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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: A Small Sigma 180 f/2.8 OS Macro Issue
« on: August 11, 2012, 07:21:06 AM »
typicall for sigma.
you wonder if they have a quality management at all.

how can such an issue not be noticed and fixed when developing a lens?

This is NOT a Sigma problem.

It is a Canon problem.
You are very unfair and I totally disagree.

Canon's business is too sell Canon products, not Sigma or Tamron or any other brands.
When Sigma sells 1 lens, Canon does not receive any yen/dollar for that. Why should they care about them? Sigma should already feel happy that Canon doesn't try to definitely inactivate their reverse tech and making their products unusable --> end of business.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: A Small Sigma 180 f/2.8 OS Macro Issue
« on: August 10, 2012, 08:45:29 PM »
Actually that is nothing new.
I found the same issue last year on my 5DmII coupled to a Sigma 50mm F1.4EX.
The lens report the code of the Canon 50mm F1.2L, and therefore the body corrects the illumination while it is not (that much) necessary.  :P

Lenses / Re: Samyang 24 ts
« on: June 20, 2012, 02:49:25 AM »
As far as I know - the new Samyang 24mm 1.4 for canon is NOT a TS lens.
You are right. But the rumors (coming from Samyang themself) says that there next lens to be announced this year (probably during Photokina) is going to be a TS lens.
As far as I know no focal length as been announced yet, even if some people here are talking about 24mm. That would be great and sounds very logical, but let's wait a few more months until the official announcement and especially until the first reviews.   :)

Why do you compare high iso jpeg from 5DmIII with high iso RAW from 40MP bodies?

Of course you will find less details because of lower number of pixels and NR seriously kicking in... ::)

What if my post about typos and inaccurate spec data had prompted several others to write in with incorrect info they had found on dxo?  What if dozens of others wrote in with similar obervations and examples?
Then I would have prompted several typos and incorrect informations from other highly respected websites such as DPReview or PhotoZone. Because yes, I already found some (especially incorrect infos) on these websites too. Even in American or British websites. About characteristics that can matters to people, not a stupid mispelling. But who cares, they are just few mistakes as everybody on earth can do.

The fact is, that could have happened, but didn't. 

But if it had, it would have proved very meaningful to share and discuss in a forum like this.
Since it did not happened, as you pointed out, do you plan to apologize to DxO people for trying to make them look like fool and stupid?  ::)

The first time I saw the first post of that topic, I was wondering if it was a joke or a new rant to DxO (kind of vendetta  ;D).
Now we understood it was not a joke and I think everybody agree on the total non-sense of such topic. Come on, are we really discussing for an English typo on a French website since 3 pages? A typo about the iso range of the body? Seriously???  :o  ::)

Admins, don't you think it is time now to close it here?

EOS Bodies / Re: Any news on the 1D X?!
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:42:03 AM »
Until today, the official release date for the 1Dx is April 30th in Japan.

But of course, it may change, since (for example) Canon already changed the release date of 5Dm3 from March 29th to March 22nd just 10 days ago!  ;)

Canon General / Re: Is anyone awake in Canon HQ?
« on: November 10, 2011, 06:02:44 PM »
The A-77 and NEX-5n are selling very well...

... and for those wondering why the 5D2 has seen a big drop in price, this might be part of it.

At 24MP, the A77 has the most MP for a "current" camera that's actually affordable.

I mean why would you buy a 5D Mark2 that has only 21MP for over $2000 when the A77 can be had for almost half price. Save the "pixel quality" and "sensor noise" arguments for the summer BBQ parties.
As far as I know photography is about image quality for many people.
In my mind, there is no game between the a77 and 5DmII:
-a77 IQ is crap at 100% compared to 5DmII (yes I care about 100%, I don't print, but enjoy watching my pictures at 100%)
-Sony lens lign up looks like 20 years old, very few good glasses, and most of them don't have fast and silent ultrasonic AF.
-I want a camera that can shoot more than 400 pictures with the same battery and will not fall apart right after warranty period (Sony Style...  ::) )

By the way, I don't know if somebody mentioned this information on the forum, but the Nikon D700 and D300s will be out of the market from Nov. 20th in Japan for "non compliance to Japanese electric regulation" (
Therefore, 5DmII is now the only affordable FF camera available in Japan. So Canon as no pressure yet to release a 5DmIII. :-\

EOS Bodies / Re: All I Want For Christmas is a 5D Mk III...
« on: September 26, 2011, 11:05:18 AM »
This is a much smaller camera than the current 5D series. A bit bigger than the Panasonic GF1, but very smiliar in form factor, but with a bump out for a hand grip. I'm also talking mirrorless. By removing the mirror, the flange distance would be reduced thus enabling a new, smaller set of leneses to be utilized. Of course EF lenses would still work.
That's just where you show that you don't understand anything about what you are talking about.  ;)

I get tired about all these whining people and these non-sense wishlists (no offense, I don't point out you in that sentence  :))

Canon will release when it will decide it will time to do so. And I bet a lot that Nikon will do a move almost at the same time (probably before by the way).
Canon will use the technology that it thinks is the most suitable for its products. Offering the best quality with a affordable price.

Nobody knows what it is. And whatever you do, Canon doesn't care about you/we want. Fact. Period.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 1Ds Mark IV typo on Photoshol?
« on: September 26, 2011, 08:04:43 AM »
"Last Updated February 2, 2011"

I guess you have your answer...  ;)

a 24-105 that is actually SHARP would be a nice addition.

Yep, the 24-105mm is a terribly SOFT lens.  Here's an example with a 100% crop below, to show just how soft...

EOS 5D Mark II, EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM @ 105mm, 1/60 s, f/4, ISO 400
Oh my God!! Ouch... And you still did not throw away this piece of glass crap?!?  ::) ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: A New Entry Level Full Frame Camera? [CR1]
« on: September 25, 2011, 05:54:27 AM »
Why do you want it mirrorless? Have you ever watched in one of these EVF?
I tested the best actual EVF this week (NEXN EVF, the same than alpha77): it still lags far far behind a good FF OVF! 8)
Colors are so so, dynamic is very poor, and when you move the image get blurry (I get 60fps is not enough, or processing is too weak).
Today I tested the hybrid OVF/EVF from the Fuji X100. It is already much more interesting and appealing.  :D

EOS Bodies / Re: New Canon 5D Mark III in the wild
« on: September 25, 2011, 05:47:07 AM »
Cool down people please.

Nowhere it is said in the article that Ron Howard hold a 5DmIII in his hands in this particular picture. It is just an illustration, showing Ron Howard, a Canon DSLR in hands, and a picture of Mark III (from 1D or 1Ds) incrusted on it.
Just illustration.
But still, I disagree with the arguments from this article and we can feel that the guy is a hard video believer which doesn't care about the picture ability of 5Ds. What he wants is a video 5DmIII.

EOS Bodies / Re: Opinion - What EOS Will Look Like by Photokina
« on: September 23, 2011, 08:09:54 PM »
I disagree on almost every point, but hey, that's why it is called a personal opinion.  ;)

1D: I don't see them being merged. They are professional tools, not intended to the same people. And as every tool, they are made for a special job. So stop one of them and you make a lot of pro users very unhappy. Furthermore, if they are really merging, why the price would be closer to the cheaper model? If it become a double side knife, it would probably cost more than a previous single side one. :P

5D3: I expect it for Photokina 2012. No emergency to release it earlier. Still great sells, and no opponents.

3D: a cheaper FF camera is highly possible. We have a huge wolrd crisis, offering a cheaper option is always welcome and a smart move from companies. But if so, it would just be a cheap made 5DII: same sensor, same AF, plastic body. Maybe EVF?

7DII: after 1Ds, that is probably the most urgent body to replace! Others company released (Sony a77) or will release soon (Pentax, Nikon) new cameras with higher specs. I insist very much on the word "new", because it is usually the most important word for people buying a camera (we see here every day people telling they won't buy a 5DII because it is "old" while they is no new competitor, what would happen if there were a recent competitor?  ::))

60D: will be replaced in 6 months, as usually (every 18 months). Maybe it can be pushed until next Photokina (Sept.)

600D: to not replace it next year means to kill the sells and incomes. These entry bodies need to be replaced frequently (cf my "new" comment earlier). So it will be replaced next January/February as usually. Then, which sensor? Still the same? For the 3rd time? I don't think so. That's why it will push Canon to replace the higher model 7D earlier too.

EOS Bodies / Re: article claims Sony mirror-less system eating Canon's lunch
« on: September 07, 2011, 08:51:40 PM »
Thanks for this article.

What they say is true, just the title is a bit way off.  ;)

Actually, the DSLR market is threatened in Japan by mirrorless systems, but not only by Sony NEX (Japanese usually don't trust in Sony brand), also by µ4/3 system, more popular in older (and richer) japanese population.

For the latest sells informations in Japan, you can check this link:

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