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Some from Farnborough Airshow last year....

Hope you like them...

Software & Accessories / Re: Looking for light duty pp laptop solution
« on: February 05, 2013, 04:01:55 AM »
does anyone use a macbook air for lightroom? i'm going to be traveling for about a year next year and i need something really lightweight, that is up to the challenge of editing photos. I don't want anything heavier than a 13 inch Macbook air.....
Is it up to the challenge?


Long time reader, first post....

I was in this market last year.  I looked at a 13" MBP (non retina) and the resolution was less than the MBA.  Now other than loosing the DVD drive (which has never really been a hassle for me - there are a million simple work arounds) the only thing I would like on my MBA is the black rim around the screen (again accessories available).

I've had my MBA 13" for about a year now - LOVE IT!  Its been to the mountains in the alps with me, its been to Nepal, its been work and back, and NEVER let me down.

They have updated it again since I bought mine, but the one I have will happily cope with RAW files from the 5D MK3 - no lagg in LR/PS editing.

I've even been able to render 500+ megapixel panoramas whilst looking and retouching other photos in LR.

The only downside I have with my MBA is the harddisk, whilst very fast its a little small.  I was cheap and bought the 128gb version - if you get one get the 256gb version.  With only 2 USB ports on it it can be a juggle if you have to use an external drive when downloading pictures.  Having said that  my MBA is purely for this job and so only has LR/PS on it, and if I take 50gb of photos on holiday I need to looks at how much I am shooting.

For video Again amazingly quick, but this is where the HDD really starts to fill up.

You choice, but the MBA is a great performer.

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