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I recently bought a 6D with a 32GB Sandisk Ultra class 10 card with transfer speeds of up to 30mb/s.  the camera kept shutting off after 4 minutes and giving the message "movie recording has stopped automatically"
I went back thinking it was a bunk card, and got the same card again.  Same problem exactly .

I am using Cinestyle shooting 1920x1080 at 24p

Went back and got a SanDisk extreme SDXC 32GB card with transfers up to 45mb/s and I have not had any problems since. 

I was just running up against buffer issues with the card before. 

I started with a LOW LEVEL format as everyone on this post has stated and it seems to work. 

My only question now is that when recording for more than 12 minutes or so, the clip is broken into two clips, but will be keep recording. 

Does anyone know if I were to use an even faster card if I would still run into this issue? Its not the biggest deal, it just says "Clip was split because it exceeded the 4GB capacity for a clip"

Anyone use these?

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