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Sports / Re: Photographing martial arts
« on: May 22, 2013, 07:33:52 PM »
I regularly shoot these types of promotional  photos and can offer the following advice:
- You single biggest challenge will be maximizing available light - if possible work near open windows at the best time for light to be on your side
- -Strongly suggest a test pre-shoot for practice and to test everything well in advance - as for sure the 1st time around will be owned by Murphy's law!!
- Shoot in shutter priority and the fastest shutter speed available to you which might be your flash sync speed
- Use your 24-105 and open it up to 4.0 to 5.6
- definitely borrow every flash / speed light you can get your hands on - I often gang them up in groups of three and you will need to use all canon compatible ones and or any others that have optical triggers (but this only works if you are the only one shooting with a flash in the room??   
- Don't ask your flashes to do too much - start with getting an ambient meter reading via TV mode with a shutter of 1/200 and walk your ISO up until you have something within 1 stop of being acceptable, then add your flashes in TTL mode for the canon flashes and at 50% power manual mode for any non-canon flashes that have optical triggers. I also shoot with a 5Dlll and have come to appreciate and depend upon going into high ISO ranges as needed - in this case you may need to get a bit higher than 1600 if sufficient ambient light is not there for you.
- Be sure to test that any use of optical triggers is set for 2nd flash versus 1st pre-flash from TTL mode
- Run some tests shots and see  how things look - experiment with adjusting shutter down a bit slower to see some shutter drag motion - also use FEC to adjust flashes
- Use evaluative metering, but adjust focus point to always be on subject's eyes
- Rehearse subject's move/pose to ensure best camera position and angle as with flash you need to carefully time shutter release and shoot ahead of any moving action
- Work on very unique camera angles - try some ultra low angles shooting up to create some drama             
- Practice on getting best possible chemistry with your subjects so that they can work with you, and truly sell their pose or action flow as being completely natural.
- Bring plenty of extra batteries 
- I assume you are shooting in large raw, thus being able to work with greatest flexibility in in post
LASTLY - have lots of fun as your subjects will feed off of your positive energy!
Can't wait to see your results! 
Check out some of my MMA shoots at

Lighting / Re: Flash head size 600rt vs 580ex(2) ?
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:24:19 AM »
I have searched for the same and found low profiles ones on ebay sold from Hong Kong priced at $1.64 USD with free shipping to US (
. Product, shipping and delivery time were all perfect. They work perfect, only issue issue is that they do not stack when not in use as the ones for my 580 EX do. Unfortunately, I have not found a perfect solution for 600EX gel filters and have now resorted to having to make my own ordering large sheets from B&H an velcro off ebay. 
Hope you find all you need for your 600EX-RTs - love mine and have found lots of 3rd party accessories. 

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