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Landscape / Re: Please share your snow/ Ice Photos with us in CR.
« on: February 15, 2014, 02:35:36 AM »
This picture made last year in Austria (not AUSTRALIA) when we had -20° Celsius, not the best but I like it

Hello everybody have some questions for you they are out from a pretest to examination for the master's certificate

What doe´s not exist  in DSLR´s

a.) Chromatic Aberation

b.) Diffraction

c.) parallax error 
i choosed c because i´ve heard from the other twos also

How get a picture a blueish cast?

a.)in Shadow

b.)in lightbulb

 third i don´t know, i choosed the second because i think i´ve heard the wolfram in lightbulb makes light blueish

If you shot a white golfball on a White Background who will the meassuring be?


b.)under exposed

c.) over exposed?
i for my mistake took over exposed, after correction firstly choosed under exposed


What is the exactest meassuring

a.) Objectmeassuring

b.) Lightmeassuring

c.) Ttl meassuring 
i choosed objectmeassuring but actually never heard one of them so

More will come if i remember the other questions

so if any one can answer me this question i will be thankfull.

With friendly regards

Animal Kingdom / Re: Any regrets for leaving camera at home?
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:28:12 PM »
Everytime when i drive to the next Big city, about 15min away, and my gear is not with me I see a hawk or a buzzard, something like that only, only saw him twice when my gear is with me, and this two times i couldn´t get him once he flew away I drove with him, and he flew again away, twice he was sitting in a tree and I have to park my car get my cam out get my 70-200 mounted, and i take a view, if he´s still there, okay he was, i went in the direction of the tree have to setup my camera, and as I take a second look he was away, grrr stupid bird, this bird is my Erlking

Sports / Masters of Dirt (Vienna)
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:01:55 PM »
Hey guys on Sunday we were at Masters of dirt in Vienna Have shot some Pictures with my 7D and a Sigma 70-200 2,8, event was very good, expect the beginning when i recognise my flash batteries weren´t loaded, so I´ve to shoot with high ISO

now what do you think of the pictures for me the IQ looks great ISO was between 1200-2000
Not PP only Imported via LR4 and exported to with around 1600*1280

If your data Recovery don´t get anything working, than no one will be possible to find something usefull, overwrite is overwrite, maybe you find some Photos, maybe u can recover them but it can happen that you don´t get the full Picture only a piece of it,

For future I can also recommend two or three hdd´s,

I bought myself a Ready NAS, Which runs in X-Raid2 because both of my hdd´s were erased like if you get it new and don´t know why, I restored als my data transferred it to the Nas wher one Hdd mirrors the other

For me it works fine, use it with lightroom, altough you can´t make a db file on nas, that is storaged on my Computer, but Lightroom works fine with it, as far as the pictures are Imported, Importing pictures via Wireless Lan takes a Little time 200 pictures aproximately 1 hour but directly over Lan it works perfect and as fast as usb
*Please note I said as fast as USB*

Why not format?? I´ll learning

It doesn´t change anything, If i scan a deleted card or a formated Card Away is away, but as long as you don´t rewrite the card (put new images on it) you can find them, neither format or not.

Deleted file´s are still alive as long as you don´t make or save other pictures on that drive,

What i would do is

Put it in Card Reader

Format Drive

Run Recovery Program ( I use File Scavenger)

Make a Long Search and select No display deleted file´s also

The Program find 99,9% of Images (for me)

only Manko is that deleted files maybe shown as Unknown but Meta Data are ok.

I restored many cards for customer´s who bought one in a shop where I worked, and accidently delete the pictures or format the card, and the customers was very thankfully.

I found it because my HDD crashed once and erverything from 800GB was blast but HDD worked, so I format it and scaned it and restored 800GB of Images and my personal backup. 

Canon General / Re: Why did you choose Canon?
« on: January 30, 2013, 07:09:43 PM »
Well at first because I like the Name Canon more than Nikon.

Second: I like Canon´s trigger more than Nikons

Third when I saved my money for a 350D the Eos 400D was released which was a very good entry level slr at that time.

Fourth, Everywhere you go around you see Canon DSLR´s, but I´m not looking especially for Canon, more by the way like what gear use she or her,

and the L alltough I only have one, but in future maybe more *hopefully*

My Story

Software & Accessories / Re: Snowboarding with a DSLR
« on: January 24, 2013, 07:04:01 PM »
I also can recommend Lowepro Backpack, don´t know exactly what type it is cause I put the Typesheet away it cost about 70€ In that I´ve a 7d with 24-70 2,8 and a Sigma 70-200 2,8 EX DG II; I´m not a good snowboarder and only take it with me once last year but it was very Stormy and Snows all day long, and I don´t wear a skiing glas, with that and the very low wide view and eyes closing because the snow blows in, i crashed very often and the Camera was Still working.

Third Party Manufacturers / 1 Billion Pictures per Second
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:27:58 AM »

do you know this already, I found it very interesting,

I´m not a very logical thinking type of person, and I can´t explain if a  Camera can record 12fps, only in full light or also in a disco. As far as I know the fps needs the shutterspeed therefore it can only work in full light, so but whats in a hall when you take pictures from a prom (Maturaball in german) the shutterspeed automatically turns longer, but than you can´t record 12 Images per second.

I question this because I had an EOS 400D which made 3fps and with that i recorded some Neonlights in a disco which ran around the dancefloor, because i loved how it run threw there and liked to make a Gif Animation, now 3fps isn´t much and the shutterspeed don´t must be as high as by 7fps I haven´t tried it yet with a 7D in that disco, but for my opinion the pictures must be darker than with 3fps and so also the 1DX have to have a slower shutterspeed in disco by 12fps when i won´t change the iso.

So I´ve searched for an answer how long the minimum shutterspeed for 12fps is, typed in google and the first link what hit my ey was the link above. Sorry it is in german, but Video is English

Hope you know what I mean and don´t tease me if i´m wrong

Sorry for my bad english also that link is in german, and I hope I don´t make a mistake when posting this in that section or posting it by the way

With friendly regards


No i don´t get any special i will overlook that all again and than i´ll tell you, but i´ve seen it asked my friend in the shop he said it cost 1999 with 24-105 and nothing special, i tell you in the afternoon

In Europe espacially in Austria and exactly said in my Store of Trust Media Markt Oberwart i´ll get the EF 6D wit 24-105 f4 L IS USM for 1999€ i think thats a fair Price do you?

As I know from here in Austria, Canon is in such cases very moderate. And I think the higher the Product the more moderate they get,

I´ve once had an issue with my 400D. The lens mounted to the Camera was very hard, called canon send them the product, asked how long it take? The one on the otherside says about 14 days, which I denied because i needed 5 Workdays later, than he said one moment please, 1 minute later he said: Sir I can offer you 10days so i said ok and i got it really back 9 days later

This hasn't got anything to do with hdr, it has to do with the basics of how the camera handles light.
I agree ... but sometimes people don't put two and two together ... sounds basic but these things do happen.

yes you´re absolutely right, but like you say, putting two and two together, that was that what I Meant

ad manual: I don´t have a 5D3 nor a Manual what i want to say was that there are always people who asks question like these,

And myself too,

and when myself has such a question, and  read something like "why he´s buying such a cam if he have no Idea bout this and that", this scare me. And I would leave the forum sooner than later and I think it´s not the sense here or am I wrong

With friendly regards

Like this thread, just like kids, and maybe the next one who leave this forum;
But hopefully not, I´m also not a professional photomen ;-) and i know much about these, people because of my old business (selling cam´s in an big european electronic shop) "it´s just knew and it does´s it different than my old one is it maybe defect?" or from olympus: "She(dslr) is great in daylight but at night with flash everyone is dark. DO YOU HAVE TRIED TO CHANGE THE FLASH IN THE MENU?? No can i do this?"

So what I mean is, we live in a fast changing world and NO ONE has the time to chill when buying something new, to read the manual; and this is the result. I know it buy myself, maybe you too

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