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I do a lot of wildlife photography and lugging gear around especially on aeroplanes is a problem. I have several L lenses from 70-200 f2.8 IS to the 500mm F4. I normally have these attached to my 1D MkIV. I have often wished I had another short lens attached to a body for quick access but the additional weight was prohibitive.

Naturally when the EOS-M came onto the market I was very excited as I thought this would be a great 2nd and 3rd camera! Lightweight and cheap. Well since then I have been reading all the reviews on the slow AF I put that idea on hold, game and birds don't wait for slow AF may as well do a lens change if that's the case. It seems as if Canon is actually incapable of doing an upgrade as I am sure they would have done so long ago. I guess waiting for Firmware upgrade is a waste of time. I think they may be able to address the problem with the MkII, well maybe.

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