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This is an interesting story that may relate to the original post.

That's ironic.  :( :(

After multiple purchases from DigitalRev, I can honestly say you won't have worries with them.  They're a very great company.

Yep digital rev is awesome, and their reviews are really nice to watch.

You won't be dinged with an import fee if you have it sent to the US, and you will actually have a major advantage because you will have a warranty from digital rev, where as Canon USA would not transfer your warranty to bangladesh.

Digital Rev all the way.

Well!! Thanks!!
then it will be very good for me.

and thanks everyone for replying!  :)


if you buy it from B&H or any other reputable camera store you can ask them to give you a no VAT certificate/VAT exmeption certficate (or whatever they call it in USA), after that before you leave the country you show it at the airport to get a refund for the tax you paid ... this only works if you are not a citizen of USA or working in USA (i.e. you have to be a tourist).

So if I buy from B&H should i have to pay extra vat??
Or is it included with the price $1450.
In that case how much is it.

yes its possible to buy it from Bangladesh but The Authorized Dealer Is charging way much.
They are charging about $2000 for the same product.   :( :(
& there are few other stores too,They are charging about $1500, but they are not totally reliable,
they are not giving any parts warranty and have bad reputation of selling refurbished product. :/


Its kinda critical.
i am in Bangladesh.
One of my friend is coming from USA.
I want him to buy a camera for me.
I'll pay from Bangladesh via my VISA card and ship the camera to his address.
He will bring the camera for me to Bangladesh.

So Digital rev will ship that to USA.
in that case is there any import duty?

It shows free shipping.   :-\
How much the import duty can be?

EOS Bodies / Is it good choice to buy from digitalrev.com Store? URgent!
« on: February 02, 2013, 11:35:30 AM »
I want to buy 7D with 18-135mm lens recently, B&H selling it  $1449 and digitalRev.com selling it at $1299.
Is it good choice to buy from DigitalRev.com??
how they are selling at such cheap rate.

What you people recommend ?

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