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Software & Accessories / Re: Photoshop CS6 on sale
« on: September 02, 2012, 11:53:32 PM »
I bought LR4 from B&H a couple of months ago, and I never got a promo code. I wonder what's up...


The situation sucks...sorry to hear about it. BTW--Looks like you missed a couple of instances of the buyers' name in your post. I know you want to make everyone aware of this, but you might want to avoid cheesing off the buyer any further.

I also hope you choose to continue developing/making/selling these adapters. I think they're the best thing since sliced bread, giving new life to lots of old lenses.

FWIW, I had to open a case as a buyer last week because a seller sent me the wrong focusing screen for a T90. I bought what I thought was an "L" (cross-split) screen, according to the label on the box, in *NEW* condition. What I got was an "E" (split/microprism, stock) screen in an "L" screen box. The seller claimed I had swapped the screens. I let it go all the way to eBay Support to resolve the dispute, and they found in my favor. I'd like to believe that right and reasonable will always win...if this ever happens again, you might want to consider escalalting it all the way to eBay Support. Supposedly, an actual human will review the case...Just my $0.02.

Is there any means to challenge negative feedback?


100 ball bearings from a single 2x extender?

I hope you can find another source for your ball bearings to keep supplying them. I'd have to imagine there are all sorts of industrial suppliers in Toronto (assuming your general location from your name) who could supply you with the right size bearing.

I nearly lost the one on my FL55 when I did my conversion. Fortunately a quite strong rare-earth magnet swept over the floor beneath my desk found it. It's easy to lose, even if you're trying to be careful.

BTW...here's to hoping that the redesigned mirror assembly on the 5D3 will allow infinity focus. (via Planet5D comments/notes from Chuck Westfall). ("There’s a totally new mirror mechanism to handle the 6fps")




Warming up the credit card...

Any word on when some new stock is going to be available?

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