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EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 5D Mark III Replacement Talk [CR2]
« on: January 26, 2015, 03:51:45 PM »
Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think Canon should call the new high MP full frame the 'EOS 3'.  Forget about 5DS....just go with EOS 3.  The film version hasn't been made since 2007 and the 'D' moniker is pointless as everyone already knows it's a digital camera.

and what about a FILM camera..?    I'd use it professionally along with my other cameras

a great name ...Im still using their film and loving it...

the thing is.. Canon's new lineup hasn't even been announced yet...at the end of next year...things can look much different.

Software & Accessories / Re: An Easy Magic Lantern How-To from CNET
« on: December 12, 2014, 12:51:04 PM »

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Can Canon Cinema EOS Keep Up?
« on: October 24, 2014, 04:10:37 PM »
The 1DC has all the advantages the 1Dx has over the 7D. Plus, in video it delivers an entirely different league of image quality, even beyond the C100/C300. The APS-H 4K mode that works great up to 12,800 ISO is absolutely unique, with the infamous canon colours, great resolution and dynamic range, it's a very very filmic image that is up there with highest-end cinema cameras today. The super 35mm crop looks exactly identical to the C300 in C log, it's one of the best 1080p images out there, not to mention on DSLRs. The full frame mode looks crap though, very similar to the 5D and 7D mk II, good but a whole different league.

The 1Dc would be the perfect camera if they put in some focus and exposure assist features, plus an articulating screen. Why not!


I shooting advertising…with kodak..super 35mm for high end…and for everything else c300 (i mentioned this before)  I have used the 1dc and thought the same thing…if only it had more features it could replace the c300 and I could also use it for stills

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: October 23, 2014, 04:07:24 PM »
I also see no reason to record 4K today.

So I can stabilize in post, crop, downsample, and still have 1080p left.

This is a legitimate response, but this camera is aimed at people using professional-style rigs, no? So stabilisation isn't really an issue.
Sure it's not an issue ... If you are that one professional on earth who gets everything perfect the first time, even in fast moving ENG or doco environments. For the rest of us not-yet-perfect videographers ... every bit of tech helps

Again, that's a legitimate point. But people saying it's a killer issue... I mean, at some point, you're always going to have to make up for equipment limitations with better technique. We all want ever better technology, but I don't understand the rancour towards specific targets, e.g. non-4k cameras.

Most of the DPs I know are now being asked by their clients to shoot 4K specifically for reframing ability in post. So, 4K is becoming a highly requested feature and a necessary one to compete, not to mention the other benefits it has for stabilization and future-proofing. So Canon is really hobbling their camera by not including it.

I think the rancor you mention is actually a misnomer for love- many of the people on this forum love Canon products and want to buy them, but are disillusioned by the lack of competitive specs. I love Canon stuff, but I'm not going to buy another camera body from them for video until it's competitive with the other, more highly specced bodies out there.

So, there it is: rancor = love for Canon :)

4k ??? don't know …
most major motion pictures are shooting on alexas…and film cameras…either scanning to 2k…or 2.5k…so if a client wanting to make a web commercial wants 4k ….???

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: October 22, 2014, 04:09:13 PM »
The Canon C line while disappoints web-readers who don't actually use the cameras, prove to be the best in class when actually used. The C300 didn't become the de facto standard for news and broadcast for it's spec sheet, remember how the scarlet was announced on the same day with an enormous spec sheet, look how many use the scarlet compared to the c300 now. Let's wait until we see the images and real-life tests.

It became the standard because at the time it delivered the best image for the price, but that is no longer true. People still use them because they have them and/or are locked into the brand for one reason or another. More advanced cameras from other manufacturers will take longer to achieve overall market penetration because people don't replace their cameras every year, but eventually they will get that market share if Canon continues to be way behind the ball.

Now days there are better options at lower price points. If Canon think that they will continue to dominate the market simply because the dominated the market in the past, they are in for a rude awakening.
I'm curious about what you think delivers a better image for the price right now. There might be some good options for enthusiasts, like the GH4 (even though it's image isn't nearly as pleasing as the C100), but I don't see too much that can handle a real production environment. FS700 is a slomo machine and looks nice with an Odyssey 7Q and more time in post, but that's more money and more parts to deal with. I don't see much else that's available now that really can give you that kind of C series image with an ergonomic and reliable setup and as streamlined a workflow.
A good indicator to look at what people really want to use is the rental market. What's the hottest rental camera right now? C300. That's a good indicator right there since rentals aren't as tied in to the existing infrastructure. Let's see what happens once the Sony FS7 is out there in numbers. That camera is the only one that I can see really knocking the C300 off its perch.

Mostly people use brand X because it is brand X, no other reason. They heard than Canon is good and so they use that, but that can change very quickly, particularly if one of the other manufacturers starts to be seen as the "best". Professionals are not immune to that sort of behaviour, reading current rental practice as an indicator of the future is a big mistake.

It is like people who buy iPhones. They buy into the marketing hype that "it is the best", and will swear blind to that even though they have no idea what other phones can and will do. So they line up to buy them on the day it is released.

for advertising work I shoot onKodak with a super 35mm camera for high end work
for everything else c300…

I think this is only the tip of the iceberg from canon…will there be a c3002 ..a c200 c400 c600??

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon Announces New Cinema EOS C100 & C300 Kits
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:28:28 PM »
Looks like Sony's FS7 has Canon jumping.

for now canon could also use firmware updates…also maybe letting ML work on the raw capabilities

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces CN20x50 Cine-Servo Ultra Zoom Lens
« on: October 16, 2014, 01:04:48 PM »

Business of Photography/Videography / Re: 4K, 5K, 6K and Up Video
« on: October 09, 2014, 10:52:28 AM »
i will buy a 30" UHD 4k monitor as soon as a reasonable product comes along.
Next product I will buy will be an 8k monitor .. as soon as a reasonable porduct comes along.
After that? A 16k monitor.
And if I happen to live lng enough, after that a 32k monitor.

Power of 2. Definitely stay away from uneven numbers in all things digital.
5k ... most stupid thing on earth. Dell should have tried to first get a relly good 4k monitor made.

Not to be THAT GUY... but eventually there are diminishing returns.  There are 120 hz tv's out there... and there will eventually be 240hz (if there aren't already), but does it make a difference?  to some sure... but I can't imagine there are super human people who can detect the difference.

when I checked out a 4k t.v.s  from samsung  and sony.. you could see the makeup on the actors…the mystery was gone...

Both Sony and Canon will announce Full Frame cameras with around 50 Megapixel during the first quarter of 2015. Those cameras will likely be displayed at the CP+ show which starts in mid February.

The Sony 46 Megapixel FF camera will almost certainly be a new E-mount A7 (or A9?). It will feature an advanced autofocusing system based on the current A6000 hybrid af camera.

Canon is likely to announce a new DSLR with such a 50MP sensor. But there is a small chance Canon could use that sensor also on a new Full Frame mirrorless system camera.

I am 100% sure those kind of sensors are coming early 2015. We have an exciting time ahead of us!

this is a quote from another site about Canon ..and FF sensor with 50 Megapixel!!!!   I'm buying...

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Deal: Canon EOS-1D X Body $4799
« on: September 28, 2014, 01:00:31 PM »
Seems to me that 1Dx Mark II is coming in 2015. 8)


I would have bought this one if it had ML

Technical Support / Re: 5D III OR 6D or 7DII
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:25:32 PM »
Hey Canon Rumours Gurus

I'm gonna get a new camera, and would ideally like it before the end of October (travelling then)

- Currently have a Canon 600D, had for 3yrs now, have taught myself manual settings, etc, now time to upgrade
- What I shoot - animals (Macro & Tele), landscapes/sunsets/waterscapes and for my new camera will also be possibly looking shoot underwater (will buy a housing - pricey I know)
- Examples of what I shoot - Check out my instagram, or website for an idea of what I shoot. (please note instagram crops and degrades photos so don't judge me ;)  http://instagram.com/colindavisphotography?modal=true
- What lenses i have: tokina fisheye  10-17, Canon 15-85, Canon 100mm Macro, Canon 100-400, Canon 50mm 1.4
- Budget:
* Camerawise - 5D III is what I am willing to spend. Not 1D (also 1D is too bulky)
* Lenswise - Am open to suggestions <$2500
- I travel as much as i can, carry it all currently in my lowepro 21L bag. Last trip I took my fisheye, 50mm, 100-400 and 15-85 and a couple of filters. Also took a point and shoot Canon S100 and underwater housing. Barely used 50mm (not a portrait guy), fisheye was novelty but could easily travel without it.
- I want to be able to blow my photos up big. Like 30' x 45' big
- Dont really shoot video

What I want in a new camera
- Focussing - 600D misses quite a few shots, probably me a bit, but i feel the focus is just not quite there...
- Noise - I set my limit on my camera to 800 ISO, because nothing above that is useable on the 600D. Even 800 is pushing it.
- Frames - As much as i shoot wildlife, I am reasonably happy with the frames I have, 5+/second is adequate.

Options I think
- 5D III
- 7D II
- 6D

The debate is the reach and noise really.
FYI am going to Sri Lanka this year (gonna to some safaris - Leopards!!) and am looking at going to Africa mid next year (Gorillas as my primary destination).
- looking to take a new lens + 100-400 +/- fisheye (aware only works at 15mm+ on full frame)

- Looking at 24-70 and 24-105
- Am leaning towards the tamron 24-70 VC.  I have read extensively on the forums (there is definitely a hater of this lens) and the conclusions I get are that this lens is SLIGHTLY less impressive than the canon, SOMETIMEs tracks a bit, but has great image stabilisation and produces great images.  Leaning towards this.
- Why not the 24-70 F4 from canon. Firstly I don't think we (Australia) have had the price cut yet, but also want to try out starscapes and it seems they are all shot at 2.8 (? am i wrong)

I would love any input. I have tried to pre-empt all the questions you might want to know.

if you have the $$$ get 5diii ….if not get a canon film camera for cheap and a couple cheap zooms

EOS Bodies / Re: How can we improve on 5D3 to 5D4?
« on: September 16, 2014, 01:28:24 PM »
You're asking Canon to make you a custom camera, and to change the 5D market position.  Unless you have many millions to throw at Canon, that ain't gonna happen.

No I'm not - the original 5D did not have video functionality, so I would like to go back to that.  People who want high quality video has the 1D C available (and that already supports 4K shooting).

or Canon could make it film camera and include a drum scanner....


nice…i'd buy it

EOS Bodies / Re: A Surprise Cinema EOS Announcement for Photokina? [CR1]
« on: September 14, 2014, 06:52:35 AM »
I am told that the surprise announcement has nothing to with new hardware or development announcement. A patent sharing agreement with other cine-camera manufacturers like Red, Alexa, Arri etc like they had it with Microsoft. Canon realizes that it is lagging far behind in sensor development.  Canon is apparently interested in latest RED sensor which outscored Sony at DXO. There is speculation that Canon may slowly concentrate on only lenses.

What's your source? The Alexa sensor is Sony so if so, this is a huge deal! I never liked Red or Sony's color rendering compared with Canon, but if Canon shares color science with Arri and Red we are all in for a lot of magic. But why would Canon go out of its way to share patents if it plans to focus only on lens production... that's what confuses me. Why would the best-selling dSLR company and most profitable by far drop its camera division?

Thanks for the heads up! Leaks like this are what keep the internet running. I would be devastated if this were true as I have a C-series body and 5D Mark III... and many only half as much invested in lenses. :(

Might have to start selling. Not sure where to turn for stills, though, if Canon drops body production. Nothing else has competent autofocus with EF-mount.

are you sure the alexa has a sony sensor??

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