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Well it's not always about AF speed.  It's about accuracy too.  My 70-200 focuses super fast, but if it can't find the object due to low light, it doesn't even focus.  In general yes, the wider the max aperture, the easier it is to auto focus.  In general.

Which 70-200 variant do you have?  I have a 70-200 2.8 II and its AF accuracy is pretty good in low light.

Hmm, I'm sorry.  What part of my post made you infer that I was saying it didn't perform well in low light?

wait... are you joking here?

I'm interested in picking up a 16-35L ii, but on their page for the lens there's no displayed price or way to add it to your cart. For anyone with experience with this site, does this mean they are out of stock? Or, is this some sort of slip-up in their webpage? It seems to be the only one of all the linked items with no price/cart options

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