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Title: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: xps on January 08, 2013, 08:29:52 AM
What is Canon announcing for the SLR market? Any SLR-cams? Any lenses?
Did I miss something?
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: Efka76 on January 09, 2013, 05:46:41 AM
Frankly speaking I was disappointed by Canon's announcements in CES. They did not introduce any new lens and DSLR cameras. At least I was expecting to see Canon EOS 7D Mark II....
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: scuba_steve on January 09, 2013, 03:10:10 PM
I was also hoping for DSLR news, but honestly didn't think that it would happen.  It's you get a lot of point and shoot.  Most 7D Mk II rumors also seem to point toward February...which lines up with CP+ at the end of the month: (

Of course, who knows how excited we will be when we get actual specs and a price?  :)  I was pumped for the 6D since I take many indoor shots...but those indoor shots are of sports...and what I have learned about the 6D since its release indicates to me that I would probably be better off waiting for a 7D Mk II.  If the price is 2K or more, I might just bite the bullet and get a 5D Mk III.  Ditto if its low light performance doesn't get a significant boost.

Time will tell.
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: Pitbullo on January 09, 2013, 04:31:29 PM
It would be nice to see a 7D markII at CP+! But, is 7D considered a professional camera? The event list for CP+ says that Canon has their stand in the General area, not in the "Professional equipment zone". (

It is a long shot, but hey, this is a rumor site  :D
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: expatinasia on January 09, 2013, 06:36:47 PM
Sometimes with these shows, trade and consumer, it is better for a company to wait and do a massive PR campaign - with global press events etc - separately for big launches like a 7D Mark II.

Reason being is that media at these shows are bombarded with releases and news from everyone and their dog at the shows, as well as all those aren't there but still hope to gain exposure during the days it takes place.

I am hoping Canon does announce something soonish about the 7D Mark II as I am really looking forward to learning the specs. As I am sure many of us are.
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: Don Haines on January 09, 2013, 08:59:21 PM
Perhaps it's a maximize the ink thing..... They just released the powershot N and dpreview lists 45 cameras released in the last two days... Interestingly enough, the Powershot N is the only one that isn't just more of the same... give it it's day in the sun....

If they were to anounce new DSLR's today or if they announced them in a few weeks, it wouldn't make any difference to the time that they were ready to ship them... if they anounce in a few weeks when the CES noise has died down, then they get fresh ink and are not lost in the noise of the herd that just got released.
Title: Re: CES 2013: Canon releases?
Post by: xps on January 11, 2013, 05:06:56 AM
In another forum, I read that there will be an replacemant of the 7D. But the price tag will be much higher as expected.
The writer got his information from an japanese blog.
The japanese Canonians seem to be outraged about the enourmous price of the 200-400mm. Some knew the lens, as it was tested in the wild month ago. Afterwards the lens had to be redesigned. They doubt, if the porformance of the lens is worth the price you have to pay for it.