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Internet Explorer Glitch

The missing menu at the top is on purpose.
Grr, everything is ok now. Apparently IE can’t handle anything a bit wacky!

I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden IE doesn’t show the menus on the right hand side. Every other browser seems to work fine.

Something is busted on the site

I’ll try to figure it out asap.


New Contributor

Meet ds
A new writer has appeared on Canon Rumors today and hopefully for a long while into the future. Give him a warm welcome.

Overwhelming response again to my request for another contributor to the site. I thank everyone that applied. I’m sorry I can’t pick or write back to everyone.

I have contacted the person at the top of the list, so we’ll see if they’re good to go. If not, I’ll pick person #2.


Red Digital Cinema Epic & Scarlett

Big Red Announced
Yes, this this is kind of neat.

Anyone else get the feeling that this thing was designed and marketed to get bought by someone like Canon, Sony or Panasonic? I’m thinking aloud, but I almost feel this thing wasn’t built to ever reach market under “Red”.

I could be wrong. :)


Canon Canada & The 5D Mark II [CR5]

Here it is
This is what is going to be happening with pre-orders and the first shipment of 5D Mark II’s.

Retailers have to prove there has been money exchanged from a customer for a pre-order.

1) Canon must receive a fax from the retailer proving money has been taken for the 5D Mark II. Sales receipts or whatever.

2) Once this has been done by retailers, then Canon will set the allocation as to which stores get what. No proof of preorder…. No camera shipment.

3) Canon must receive this information by Friday, November 14, 2008 or no cameras for you.

4) This basically assures no one is getting the $2799 pricing.

I’m unsure if this is Canada only, if anyone else from other areas of the planet have any info… please let me know.

Canon Canada updates web site
Canon Rumors and its loyal readers can take credit for making Canon Canada admit they have 1Ds Mark III’s. It’s now on the Canon Canada web site.

We’re taking credit until Canon says otherwise.

1Ds Mark III


Applications – One More Time

I’m going to try this again
I’m looking for 1 (fairly dedicated) or 2 folks to help out with posts on the site.

What I need:

1) Someone to post any relevant news about Canon products or photography products to the site.
2) I’d like a person that could post some stuff at least every other day.
3) When I’m in Europe for two months over the winter, someone to really pickup the slack.
4) You don’t need to be a great writer, I’m not. The ability to spell would be nice.
5) How to apply? mail me using the form on the right.
6) Compensation? The site doesn’t make a pile of money. You will get something, it’ll be based on revenue, posts and growth. It won’t buy you a house, but it could buy you a lens… well some lenses. Enjoy your new 18-55 IS!

    I will be taking applications for 48 hours starting now and will have someone (or two) picked by Saturday.


    Canon Rumors Dot Com & More!

    Holy new stuff!
    I’ve expanded the site to add a few new features. They’re going to slowly roll out as we here get used to it.

    1) FIRST AND FOREMOST… This is and always will be a site geared 100% to Canon photography. Do not think for a moment I’ll forget that.

    2) Page 2′s purpose is to report the cool stuff going on in the photography business, as well as minor stuff with Canon. This idea is stolen from plenty of other sites

    3) Video… gah? It’s true, apparently Canon is also market leader in the field of video and camcorders. They have everything for the consumer right up to the professional. I have someone on board eager to share his knowledge with you and build readership here.

    With DSLR’s getting video, I think we’ll be seeing some overlapping technology.

    4) Reviews! This is going to remain inactive for now. I have a new respect for camera reviewers, it takes a lot of work to do it right. I want to do it right… please be patient for us.

    5) The new content may roll out slowly. I have to get some new sources of information and whatnot.

    6) I hope you enjoy it, I think we will.


    Comment Moderation

    Had to start =(
    Sorry to some folks that have innocently been caught in comment moderation. There aren’t many, but a few of you have. I’ve started flagging certain things to stop a certain person from taking conversations to uncool places.

    I will approve good comments as fast as possible. So far about 5% of comments have been triggered for moderation.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    5D Mark II Price Increase in Canada?

    From a reader

    The reader was told there was a Canadian price increase coming on the

    This would mean all Canadian preorders would end up costing more.

    I’ll try to find more info.


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    Site Outage
    It was my fault, I was cleaning the web server up and deleted the most important folder on it… i.e. this site. I then proceeded to go to bed.

    Some days you shouldn’t touch a computer.


    Canon 1Di or something like it

    I received another email that Canon does have something like the APS-C
    22fps camera in development. However, it may not be a camera that ever
    reaches market.

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