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Title: 5D Mark II vs T4i
Post by: issueno1 on March 22, 2012, 12:01:29 AM
What is everyone's thoughts on how the future T4i will hold up against the 5D Mark II?  Been wanting to upgrade, especially with the 5D Mark III pushing down Mark II prices, but am curious to how the T4i might stack up against the Mark II in terms of image quality and ISO performance. 
Title: Re: 5D Mark II vs T4i
Post by: idimoe on March 22, 2012, 01:33:12 AM
Dude seriously?

I know the 5DMK2 is "old" but its in a whole different league. Nobody knows what the t4i might bring, but I'd be willing to bet the 5DMk2 would still be the better overall performer.
Title: Re: 5D Mark II vs T4i
Post by: wickidwombat on March 22, 2012, 01:35:38 AM
i think the 5D2 is still going to be significantly better than any T4i unless you absolutely need a flippy out screen and a pop up flash
Title: Re: 5D Mark II vs T4i
Post by: phemark on March 22, 2012, 06:15:20 AM
I am kinda in the same boat....

I want to spend ~1000 pounds for a DSLR+lens
I am waiting for 650D announcement to make my decision

But the more I wait, the more i read about 5dm2, and the more i want it (the problem is that new 5dm2+24-105 is 2300 pounds....)

I am tempted to get used one, for ~1500, but its still expensive, and its used.... (and not many to choose from at the moment)

Hypothetically - IF 650D has new APS-C sensor, how would it compare with older 5dm2 sensor? 5dm2 would obviously be better, but by how much?...

I actually see persuading myselft of borrowing some money and getting 5dm2 (although i am new in DSLR work, but im very interested in it, reading books/magazines/internet). And i figure that this camera would be with me for a loong time, and i would just buy 1 lens a year, or so, and i wouldnt need to change all my gear to full frame if i choose APC now and later decide to go full frame....

If i would get new 650d, its price would drop a lot in a year, so resale value wouldnt be so great....

Another option is getting 550d+ good EFS lens, like 17-55, but again... if i decide to go full frame in couple of years....

aaaaa decisions decisions...!!!... why cant US prices be in UK? :D

P.S. i dont see the need for xxD or 7d for me at the moment, because i dont need super AF or weather sealing (although 5dm2 has it), so for me choice will be (is?) of old/new xxxD vs 5dm2, which is 2x expensive....

any ideas are welcome:)
Title: Re: 5D Mark II vs T4i
Post by: Tijn on March 22, 2012, 06:37:34 AM
any ideas are welcome:)
Save up a bit while waiting for a slight price drop, then get the 5D mk2. I'm guessing you're doing landscape/architecture/portrait stuff because you're not too fussed about autofocus. The 5D mk2 will be much better in noise performance, giving cleaner images.

Compare the expected re-sale loss for the 5D mk2 body versus the expected re-sale loss of the 650D + crop lens. Add the difference in loss up to the appropriate body cost. Then, compare their costs. An advantage to the full-frame camera is that you won't have to re-sell the lenses you get for it. If you get the 5D mk2 at some discount (or used), you probably won't suffer too big a loss there.