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Title: EOS 650d Monochrome - Blue ???
Post by: Dpickup on July 09, 2012, 01:30:38 PM
Hi all,

Just swapped my 400d for the new 650d, and apart from lots of gadgets and things I'm very please with the higher res and I fell more inclined to experiment, but has anyone found a reason to use the blue "monochrome" ?

There are three options, b&w, sepia and blue, am I missing a really obvious use or is this just another gadget?

Title: Re: EOS 650d Monochrome - Blue ???
Post by: mitchell3417 on July 09, 2012, 10:16:33 PM
I don't think anyone wants to answer you because no one has any experience using this setting.

I think it's a gimmick, and pointless for someone who does post processing.
Title: Re: EOS 650d Monochrome - Blue ???
Post by: Mt Spokane Photography on July 09, 2012, 11:13:39 PM
There are some very striking images in blue monochrome out there, but in camera jpeg?  If you are wanting to do something like that, I'd suggest using Raw. 
Its a gimmick to convince buyers that they do not have to know anything to get beautiful prints.  It doesn't work that way, or not as easy as they would have you believe. 
Thats the beauty of Raw, you have te output from the photosites to process and reprocess trying diffeent looks as many as you want.  With in-camera jpeg, its locked into the image. 
Title: Re: EOS 650d Monochrome - Blue ???
Post by: dr croubie on July 09, 2012, 11:21:45 PM
Are you talking about the 'filter' setting, or the 'wash' (i've forgotten what it's called) setting, part of the 'monochrome' Picture Style?
I don't have a 650D, and i shoot RAW on my 7D and post-process in DPP, so this may not be what you're asking:

The RAW file captures all colour information. When you process the RAW file as a 'monochrome' Picture Style, you can choose from Red/Yellow/Orange/Green/Blue 'filter effects'. This pocesses the file to exactly the same as using old-style coloured filters in front of your lens (like a yellow/orange filter will make a blue sky darker in B+W).

Then there's the 'wash' setting, which takes the monochrome photo, and changes the White to whatever you select. So instead of Black+White, you get Black+Red, Black+Yellow, Black+Blue, or Sepia.

The filter setting is very useful for me, I take a photo in RAW, then when I get home I can process it to whatever filter makes it look the best. Using B+W film I have to carry a bag of different-colour filters, try each out in front of the lens to see what it looks like, then try to imagine how that would look in B+W through a viewfinder.
The 'wash' setting is kind of pointless, unless you want to do some of those Andy Warhol ripoffs...
Title: Re: EOS 650d Monochrome - Blue ???
Post by: Dpickup on July 11, 2012, 03:42:55 PM
Thanks all,

Its in the "ambience" setting along with such settings as warm, cool, vivid, intense etc etc. Been playing again, and its a bit rubbish tbh, much better with 5 minutes of post processing (as is the inbuilt sepia and monochrome for that matter) so as they say, if it sounds like a gimmick and looks like a gimmick then it probably is a gimmick!
However, you did give me the idea of playing with different colour washes in raw, as like you say there are some very interestng ones out there, so you've given me an idea for my next "project"