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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 80D????
« on: Today at 10:29:52 AM »
yes, 11 point AF from the 6D!

... but only if they reduce the current 9 cross points to one, or my 6d pride will be offended :-p

Hey with the 7D MII released. Do we think there will be a New 80D for 2015 or 2016?

Suggestion for the site: CR should offer badges just like recent console computer games do ("silver award of boredom for slaying 1000 goblins"). I hereby award the op Marsu42's badge "first to ask about the 80d in a thread title". Come on, the "Should I buy the 7d2 or wait for the 7d3" medal is still out for grabs :->

Im not sure I agree with you, there is always a need for new imagery.

Not to be misunderstood: I don't think at all that it's a dead end, but imho doing "more of the same" isn't good enough. I have come to image what it takes to get interesting shots, but didn't want to throw it in everyone's face in the first post. It's...

Animals behaviour shot... Look for the special moment the animal make or reaction to other animals or the environment... but this require great patient or good luck (at right place and at the right time).

+1 for this, giving the animals personality (without making them human) and embedding the whole photgraphy in a story people can connect to. It's much harder to achieve than to press a button on your top-range gear mind you, but then again I'm jealously biased here since I'm very unlikely to upgrade my current tech standard anytime soon.

EOS Bodies / Re: Next Rebel Going EVF? [CR1]
« on: Today at 10:13:01 AM »
+1 for focus peaking! But please don't make us wait for EVF to have it!

Ugh? This was one of the very first features Magic Lantern had (for live view), it's available on most cameras, and it's free. The only thing it cannot manage is peaking in the viewfinder, you simply do need an evf for that.

I think your question applies to photography in general now, not just wildlife.

Why's that? As one of the other big photo business segments weddings and portraits tend to look inherently different, an architecture/product/... all have different content as ordered by the client. To me, wildlife photogs seems to be among the most endangered species as w/o further amendments, the content never gets outdated.

Unfortunately as you point out, wildlife photography has become a measuring contest of one's financial power (having the latest gear) as well as their availability to be out in the field almost everyday.

Yes, the latter cannot be helped I'm afraid to say :-o ... but one other catch of wildlife tele shots is that if you manage to get a great shot with your 600mm, the less wealthy photog can still get lucky and get a better shot with his/her cheaper 300mm as long as the subject doesn't eat you. So i reckon there's more in it for beginners, unlike with sports where you have to sit at the edge of the field and simply have to have a 1dx+600mm.

EOS Bodies / Re: Next Rebel Going EVF? [CR1]
« on: Today at 09:18:20 AM »
The next Rebel, apparently coming in Q2 of 2015 will be the first Canon DSLR to use a electronic viewfinder. The camera will also feature the 70D’s 20mp sensor that uses split pixel technology and also feature DIGIC 6 like most of the new cameras.

Make that a [CR2+], that sounds about right - Canon will experiment with evf first in their fastest product cycle line to iron out any problems, and trickle down the 70d sensor as they made sure it's less capable than the 7d2's version.

I'm keen to see how their software works, dual pixel af with evf (i.e. "mirror up" photography) sounds very promising even though I'm very attached to the old-school optical vf. Will they have in-vf focus peaking for mf?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Should i get the 7D MKII?
« on: Today at 09:12:10 AM »
Why upgrade at all?  Do you think the T3i is holding you back in your photography? [...] My free advice (and worth every penny), either go without a new lens or invest in a good quality lens.  Don't buy lower quality lenses.

+1, a camera body upgrade should be driven by something clearly and painfully missing from your current gear. The 7d2's sensor (or 70d's) isn't worth the upgrade alone, so it comes down to the af system... and how many af points do your need for tracking landscape and street?

If any, get a 6d for once it sounds about right for what you do - full frame for thinner depth of field, higher shutter speed in dim light and iq for landscape. But only(!) if you've already got enough good lenses, and you didn't write anything about that...

... I hope, for once a "1 post" poster asking a question will come back to the thread :-p

Canon General / Re: Site trolling
« on: Today at 09:01:40 AM »
The one problem that it's a rumor site without rumors as Canon isn't doing much revolutionary, so speculation always revolves around the same points.
Another fair comment, although I think DPAF for one (and all that can possibly stem from it in the future) is revolutionary.

"Revolutionary" isn't necessarily beneficial, I'm in favor of Canon equipment "just working" as long as they cut back their over-crippling beyond the understandable need for product separation. Look at Sony, if your brand keeps changing lens mounts obsoleting all your equipment, you've certainly got something to discuss :-p

I'd like to ask about input and inspiration about a problem that wildlife photogs are bound to face:

The heap of digital data grows and the *absolute* "good enough" threshold for most purposes seem to be reached - so it's getting harder to excel just by using the latest gear. On the other hand, the *relative* iq progresses, so your 18mp shots from now will be obsoleted by the 36mp shots from tomorrow if they basically look much alike.

How do you handle this problem, what's your idea of being different?

Even more expensive gear (200-400L...)? Even more remote shooting locations? Novel postprocessing styles? Or as an amateur, is it you simply don't care if your shot of a white-bellied heron looks exactly like every other as long as you know it's *your* shot with *you* being there?

Thanks for any inspiration, and if there are some good replies I'll share my approach :-)

You might ask Canon to send you a exploded view of the parts identification page.  You could probably figure it out from that.

Even with schematics, I imagine it to be very difficult to disassemble a flash (even ignoring the high voltage) and don't break anything in addition. With these plastic parts, you have to know exactly where to pull/push with what force as many things aren't screwed but only "clipped" together.

Good luck in any case to the op, I feel with you having a dent in such an expensive flash :-o ... a horse ran over my first 600rt, it's got a crack at the battery cover since then as two of the said little plastic hooks broke.

It would be pretty two faced of me if I then went around chucking insects in the freezer to get macro shots and disturbing nesting birds in order to show off my pictures to my friends!

Amen to that - actually that's is the reason why I stopped doing insect macros as it's so difficult to show that it's an outdoor shot of a live, free and well animal instead of a dead/frozen one. Nice to have you around on CR :-)

Canon General / Re: Site trolling
« on: Today at 08:23:40 AM »
The thing with rumours forums is that I would say IMO most of the users are more interested in the tech than actually getting out into the field. Discussing tech is what the forum is for, agonising over the tech.

I am pretty sure the forum is moving forward, when I entered CR ~3 years back my impression was it was mostly about showing off your L equipment in your tag line and rating negative karma to anyone saying anything critical about our favorite brand. In the recent time, there has been much more expansion and the opening of a busy postprocessing and technique section, so I'm confident I won't be annoyed by CR in the future that easily.

The needs of te animal must come first.

Very nice shots, for once with a "just" stationary camera, I hope we'll see more of those. And a refreshingly novel approach to wildlife welfare for a wildlife photog :-) as at the end of the day, most people don't care how the shots were taken :-(

You can have a look here at just what this piece of Kit is capable of, it certainly beats Canon's WiFi built in or otherwise hands down.

Hmmmyes, good to know, though it doesn't help my original intention to discover what I can do with my *built-in* 6d wifi that's just sitting there doing nothing :-o

Canon General / Re: Site trolling
« on: Today at 05:58:19 AM »
There are fan boys on all the sites as there are complainers on all the sites.

I find the level of perceived trolling very low in comparison to other Internet photog forums, and the user interaction very nice and considerate in comparison to other tech forums. The one problem that it's a rumor site without rumors as Canon isn't doing much revolutionary, so speculation always revolves around the same points.

As for threads spiraling down toward off-topic (dynamic range) discussion, this is an effect of a higher level of user self-governance instead invasive moderation. As it happens, I like this *much* better than zealous mods "cleaning up" threads and watching for off topic posts to sanction.

Simply participating in the picture or postprocessing/technique threads shifts away the focus from the dr rumors, so it's not a big deal for me.

But maybe some of you got some other ideas?

I'm very short on ideas what to shoot with the 6d wifi, that's why I've opened this thread. As no one has posted any ideas or shots (yet), imho the 6d's wifi is rather useless for wildlife w/o a robotic tripd to point the camera. But I'm happy to stand corrected...

I've dabbled with HDR a bit and ended up with a cartoonish looking picture of my house.  I ended up laughing at it because it looked ridiculous.

What about contributing a shot?

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