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Awesome, I still need to read all of the information you have all provided in links, but than you so much for the responces. I do like to move around a bit when shooting as I definately don't have a singnature style yet so expermenting is key, although I am sure I am very guilty of moving inwards and outwards after getting focus!

The body is new so I havent AFMA my lens' yet. However id say 80% of shots where fine, and the rest where no worse than this, which with a bit of sharpening would probably still be ok. I do need to get it done though!

Good to hear I dont need to worry about my speedlites! Ill go read up on monolights now! The next studio I might use has elinchroms, which I hear are very good.

Yeah they where monolights. Not a big name brand, can't remember what they where.

So what is the solutions? Use a tripod and try to have a modelling light for focus if ambient is poor?

I have never noticed this problem with my flashes, but should i be careful with my flash and 135L handheld?


Yes it was iso 100. I didn't know this so that's a strong possibility. Thanks!

Skin blurring! What a sin, how dare you lol. The whole point of the shoot was to practise retouching. I agree it's a bit overdone. Dodged too much I think. Skin texture is clearer full res. I have lots of fashion stuff coming up so this is a must but still lots to learn.

Ambient lighting, not sure. Main light just said f 8 power. Separate background light at f 5.6 I think.

Also, this was the mood I was going for. I think a hair light could have been cool, but Im happy enough with the one light for now! Ill experiment more in the future!

So here is the picture of the eye. I think your right, its just slightly missed focus? What do you think? A bit of sharpening and it would probably be saved!

Canon General / Re: Whats the latest!
« on: April 09, 2014, 02:04:51 PM »
Hahaha. Glad you're still about though!

Maybe to the hair light. I was going for a desatured moody look. I think it suits one light better, I'll post an edit and see what you think.

Canon General / Whats the latest!
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:59:07 PM »
Fellow Canon lovers! I have been away for a few months and I wanted to know what I've missed out on! In 3 unique sentences, what's been happening! I'm ready sigma art ? Any closer to 7d 2 yet? Any new full frame?

Yeah I think it is in one direction. I just went straight to the eyes noticed it doesn't pop quite as much as some. With some high pass sharpening I think it would be fine! Im just wanting to see if my settings where wrong. She was fairly still but moving her head slightly after each shutter click. I will just make sure I take a few extra shots in future, just in case. It was fairly low ambient and no modelling light for focus. I'm not at my computer now, I will post a crop of the eye soon!

Lenses / Re: Wait for Sigma 50mm Art or purchase Canon 135 f2L.
« on: April 09, 2014, 01:45:16 PM »
I am very bias here. I have a 135 and a canon 50 1.4. I love love love my 135. Special things happen with this lens. I am usually upset when the crop I am looking for doesn't fit with the 135 and I have to use a boring old 50 haha. Good choice.

OK so here is the picture. It isn't horribly blurry, but still not as sharp as I would like, and not as sharp as my 'keepers'.

Thank you all for the replies so far.

Canon 5d mkiii
EF 135L
exposure 1/160
iso 100
spot metering.

I have never noticed my shots feel a little bit blurry with my flash, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough!

OK, I will in approx 5 hours. I need to wait until I am home again.



Hi everyone,

I had my first shoot in a studio recenelt and on reviewing the images a few more than I would like are not sharp.

I was using f8 and a 135L lens (my fave lens). I used 1/160th as I was told my the studio manager this was the sync speed for his lights. Hand held in ambient, with a 135L this is a big problem, but I assumed the flash would freeze my subject so I thought I could go down to a slower shutter speed than I would normally use.

I didn't use a tripod.

Is the blur I am seeing motion blur from me or the model moving? What could I do next time to get more keepers.



Technical Support / Re: Temporary af problem.
« on: October 25, 2013, 08:29:54 AM »

Sorry for the really late reply. Guess what? It was the DOF button haha. I must have bad camera holding technique when i turn in to portrait orientation and i catch it with my thumb occasionally. Ill stop being a fool now. Appreciate the help!

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