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Review: Sony A7R With Canon Glass

By Canon Rumors | January 28, 2014

Fred Miranda has completed his review of the Sony A7R camera body using Canon EF lenses. I am currently shooting with the Sony A7R and I have been extremely impressed by this little gem. The 2 native Sony/Zeiss lenses I have for the camera, the 35 f/2.8 and the 55 f/1.8 have both been terrific. Read more…

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Off Brand: Nikon Announces the Df

By Canon Rumors | November 5, 2013

Yes, this is a Canon site I realize this is a Canon site. However, every so often a camera announcement from another brand is important. This is one of those announcements. Nikon has introduced a small full frame photographers camera. Everything about it is for the photographer, there isn’t even a video feature. I get Read more…

Off Brand: Sony Announces the A7 & A7R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras

By Canon Rumors | October 16, 2013

Sony A7 & A7R Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras I realize these aren’t made by Canon, but I believe this is a significant enough development in photography equipment to be worthy of a mention here. For the last few years, I have heard continuously from readers how much they desired a full frame mirrorless camera kit Read more…

The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

By Canon Rumors | April 9, 2013

An EF mount 4K cinema camera For the second year in a row, the biggest buzz from the show has come from Blackmagic Design (you’re a close second Freefly). Last year they launched a 2.5K cinema camera that has been plagued with availability issues. People that have got their hands on one seem to genuinely like the Read more…

Canon EOS 5D Mark III vs Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera

By Canon Rumors | September 22, 2012

From OneRiver Media The folks at OneRiver Media decided to compare the EF model of the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. They put both cameras through a battery of tests to compare sharpness, dynamic range, lowlight performance as well as a few others. OneRiver recommends that you download the Read more…

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