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Very low post count, blatantly re-posting the link to a personal webpage, taking on regular members of the community, and calling them anonymous... Are you sure your name is Jon D and not Bob Krist?

you say you are not anonymous.
so what is your name?

you don´t even post your forename.... mine is jon by the way, not bob.

all you can do is attack people out of anonymity.. you know how people call that?

at least bob krist wrote his real name under the article!

What is this obsession with names, rather than ideas? :o

I visit a number of forums where net-names are used with no complaints (boat design forums for example).

In this age of world-wide exposure, with a given percentage of nuts among the readership, there are known and unknown(but potential) hazards to be encountered with exposure of personal info and I.D.

If the Emperor shows up nude, his titles, past performance, or reputation should not change our opinions about the current event, ...i.e., we should not imagine him dressed in finery only to meet our usual expectations.

If we focus on the merits or lack thereof of the ideas exchanged on any forum, letting the poster(by whatever name) be respected  or otherwise as his/her comments dictate, why do we care who he/she is, especially since any name posted may be bogus?

Me, of course, you can trust - my name is Napoleon Bonaparte.  ::)

But... but... but...

(xkcd #386)

Guess I was mistaken.   ;D

The only world-wide completely volunteer force ...The Internet Police! (Help stamp out inferior know-nothings!  >:( )


...just because someone publishes somethign that I disagree with, does not mean that I have to respond.   I disagree with a lot of stuff in life and I don't respond.  ;D

Google (images) - "Someone is wrong on the internet."   :D


While I understand your points, let's remember that most of these people don't simply "switch" and then go about  their business. They seem compelled to rush out and make videos justifying/rationalizing their conversion.

Every day, there are probably a thousand people who are like those you describe. They switch brands because it works for them. That's fine. But most don't make videos about it.

If you are going to turn your private decision into a public one, they I think it's perfectly legitimate for people to critique your reasoning. I don't think people get offended, they just disagree and want to say why they disagree. Nothing wrong with that.

"Compelled"? is it reasonable that someone who, after considerable thought (and expense) invests in a new camera or system, would want to use(test) it immediately afterward?

...and that if the results are pleasing, (assuming honesty and some objectivity on the part of the new "parent",) that person would choose to share his findings with the photo "community?

Most may not make videos about the experience, ...some do.

Anything wrong with that?


Read into things much? The examples were chosen *because* most people have opinions on the subjects.

So....you voted for Obama, love hip hop and celebrate popular youth fashion?  You'll forgive me for assuming that someone posting these things on a forum that skews heavily toward wealthy, middle-aged/elderly American and European white men had a specific opinion in mind.

You are right that ignorance doesn't stop people from forming opinions but it really really should.

This will be my last on the subject, ...continue if you please.

I am "the decider" re. whom/what I  will forgive  ;)

In this case I will base the forgiveness on your obvious lack of situational awareness. You really, really should note that your ignorance re. my voting/music/fashion preferences has not "stopped" you from forming an assumptive opinion about same. ( FYI, your score was 33 1/3%, ...in my experience, this is a failing grade. )   :o


I wonder if there is some sort of connective thread running through these examples.  I just can't seem to put my finger on it.....hmmmm

Also, making the argument that ignorance of a subject is no barrier to forming an opinion.  Wow.

Read into things much? The examples were chosen *because* most people have opinions on the subjects. Very perceptive of you to (almost) put your finger on the "connection"

"Also," Ignorance is only a barrier to forming an "educated" opinion. Lacking the adjective doesn't stop many people.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: So what makes a camera a "pro" camera?
« on: October 15, 2014, 01:47:53 PM »

On the adult cartoon series "South Park", the underpants gnomes are a group of gnomes who seek to make profit by stealing people's underpants.

Do they steal underpants that are being worn at the time? ( I am tempted by "step 3 - profit", but can't figure out how to go about step 1.)

Thanks for any tips,  :-\

[ PS - I think Conner is a much better last name than McConnell! (...mentioned only because I'm sure my opinion is very important to you.  ;)  ]

what he doesn't do is illustrate his decision with one half descent picture! Certainly nothing that I would deem National Geographic worthy!

unlike you. a self proclaimed critic who has not shown a single picture.  :D

Bob Krist is a freelance photographer who works regularly on assignment for magazines such as National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, and Islands.

...now i would really like to see some of your images guys.
you know something that shows your DSLR´s are superior. ;)

...but hey why i ask... mr. and mrs. anonymous on the internet sure know better than this guy. :P

Bob Krist's accomplishments and talent aside, this thread has examples of  a kind of pseudo-logic I always find interesting - the idea that only those who are themselves highly capable are entitled to have "an opinion" about anyone else's performance.

Do you have an opinion about the president of the U.S.? (Have you ever been a successful president of the U.S.?)

Do you have an opinion about Rap music? (Are you a recognized rap musician?)

Do you like/dislike some paintings in a museum? (Are you an accomplished painter?)

Do you have an opinion about pants hanging off a**es with undershorts filling the waist-leg gap? (Are you acclaimed as a fashion critic?)

What do you think of breast-feeding in public? ( Oh, wait, have you ever been a mother with a child to nurse?)

Do you think some pro quarterbacks are very good, and some less-so? ( Answer only if you are one of the good ones. )

...ad infinitum ( or nauseam )  :P

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D2 theory
« on: October 10, 2014, 07:49:17 PM »
Larry for what it is worth, in the video, Scott Kelby asked Brad Moore to use his iPhone to do the math.

No offense (or assumption of superiority) intended. ::)

I didn't even see "the video".

...just a note that the particular math in question could be "kept pretty simple".  :)

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D2 theory
« on: October 10, 2014, 01:41:26 PM »
Again with KISS, ... Darn what is 200 x 1.6 if you do not have an iPhone?

It is twice 100 x 1.6 (160), ...i.e. 320.

KISS  ;)

Photography Technique / Re: Any advice on shooting dragonflies
« on: October 08, 2014, 12:18:52 PM »

I am a keen UK based dragonfly photographer and it's great to be able to share advice with someone else. I've been a long term canon rumours (UK spelling!) reader but your posted prompted me to join this forum!

Here's my blog site northantsdragonflies.blogspot.com containing many of my shots.

Thanks Mark, for posting the link.

Fantastic collection of shots, ...even more so when I first misread your opening sentence as "teen" rather than keen.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: An introduction and a dilemma
« on: October 04, 2014, 01:39:10 PM »
[quote ... I do worry about taking my medications with me (and also not having someone around who I trust who can say, "Hey, be careful!"  Depression is awful, but the euphoria of mania can lead to really bad decisions.

Hey Paul,

Many others here can and have given you some good photo-food for thought. I'd like to add a bit of encouragement on the health issue:

Keeping in mind that reasonable emotional balance and the best physical health we can maintain is fundamental to all else we do, try to make that a priority that a moment's mania can't shake. Re. depression, absolutely maintain the meds, and consider the effects of living in an apartment with "no windows that admit light".

I imagine that you are familiar with the effects of S.A.D., but if not, read up a bit. The effects of a relatively sunlight-free environment can be very severe on some people, ...responses vary. In any case, more light on the subject(you) will add weight to the anti-depression side of the scale. [ SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder. ]

If your intent is to actually become an income producing photographer, rather than a fulfilled amateur, consider carefully the many posts re. this idea on numerous photo forums.  Reality can be much more demanding than dreams, ...especially if the dreams are fueled by both periodic mania and G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome  ;) )

I'm convinced that if an authoritative voice spoke from the clouds, decreeing that there would be no new gear available, most of us could nevertheless have some very rewarding experiences using what we already have.

Try for patience, and give yourself plenty of time for thought.

Congratulations on having such a supportive wife, and best wishes, whatever your decisions,


Football Sighted; Witnesses Say Ball Held By Girl In Blue Dress, Ready To Kick Off

One witness, a young bald kid in a yellow shirt, claims that despite previous instances of trickery, in which the ball was pulled away, he plans to run full speed at it again for his 3,835th attempt, oblivious to the laughter of others.

You can comment on this story on our forum and follow developments as they unfold.

 :)  :D  ;D

Another tacky-chic item for the "Hello Kitty" prepube crowd.

Canon grasps for a few more dollars rather than dignity.

Disappointed to even see this on this forum (but i guess it IS canon "news", if the bar is low enough.) ::)

Well you're certainly a beacon of intelligence there, aren't you?  I guess because it doesn't suite your tastes, Canon has lost dignity.  Is that how the world works?  If Larry doesn't like something, but someone else does, they have no dignity?

Hello Soulless,

Please note that some posts on this forum are  informative, ...some others are "opinion".

I have one of the latter and posted it.

Feel free to do the same.

Sorry about the sore toes.

Actually, I have thought some more about it, and I think the white camera and plastic looking purse/"camera bag" will go great with a pair of nurse's shoes.  ;D

Whatcha think?

Another tacky-chic item for the "Hello Kitty" prepube crowd.

Canon grasps for a few more dollars rather than dignity.

Disappointed to even see this on this forum (but i guess it IS canon "news", if the bar is low enough.) ::)

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