

A patent showing a lens design from that shows the ability to reverse mount for greater macro magnification has appeared. Patent publication number 2016-206568 (Google Translated) Release date 2016.12.8 Application date 2015.4.28 Reversibly attachable lenses Reverse attachment detection switch Switch control according to installation position There have been a few adaptors over the years that Read more…

Patent: Electronic Curved Sensor

By Canon Rumors | December 9, 2016

Another patent showing a curved sensor design from Canon has appeared. A previous patent showed how a curved sensor could help reduce vignetting. This patent shows how to electronically bend the sensor. We’ve now seen a few patents for curved sensor technology, so we expect we’re going to see some sort of implementation in the future. Read more…

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