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Title: flash bracket suggestions for this setup
Post by: SwampYankee on April 18, 2013, 07:50:43 AM
old photographer but just putting my toes into macro. I have quickly figured out that I may have to sometimes supplement natural light. I'd like to start with flower pictures. I have a Canon 5DIII, 100mm 288L macro and a first generation 580EX flash with the off camera cord. I'd like to get the flash closer to the front of the lens. I can figure out some method of diffusing the light. The Canon tripod ring looked expnsive for what you get. What flash bracket would you folks recommend that would allow the flash to be mounted a bit closer to the front of the lens?
Title: Re: flash bracket suggestions for this setup
Post by: neuroanatomist on April 18, 2013, 08:47:30 AM
Two suggestions, I've used both:

1) Manfrotto 233B Flash Bracket with a Giottos MH1004 mini ball head.  I used this setup for macro with the 100L both with a simple Stofen on the flash positioned basically resting on the lens hood, and with a small softbox (8" square) positioned out over the subject.

2) Wimberley F-2 Macro Flash Bracket.  I have a pair of these that I use with the heads of the MT-24EX, but they're robust enough for a 580/600EX.  They do require an Arca-Swiss type plate oriented perpendicular to the body, meaning either Wimberley's M8 perpendicular plate or a RRS MPR-CL rail attached to an Arca-Swiss type plate on your camera body, or a tripod collar on the lens with a lens plate on that. 

The first setup offers a lot of flexibility in positioning and the cost is pretty reasonable.  The latter setup offers maximum flexibility in flash positioning, but the setup cost is much higher.

Hope that helps...