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Industry News: DJI Mavic Pro II Coming July 18

By Canon Rumors | June 20, 2018

The highly anticipated (at least by me) DJI Mavic Pro II will be announced in New York City on July 18, 2018. DJI Mavic Pro II Rumored Specifications: Launch date is now rumored to be July 18th, 2018 at a DJI event in New York titled “See The Bigger Picture” Mass production began in early Read more…

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DJI Phantom 5 Drone To Have Interchangeable Lenses?

By Canon Rumors | March 21, 2018

It looks like the upcoming DJI Phantom 5 will have interchangeable lenses. This could be a game changer for consumer drones. The lens in the image above is a 50mm, it would be likely DJI would announce a few prime lenses with the Phantom 5. We expect to see both the DJI Mavic Pro II Read more…

More About the Soon-To-Be-Announced DJI Mavic Pro II

By Canon Rumors | February 12, 2018

The DJI Mavic Pro II, which is scheduled to be announced next month, with shipping likely starting soon after is coming into focus. Details about the Mavic Pro II according to a report at Photo Rumors: Same design as Mavic Pro Larger than Mavic Pro Upgraded hardware and software New 1 inch image sensor, 28mm Read more…

Review: Google Pixel 2 for Photography by DPReview

By Canon Rumors | February 12, 2018

DPReview has completed their review of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone from a photographers perspective. Just like I have found, DPReview has come away impressed with the quality of the Pixel 2 camera in most situations, and it seems it will only continue to get better as software improves its performance. From DPReview: The Google Read more…

DJI Mavic Pro II To Get 1″ Sensor?

By Canon Rumors | February 4, 2018

The rumors are picking up steam for DJI’s Mavic Pro II, and from what we see, the biggest upgrade will be a 1″ image sensor, which would go a long way in making the drone a better stills tool. Rumored Specifications: 1″ CMOS sensor with 28mm lens 4820 mAh battery with 35 minute flight time Read more…

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