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First 50D Shots

By Canon Rumors | October 3, 2008

Made it out before the rain
I made it out with the 50D to take some high ISO shots in the evening. I didn’t do a lot of technical stuff as I didn’t really have the time.

These are all hand held shots without much thought. I think the camera performed pretty well at 1600 & 3200.

I’m taking it to a wedding on Saturday and will use some fast primes. I’ll then be doing some ice hockey and landscape stuff for the review. Expect that to be done in the next couple of weeks.

There are some things I like about the camera and few things I don’t, but I’ll get into that later.

Happy Shooting.

To clarify, there was no in camera noise reduction done. There was nothing done to the files in DPP 3.5. These are as shot. AWB seemed to miss a couple times. That’s a Canon feature though. :)

Full Resolution Shots At:

ISO 1600 – Couldn’t Track a BIF

ISO 12,800. Some noise :)

ISO 3200 @ f/1.4. Slight Crop

ISO 3200

ISO 3200 and Cropped

ISO 1600 and Popup Flash Used

ISO 100 and 22 Second Exposure

Full Resolution Shots At:

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